Basketball recruiting 2013: Jarell Martin commits
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Basketball recruiting 2013: Jarell Martin commits
Posted by Bubba Hotep on 11/22 at 3:04 pm
Updated 11-2-12: Jarell Martin commits (added)
Updated 10-1-12: Tim Quarterman commits to LSU
Updated 9-28-12: Jordan Mickey commits to LSU
Updated 9-20-12: LSU not on the final list of Isaiah Lewis (removed)
Updated 9-18-12: Zach Coleman commits to UMass (removed)
Updated 9-17-12: Tim Quarterman reportedly takes an official visit to LSU. (added)
Updated 9-10-12: Dwight Coleby cuts list to 4, LSU not included (removed)
Updated 9-6-12: LSU schedules in-home with Troy Williams (added)
Updated 9-5-12: LSU has never been in contact with Jared Sam (removed)
Updated 9-4-12: Deng Deng and John Odoh commit (added)
Updated 9-3-12: Removed Karviar Shepherd and Damian Jones
Updated 8-28-12: Added D.J. Bowles
Updated 8-27-12: LSU doesn't make Julius Randle's final list (removed)
Updated 8-24-12: Zach Coleman decommits from Missouri (added)
Updated 8-22-12: Tai Webster commits to Nebraska (removed)
Updated 8-13-12: LSU offers Tai Webster and Dwight Coleby (added)
Updated 8-9-12: Darin Johnson releases finalists. LSU not on list. (removed) It is unclear if the new staff ever even contacted him.
Updated 8-8-12: New staff has not been in contact with Tyrek Coger (removed)
Updated 8-7-12: Isaiah Lewis and Kendall Smith take unofficial visits to LSU (added)
Updated 8-6-12: Dante Exum says he will be a 2014 recruit (moved to 2014 thread)
Updated 8-5-12: Kendal Harris commits to Southern Cal (removed)
Updated 8-4-12: LSU not on recent lists of Moses Kingsley (removed).
Updated 8-1-12: Xavier Rathan -Mayes releases finalists, which doesn't include LSU. (removed)
Updated 7-27-12: Australian Dante Exum says LSU is recruiting him (added). Leo Svete commits to Western Michigan (removed)
Updated 7-5-12: Anthony Barber anounces Kansas & Alabama as finalists (removed)
Updated 6-4-12: LSU is not on the final list for Austin Nichols. (removed)
Updated 4-26-12: Added Julius Randle, Karviar Shepherd and Jordan Mickey.
Updated 4-25-12: LSU offers Xavier Rathan-Mayes (added)
Updated 2-28-12: Added Ryan and Nick Hammink
Updated 1-5-12: Added Indiana combo guard Leo Svete
Updated 12-12-11: Added German point guard David Taylor
Updated 12-7-11: LSU recruiting Delano Spencer (added)

LSU has a minimum of 5 scholarships available for 2013. My prediction is LSU signs 6 players for 2013, likely 4 post players, a point guard and a wing. The extra scholarship will come from at least one player going pro, or transferring due to a lack of playing time.

This list is based on various recruiting services and other sources and rumors I have heard. It is not definitive and will be changed numerous times over the next year. I welcome any news or comments that would be relative to this list.

Commitments: 5

Deng Deng (PF, 6-8, 215) Lee College, Baytown, TX and Australia. Will have 3 years of eligibility at LSU.

John Odoh (C, 6-10, 230) Hill College, TX. Former UNT signee with Johnny Jones. Will graduate from Hill in December and enroll at midterm. Will redshirt in the spring at LSU and have 2 years remaining to play.

Jordan Mickey (PF, 6-7, 210) Prime Prep, Dallas, TX. 4-star recruit ranked No. 38 in the country. Ohio State, LSU, SMU and Oklahoma State have all offered and are his final 4.
He is LSU wide receiver James Wright's brother.

Tim Quarterman (Combo guard, 6-5, 180) Savannah, Ga. Johnson HS. 4-star multi-purpose player that can play multiple positions, from PG to SF. Ranked No. 62 overall in the Rivals 150. Has many offers and has not announced a final listing. Reportedly took an official visit to LSU on Sept. 16.

Jarell Martin (PF, 6-9, 200) Madison Prep, Baton Rouge, 5-star forward ranked No. 10 in the country in the Rivals 150. No.11 ranked PF on Scout. Martin was somewhat of an unknown player that had a huge summer on the AAU circuit. Has offer from LSU. Also considering Oklahoma State, St. John's, UCLA, Alabama, Louisville and Texas A&M.


Dylan Johns (Center, 7-1, 220) England. Played in a summer development program at the Trent Internationale School in Sugarland, TX, but was never a student there. Got some exposure with Trent playing in some summer events. Played on England's U18 national team. Has played on some Spanish club teams. Only played basketball for 4 years. Lots of upside.

