Congrats Devery Henderson
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Congrats Devery Henderson
Posted by SOCAL TIGER on 10/7 at 11:51 pm
Great Tiger and forever in the record book as the WR who caught the pass that set the record.

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Posted by SEClint on 10/7 at 11:55 pm to SOCAL TIGER
from this..


to this


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Posted by O on 10/8 at 12:32 am to SEClint

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Posted by yurintroubl on 10/8 at 12:46 am to O
Devery Henderson is going to be the answer to a trivia question that Saints fans are going to destroy everyone else on for the rest of time.


I think it's pretty awesome that he's been involved in 2 of the most iconic TDs of recent memory on the NCAA and Pro levels.

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Posted by Bayou on 10/8 at 6:20 am to yurintroubl
Kentucky Bluegrass Miracle


Unitas Record Breaker

Devery done Louisiana PROUD!

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Posted by Polycarp on 10/8 at 6:48 am to Bayou
I am farily certain that he won a state championship in HS, College, and pro, all in his home state. That's hard to beat.

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Posted by MSTiger33 on 10/8 at 7:00 am to SOCAL TIGER
Best thing to come out of Opelousas since tony Chachere seasoning. Way to represent the Big O!

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Posted by ForeverLSU02 on 10/8 at 7:07 am to SOCAL TIGER
He almost had another remarkable tipped pass TD last night. I immediately thought of the Blue Grass Miracle

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Posted by Suntiger on 10/8 at 8:15 am to ForeverLSU02

To everyone who said we should replace him at the beginning of the season


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Posted by elprez00 on 10/8 at 8:18 am to Suntiger
Devery actually quietly had a great game last night. He looked healthy and was able to get separation over the top, something the offense has been sorely lacking thru 4 games.

It was also nice for Colston: version 2009 to show up. Remember, the guy that made his name catching everything that was thrown to him?

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Posted by Sid in Lakeshore on 10/8 at 10:16 am to elprez00
This offense missed a healthy Devery for the first 3 games. Without RM and a healthy Devery we have nobody to stretch the defense. Devery deffinitely does that and it is good to see him healthy.

Congrats to Devery, I always have been a fan of his.

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