do NFL punters have the best job in the world
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re: do NFL punters have the best job in the world
Posted by SpartyGator on 9/16 at 7:26 am to Pear

do NFL punters have the best job in the world

Hell even Kickers have pressure on them, by far punters have it easier than anyone else

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Posted by LNCHBOX on 9/16 at 7:40 am to AlpineHawg

Brett Goode has it made. I've known him since high school, he's been the LS for the Packers for the past 5 years and hasn't made a single bad snap. He signed a 3 year contract extension last year which got him $700,000 last year, guarantees him $715,000 this year, $730,000 in 2014 and $870,000 in 2015 oh and he got a $325,000 signing bonus on top of all that and has a super bowl ring.

He's living the life my friends.

Chump change compared to Morstead, and more work than kicking. I'll take being the punter.

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Posted by CocomoLSU on 9/16 at 7:58 am to Pilot Tiger

you still have to learn the plays and stay active on the sidelines

Yeah, but the increase in money level is more than worth all that. Plus, you could get your chance at glory at any time.

Shit, Flynn is making like $6+ million this season to backup Pryor. Looks like the highest paid punter this year is Britton Colquitt for Denver at $1.25 million.

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Posted by BCMCubs on 9/16 at 9:04 am to goldenbadger08

Bullpen catcher.

Was coming here to post this

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Posted by onelochevy on 9/16 at 9:09 am to lsu480

No....Money May probably does

This is the correct answer. Fight a couple times a year and be guaranteed over $40M per fight just for showing up. I'll take it.

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Posted by lsu xman on 9/16 at 9:17 am to Pear
Have fun having the smallest house in the country club complex. Then most likely the wife will cheat and screw the other higher paid players on the team.

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