Electronic Music Thread
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Electronic Music Thread
Posted by StraightCashHomey21 on 1/12 at 2:03 pm
Last years thread is probably 50 pages back time for something new.

Don't come in here calling it EDM fricking terrible name

Don't post shitty arse songs by Dj's like David Guetta and Avicii.

Do post live sets from festivals, post pictures from shows and festivals.

Time for this board to bring in some genres not that popular in the states like Drum n Bass and Hardstyle

BPM Festival Sets

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Posted by HeadyBrosevelt on 1/12 at 2:48 pm to StraightCashHomey21
Aphex Twin - Xtal

808 State - Pacific 202

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena

Paul Johnson - Hear the Music

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Posted by Jones on 1/12 at 10:16 pm to StraightCashHomey21

like Drum n Bass

word to that.

are torrents legal to post on here?

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Posted by Spaulding Smails on 1/13 at 8:39 am to Jones

are torrents legal to post on here?


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Posted by Andre on 1/13 at 9:12 am to Jones
D/l the torrent. upload the file to Dropbox or mediafire. Post link

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Posted by StraightCashHomey21 on 1/13 at 9:30 am to Andre
might go see gunz for hire this Saturday for my bday.

Its that show or this winter wonderland rave with ATB and Danny Avila

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Posted by Jones on 1/13 at 10:51 am to Spaulding Smails

2. Links to downloadable content and file sharing websites are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule could result in account suspension or termination. Links to free audio/video sites such as youtube and artist homepages are allowed. Additionally, if linking music content, please make an effort to link content without excessive advertisements. Your fellow members will appreciate it.

So can I link stuff from tribalmixes.com?

Its all radio shows, studio mixes, and live sets. None of the stuff is copyrighted.

Is this any different than the stuff linked in the OP?

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Posted by StraightCashHomey21 on 1/13 at 1:04 pm to Jones
i link sets you can download from livesets.at and no issues

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Posted by Jones on 1/13 at 1:48 pm to StraightCashHomey21
Cool cool. I'll add a bunch this weekend when I get back home

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Posted by HoustonGumbeauxGuy on 1/13 at 2:07 pm to StraightCashHomey21
Gareth Emery Exclusive Mix (The Best of Garuda 2013) -- 2 hours

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Posted by Andre on 1/14 at 12:47 pm to HeadyBrosevelt
DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues (Full Album)

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Posted by Andre on 1/15 at 12:20 pm to Andre
RA Review


Dixon’s work is a re-presentation of house proper, replete with melodies, choruses, vocals, and in some cases, even songs. There are two in particular that sit front and centre as landmarks in this landscape: Tracey Thorn’s ‘It’s All True’, played here in its massive Buttrich version, replete with those big-room synth stabs, and Thom Yorke’s ‘Eraser’, in its original version. This last track fits easily into the midst of the mix as a kind of hiatus between the earlier part of the program, which sidles up to New York and electroid disco with its dry, sparse selections, and the latter part of the program.

Dixon - Body Language VOL. 4

1. Timo Maas - Slip In Electro Kid (Edited for Body Language Vol. 4)
2. Chromatics - In The City
3. Owusu & Hannibal - Whats It About
4. Eric Rug Feat. Dynamax - Tribute (The Laroye & Ky Bonus Dub)
5. Chateau Flight - Baroque (Henrik Schwarz Live Version)
6. Marie Boine – Filer Til Voui (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
7. Thom Yorke - Eraser
8. It - Women In Toilet (Stefan Goldmann Macro Version)
9. Larry Heard pres. Mr. White - The Sun Can`t Compare (Long Version)
10. Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon - Where We At Pt. 2 (Body Language Version)
11. Karizma - Tech This Out Pt. 2
12. Télépopmusik - Love Can Damage Your Health (Dennis Ferrer Re-Remix)
13. Tracy Thorn - It`s All True (Buttrich Main Mix)
14. Herbert - Moving Like A Train (Smith N Hack Mix)

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Posted by StraightCashHomey21 on 1/15 at 2:36 pm to Andre
Diplo 2013 wrap up

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Posted by Spaulding Smails on 1/17 at 9:22 am to StraightCashHomey21
Is this all things electronic or more house oriented?

