Need to Kill Time: What's a story that you've heard that still gives you chills
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re: Need to Kill Time: What's a story that you've heard that still gives you chills
Posted by beebefootballfan on 7/16 at 11:25 pm to hg
When i worked for a shipping broker I frequently used a husband and wife team who were out of Arkansas. When they were in the area I would take them out to eat, or buy them coffee and what not. They did a lot of runs for me and were cool people.

One day I was reading the Arkansas Democrat and saw where the FBI had picked them up. Apparently they had let their niece come to live with them after her mother had some problems. A family member called one day to check on her after a few months of not hearing from her, and was told she had moved to California with family. Repeated attempts to contact her failed, and family member got suspicious. Turns out night the couple drowned her in the bath tub, buried her in the woods behind their house (her body has never been found), and continued cashing her SS checks after she was dead.

Crazy thing is these people just seemed normal when you talked to them.

Federal Indictment Form

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Posted by tigersownall on 7/17 at 12:19 am to beebefootballfan
Are they rotting in prison?

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Posted by VaBamaMan on 7/17 at 10:55 am to tigersownall
This thread wont die.

Has anyone else experienced Inception-ish nightmares? I had one that I remember incredibly clearly. I'm not going to write or voice what happened in it, but it was terrifying. It was scary enough that I woke up, except I woke up into another even more terrifying dream, was there for roughly 20 seconds, then finally woke up completely. Strangest single dream I have ever had. Most terrifying by far.

I have been dreaming A LOT recently. The other night I had 3 straight dreams, all of which I can remember clearly, instant by instant. Each seemed to go on for hours and was incredibly detailed, even partially lucid. Didn't used to do this. Not sure what is happening to me.

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Posted by magildachunks on 7/17 at 11:00 am to VaBamaMan

I'm not going to write or voice what happened in it, but it was terrifying.

Your homosexuality trying to come out?

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Posted by VaBamaMan on 7/17 at 11:08 am to magildachunks

Your homosexuality trying to come out?


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Posted by bnh on 7/17 at 11:18 am to VaBamaMan

Not sure what is happening to me.

Nothing major just insanity

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Posted by magildachunks on 7/17 at 12:00 pm to bnh
I'll tell one of my stories:

Strange things happen at my dad's house. He doesn't believe it, but my siblings and I all agree.

Out of the corner of your eye, you will sometimes catch someone walking through a room, one that you know was empty.

In the bathroom we all shared as kids, you could feel the presence of someone, or thing, watching you. It would be so bad that you would flee the bathroom, shampoo still in your hair. (to this day, that is the only bathroom that I have trouble showering in)

Doors would open. Not blown open, like from the wind or something, but actually unlatch and open.

The dogs were the freakiest. Especially Cleo, the great dane. Cleo would sit at the door to a room, wanting to go in. We'd open the door and she would take a step inside the room, then freeze. The hair on her back would stand, she would stare into the room, and then let out a low, menacing growl. She would then step back, out of the room, and wouldn't turn away till we shut the door.
This usually happened in what we called the play-room.

It was in this room that my story takes place. Here is the story of my encounter with the entity we call "Harold":

After my first year of college, I returned to my dad's house for the summer. Upon arriving I found that I no longer had a bed in the room my brother and I shared as his broke during the year (we had bunk beds and his was the top. One night it collapsed with him on it).

I would sleep the summer in the play-room. The play-room had all of our video games, t.v.'s, the pool table. It is where all of our entertainment was.

My friends and I would spend the evenings playing pool and drinking. At night I would crash on a pallet on the floor. It was during the third week of this that I awoke to see "Harold".

I had drunk alot, and readily admit that all this may be explained from an alcohol induced dream. I would like to believe that. If it wouldn't have been for the dog, I would believe it.

The Encounter:

I awoke from a good sleep. One that would have normally kept me out until the later hours of the morning. Why i woke, I do not know, but felt something was not right.

I felt as if something was enticing me to look, straight ahead. I opened my eyes and there he was. He was sitting in a fold out chair about four feet from my head, staring at me.

He was green. I remember this clearly. Green, yet not bright. More of a "booger" green. And his face. His face was clear as day. It was not a pleasant face. There was no good will in the face. He looked as if he meant me harm.

I drove my face into the pillow, so as to not see him anymore. I thought to myself, "This is silly. You just woke up. It's probably a dream or the alcohol." To prove this to myself, I looked again.

He was still there. And he looked even angrier.

I shoved my face back into the pillow, then I called for my dog, Holly.

A little background on Holly: Holly was one of those dogs that was a protector. She was sweet as can be until she thought that her family was in trouble. Then she would turn a switch and become the most fearless, vicious dog imaginable. She would take on a rottweiler, and did, if she felt it posed us a threat.