David Taylor (PG, 6-2) Germany: Son of former LSU star Derrick Taylor. Has the potential to be a high major recruit. Ranked as the No.13 player in Europe for the 2013 class by Read the following scouting report on him:
Euro stars

Keith Frazier (SG, 6-6, 192) Kimball H.S. Dallas; 5-star wing has a final list of LSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Memphis and SMU. Has taken no official visits and plans to be a spring signee.

Brian Bridgewater (SF/PF, 6-6, 220) Scotlandville, Baton Rouge, 3-star forward but has dropped out of the Rivals 150. Ranked as a 4-star on Scout and is the No.17 PF. Brother of former LSU basketball player Brad Bridgewater. Has an LSU offer. Also has offers from Oklahoma State and Baylor. Also considering Kentucky, Georgetown, Alabama, Arizona, Marquette, Oklahoma and Purdue. Also has an offer to play WR/TE for LSU. Could be a big decision for him, choosing which sport to play in college.

This post was edited on 11/2 at 3:08 pm

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Posted by LSUIEGRAD13 on 11/22 at 3:28 pm to Bubba Hotep
I feel like the recruiting services get basketball correct much more than football. Probably because it is less players. I hope we can land a legit big man.

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Posted by ralsu on 11/22 at 3:33 pm to Bubba Hotep
With a good 2011-12 season this could be a special class.
Barber, Martin, Kingsley & Bridgewater

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Posted by Bubba Hotep on 11/22 at 3:36 pm to ralsu
Perhaps it's just his philosophy, but Trent Johnson is very stingy with the offers. Even the higher level programs like North Carolina and Florida, seem to hand out scholarship offers like candy.

Or it could be that many of those offers are not legit.

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Posted by Woopigsooie20 on 11/22 at 4:19 pm to Bubba Hotep
FYI, Kingsley has offers from Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Ole Miss, Miss St, Memphis, San Fran and Tulane.

He's one of the Big 3 in 2013 that plays for the Arkansas Wings.

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Posted by Geauxld Finger on 11/22 at 4:52 pm to Bubba Hotep
LSU has A LOT of ground to make up on Bridgewater. He's pretty enamored with Arizona.

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Posted by Joe Mantegna on 11/22 at 5:19 pm to Geauxld Finger

Bubba Hotep

Really appreciate the work you are doing with basketball recruiting, very insightful.

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Posted by Bubba Hotep on 11/22 at 5:47 pm to Geauxld Finger
Bridgewater has A LOT of ground to make up if he wants to go to Arizona. Sean Miller is recruiting as good as anyone in the country right now. Unless he completely strikes out next year, 3-star recruits probably won't even get asked to visit. Even Gathers was a backup recruit for them.

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Posted by Bubba Hotep on 11/22 at 5:51 pm to Joe Mantegna
Sir, you are too kind.

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Posted by ProjectP2294 on 11/22 at 6:02 pm to Bubba Hotep
What is the likelihood that Bridgewater starts to get football looks as well?

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Posted by Biglc9274 on 11/22 at 6:43 pm to ProjectP2294
The 2 6'9" kids from Scotlandville(Jones andSam) both come off the bench.... Their team has 4 starters back plus the son of SU mens coach(Banks)...5A State runner up 2 years in a row

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Posted by bezy220 on 11/22 at 8:22 pm to Biglc9274
(no message)

This post was edited on 11/23 at 1:11 am

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Posted by bezy220 on 11/23 at 12:56 am to bezy220
According to Five Star Basketball Tyrel and Tyree Robinson are hearing from TJ

Tyrel Robinson says that he and his twin brother, Tyree, are receiving interest from Texas, LSU, Virginia Tech and UCLA.

This post was edited on 11/23 at 1:10 am

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Posted by coachLSU on 11/23 at 7:17 am to Bubba Hotep
Bridge has an Arizona offer

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Posted by ROUSTER on 11/23 at 9:52 pm to coachLSU
Hopefully, we have a new GOOD Basketball coach recruiting these guys.
I don't see any way TJ makes it past this year.

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Posted by Bryant91092 on 11/24 at 1:39 am to Bubba Hotep
I've read that Grant is fairly interested in Bridgewater. Alabama probably doesn't have a real shot though.

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Posted by S on 11/24 at 8:37 am to bezy220
tyree is a player

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Posted by Bubba Hotep on 12/7 at 8:45 am to Bubba Hotep
Updated with LSU recruiting Atlanta SG Delano Spencer.

Can we get a sticky on this thread?

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Posted by Bubba Hotep on 12/12 at 2:37 pm to Bubba Hotep
Added David Taylor, son of former LSU star Derrick Taylor.

And yes, I know, it's Germans.

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Posted by BIG CAT on 12/12 at 8:54 pm to Bubba Hotep
what about garthers

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