Here's my contributions, regardless
Com Truise-Deflowered

Com Truise - The Remixes (Full Album)

1. 0:00 - 4:52 Ana Lola Roman - Klutch (Com Truise Remix)
2. 4:52 - 10:31 Arsenal - One Day At A Time (Com Truise Remix)
3. 10:31 - 15:17 Barcode - Blood Diamonds ft. Dominic Lord (Com Truise Remix)
4. 15:17 - 19:52 beGun - Shanghai (Com Truise Remix)
5. 19:52 - 24:39 El Ten Eleven - Thanks Bill (Com Truise Remix)
6. 24:39 - 29:48 Flight Facilities - Stand Still ft. Micky Green (Com Truise Remix)
7. 29:48 - 33:41 Foe - A Handsome Stranger Called Death (Com Truise Remix)
8. 33:41 - 39:06 Foster The People - Helena Beat (Com Truise Remix)
9. 39:06 - 42:50 Franklin - I Know (Com Truise Remix)
10. 42:50 - 47:30 Hussle Club - Loose Tights (Com Truise Tight Pants Remix)
11. 47:30 - 53:16 Locussolus - Throwdown (Com Truise Remix)
12. 53:16 - 58:38 Maroon 5 - One More Night (Com Truise Remix)
13. 58:38 - 1:04:30 Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist (Com Truise 'Eyelid' Remix)
14. 1:04:30 - 1:08:51 Sally Shapiro - What Can I Do (Com Truise Remix)
15. 1:08:51 - 1:13:05 Sky Ferreira - Red Lips (Com Truise Remix)
16. 1:13:05 - 1:17:57 Stars - Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It (Com Truise Remix)
17. 1:17:57 - 1:22:37 The Twilight Sad - Sick (Com Truise Remix)
18. 1:22:37 - 1:25:57 Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow (Com Truise Remix)
19. 1:25:57 - 1:31:26 ZZ Ward - Criminal ft. Freddie Gibbs (Com Truise Remix)
20. 1:31:26 - 1:35:51 Kris Menace ft. Lawrence LT Thompson - Love Is Everywhere (Com Truise Remix)
21. 1:35:51 - 1:40:43 Daft Punk - Encom Part 2 (Com Truise Remix)
22. 1:40:43 - 1:47:02 Bloodgroup - Mysteries Undone (Com Truise Remix)
23. 1:47:02 - 1:52:22 The Knocks - Learn To Fly (Com Truise Remix)
24. 1:52:22 - 1:58:09 Darkness Falls - Timeline (Com Truise Remix

Rudimental - Feel The Love (Fred V & Grafix Remix)

Tony Castles - Heart in the pipes (KAUF remix)

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Posted by Andre on 1/17 at 9:29 am to Spaulding Smails

Nice post, I love Com Truise. Cant wait to put this on later.

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Posted by Spaulding Smails on 1/17 at 9:33 am to Andre
This one

Ana Lola Roman - Klutch (Com Truise Remix)

Is my favorite Com Truise song

He's putting out a new album on Feb. 18th, called Wave 1. Haven't found any leaks or samples of stuff that will be on the album

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Posted by JohnZeroQ on 1/17 at 12:47 pm to StraightCashHomey21
Hoping this year is better than last year. Will bookmark this thread...

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Posted by Jones on 1/18 at 1:39 pm to StraightCashHomey21
Here is some drum and bass

Drumsound-and-Bassline-Smith-Essential-Mix-09-22-2012 - This mix got me pretty much hooked on these 3 guys. This encompasses all of what dnb is. Mixing is top notch with most of them being double drops.

Here is another mix from them


Andy C - The Don, executioner, the goat. This is from the Hackney Festival. The lineup is ridiculous and so is his set. The middle part of the set is typical Andy C, greatness. Hackney-Weekend-2012-Andy-C-Live-SAT-06-23-2012-

Cyantific- here are a few mixes from him. This guy is one of my favorite djs. Mixing is along the style of Andy C with a bunch of double drops. Saw this guy play in the basement of a bar years ago in NYC and he killed it. Been following him ever since.




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Posted by HoustonGumbeauxGuy on 1/18 at 11:09 pm to Jones
Hardwell - I Am Hardwell (live 2 hour set) This set is fricking nasty! Would have loved to be there for it.

Hardwell - Live At Ultra Music Festival 2013

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Posted by StraightCashHomey21 on 1/19 at 6:20 am to HoustonGumbeauxGuy
Hardwell is nuts live but his sets are getting watered down fast, last time i saw him i was like mehhhh

hurry this up b/c armin is next

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