OB Dads with Daughters
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re: OB Dads with Daughters
Posted by hogdaddy on 10/5 at 1:55 pm to ThatsAFactJack
Dont forget about the Resident Lifetime Infant Hunting and Fishing (birth through age 4) for $200.00.

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Posted by AHouseDivided on 10/5 at 1:56 pm to hogdaddy

Dont forget about the Resident Lifetime Infant Hunting and Fishing (birth through age 4) for $200.00.

Didn't know about this. Thanks!

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Posted by LXIXER on 10/5 at 2:09 pm to ThatsAFactJack
My daughter first shot an AR15 at 6 years old. She loved it. Came on hunting trips and sat in deer stands. Walked through swamps with me in total darkness without any fear. Took the hunter education class and got her lifetime hunting and fishing license at 10 years old. She loves the outdoors but at 16, her interests in hunting and fishing have slipped somewhat.

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Posted by fishfighter on 10/5 at 2:24 pm to ThatsAFactJack

Any suggestions from OB Dads with older daughters as to how you started your young daughter into camping/hunting?

Camping, take the wife at this age. You will thank me later.

Hunting deer with box stands, afternoon hunts at 4-5 years old. Have a place for them to lay down along with coloring books and other quite stuff for them to play with. Also, FOOD/DRINK. Do not try hunting morning. Way to cold and they will bitch.

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Posted by DownSouthTiger on 10/5 at 2:32 pm to ThatsAFactJack
I am bringing my 6 year old little girl hunting squirrels in the morning. She loves squirrel hunting I always let her find where the fall. I have been bringing her since she was 3. If she doesn't want to stay to get a whole limit let her decide when it's time to go home an I always pack a lot of honey buns for her.

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Posted by specchaser on 10/5 at 2:46 pm to ThatsAFactJack
I read in a magazine once that just make it "all about the kids." your not there to catch fish, kill game, etc. The experience is all about what they want to do. Mine are 4 and almost 7 and so far so good. When we go fishing, they play w/ worms, minners, eat powdered donuts, chase ducks, whatever the hell they want to do.

A good neighborhood pond is a good starting point for a "fishing trip.". Always bring some junk food along. Another good one is "camping" and roasting hot dogs, marshmellows, and whatever else they want to cook over a fire.

Good luck!

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Posted by Meauxjeaux on 10/5 at 4:46 pm to ThatsAFactJack
Buy her a lifetime basic freshwater/saltwater and hunting license.

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Posted by RogerTheShrubber on 10/5 at 5:30 pm to ThatsAFactJack

My daughter is turning 2 this month. I plan on breaking her into camping and outdoor stuff this fall and winter. Any suggestions from OB Dads with older daughters as to how you started your young daughter into camping/hunting?

Make sure it's something she wants to do. If so, don't treat her any differently than you would a boy. Mine started tagging along on hikes with me when she was 3 1/2

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Posted by USMCTiger03 on 10/5 at 6:13 pm to ThatsAFactJack
Just went in easy trips to start off with, made it fun. We started going when my girl was aroun the same age, maybe little older and she loves it.

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Posted by wiltznucs on 10/5 at 6:26 pm to ThatsAFactJack
I chose not to push being an outdoorsman on my daughter. Of course I hoped she would want to go and she eventually asked this Spring at age 4. I brought her out to a turkey blind, we called up some jakes and she watched them for an hour. She giggled hysterically as one mounted a hen decoy. After they left she seemed pleased and asked to go home. So we did..

She hasnt asked to go back since, but she plays with turkey calls and can call better than many of my friends. When she's ready we'll go again. Until then, I'll be waiting.

This post was edited on 10/5 at 6:27 pm

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Posted by CoastieGM on 10/5 at 6:32 pm to ThatsAFactJack
Go out tent camping in a small tent on a cool night. Little kids like hanging out in small spaces.

Share a sleeping bag if there is enough space in the bag.

Put an orange vest on her and let her play with rocks, sticks and dirt.

Spray her legs with bug repellent to keep off ticks (removing a tick can turn off a little kid for life)

Make a fire & cook little meals in a canteen cup. Oatmeal, hot chocolate, ramen, etc.

Maintain nap schedule (very important). This helps keep things fun.

Cane pole fish for small perch in a spot where they bite quickly.

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Posted by Capt ST on 10/5 at 7:01 pm to CoastieGM
Guess I should have clarified, afternoon for sure or mid day hunt. Daughter was tied to my hip and during hunting season I was spending 5-6 days a week in the marsh so many a Thanksgiving and Xmas was spent at the camp. Cutting a tree in the swamp and decorating it and placing her first daisy red rider under it was the nuts.

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Posted by Geauxtiga on 10/5 at 8:43 pm to Tiger inTampa


Take her. Take her everywhere you want to go.
And any time she wants to go cause before you know it, them days will be past ya.


However, early on don't get caught up in "making" her do this right or that right. Make it fun and let her play and explore. It developes the interest by her just being there with you and watchibng you.
Man that is GREAT advice. I wish someone would've told me that.


Then as she gets older she'll express an interest in learning the "right " way to do things. Mt daughter is 15. Loves to camp hunt and fish. She also is getting to that age where her social life is starting to get important as well. I'm sure that pretty soon Old dad will be back in the woods alone again but damn the last 10-12 years have been fun with her..
You done good. I lost mine to the social circle at 12.

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Posted by offshoretrash on 10/5 at 11:37 pm to Geauxtiga
I've been bringing my 16 yo since she was 4 or so. She killed her first deer at age 9 or 10. She avg 3 deer a year now. I don't agree with always keeping fun. I believe they need the discipline to understand what it takes to catch fish and take game. They need to learn patience and how to be quite. Yeah there are times when we just set on the creek bank and drown worms.

My 4 yos will be ready to go this year the boy has been asking for several months now. I got 5 total to please with hunting or fishing trips because they all like to go.

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Posted by Dark Tiger on 10/6 at 3:42 am to ThatsAFactJack

Any suggestions from OB Dads with older daughters as to how you started your young daughter into camping/hunting?

Started out with camping and canoeing trips when she was 3 (Bogue Chitto, Elmer's Island beach, Buffalo River, etc....cheap easy fun vacations, loved every second of it. Just all went by too fast, should have done it more often.

This post was edited on 10/6 at 3:44 am

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Posted by lv2bowhntAU on 10/6 at 6:44 am to ThatsAFactJack
Ground blinds with coloring books and crayons are the way to go. It got my 8 year old girl hooked a couple years ago. She now loves to go hunting. Whatever you do make it fun. If she gets cold or restless, then get out and walk around or go to the truck. Rememember at that young age, it isn't about hunting. It's about spending time with her. If you get to see deer or take a shot, that's just a bonus. Here's an example of how our hunts usually go....
Image: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8182/8059135903_674bc9c967_b.jpg

Image: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8172/8059132868_3450b69306_b.jpg

Image: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8169/8059136221_f26524ecb0_b.jpg

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Posted by BarDTiger81 on 10/6 at 6:57 am to lv2bowhntAU
My girls kept wanting to go fishing a few months ago so I went and got some crickets and loaded up their Dora and princess poles. Got to the little pond, hardly got the stuff out if truck and they were ready to go

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Posted by lv2bowhntAU on 10/6 at 7:47 am to BarDTiger81

I know that feeling! We've had 45 minute hunting trips and 4 or 5 hour trips. Luckily our lease is only a 20 minute drive away... But hey I wouldn't change it for the world

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