Back to that night.

I called for Holly and patted my side. Just having her near me would have been enough for me to be okay.

Holly was laying across the room, on the other side of the pool table. The shortest route to me would have been to walk in front of that chair, which she did all the time.

That night, as I called, she got up and instead of going in front of that chair, she walked all the way around the pool table, walked across my pallet and laid down at my head, between me and the chair. She faced the chair and stared at it, letting out low growls. She wouldn't budge, wouldn't let me budge, and wouldn't stop growling.

After about twenty minutes, she finally stopped. She let out a whine and then laid her head down to go to sleep. I didn't sleep for the rest of the night.

After that, I slept on the couch in the living room. I could deal with being woken early. I couldn't deal with spending another night in that room.

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Posted by MadDoggyStyle on 7/17 at 12:43 pm to magildachunks
Read this a few years ago and it freaked me out. Supposedly a true story which makes it freakier.



I had to endure the torture, unable to free myself. To those around me I was insane. No one believed me and no one could free me. The hopelessness I felt was unbearable. No one believed me except the psychics... and they could do nothing. I was defenseless against these never-ending attacks... hundreds of presences filling my room, which itself would be filled with thick, ice cold air, my body drenched with perspiration as my whole being fought against them. - See more at:

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Posted by pussywillows on 7/17 at 1:15 pm to MadDoggyStyle

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Posted by The Boat on 7/17 at 1:29 pm to magildachunks
One of your copied and pasted stories? All of these stories are worded the same way.. seemingly written by the same person.

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Posted by magildachunks on 7/17 at 2:20 pm to The Boat
No. Just typed that one up. Did word it the same way though.
Not giving much thought to style for a message board.

Story really did happen to me. And all the shite I described about my dads house are true.

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Posted by CocomoLSU on 7/17 at 3:48 pm to tigersownall

Someone please link the ghost story thread that went 20+ pages awhile back.

As always, the lsutigerinbama demon story needs to be referenced. We never did get him back on the OT...he said he had a picture.


anyway the weirdest incident was one night late at night....wife and i were in bed..both woken up...we hear a ZOOM noise downstairs....almost like there was a highway in my kitchen....every light in the house is on...brighter than usual....walk down the stairs...the carpet is soaking wet...get to the base of the stairs and down the hall to the right there is thing huge thing pearing around the corner staring at me and my wife.....we move into the kitchen....there is this black figure at the table....humanoid for sure....i cant see through it but it doesn't look solid either.....the thing down the hall is screeching loudly...the human thing is yelling at me....or feels like it...loud noises that dont sound nice directed toward me and my wife.....behind the human thing at the table its like there is a portal....again i can not put into words what i was seeing...its like i could see into another place but it was here....wife and i ran out down the road and didn't stop until we got to her parents house....went back the next was back to normal lol...didnt stay there another night.....


Has anyone else experienced Inception-ish nightmares? I had one that I remember incredibly clearly. I'm not going to write or voice what happened in it, but it was terrifying.

Well frick you...why even tell us about it?

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Posted by VaBamaMan on 7/17 at 4:41 pm to CocomoLSU

Well frick you...why even tell us about it?

The main focus of my query was the dream within a dream part of the nightmare. The deeper dream was of the same basic content as the one I woke up into. However it was more like a different reality was helping mask what was happening. When I "woke up" into the other dream the mask was gone and all hell had broken loose in the that, uh, reality. Then I finally, actually, woke up.

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Posted by rickyh on 7/17 at 5:31 pm to VaBamaMan
This happened years ago but is a true story. When the movie Exorcist first came out, i promised more than one girl to take and see it. This happened after the second time. My home was in the country and you had to travel down a gravel road to get to my house. As I was getting close to my home a black cat came from the old house nest to ours and crossed in front of my car. You have to understand. My brothers hated cats and none that we knew of lived anywhere close. But that night, there it was.

Kind spooked me out a little but no problem. I was almost in my own driveway. When I pulled in, it was totally empty. My entire family was at our camp on the river and I was home alone. I went in and fixed a quick snack before turning in. Just as I get into bed. I hear this darn cat. It was on our front door steps meowing it tail off. First, I was just going to ignore it, but my luck it just kept making noises. I got out of bed and was going to just run it off. As I stepped into the hallway. This cat quit meowing and started making growling noises.

I went in my room and loaded up a shot gun and said to myself, this thing has got to go. As I walked back into the hallway, the growling became more intense. We had a screen door that was metal half way up. This thing started beating and rattling that door like it was trying to rip it off the hinges. I went back into my room and unloaded the gun. I got back in bed and prayed. God, I don't know what that is. But this gun aint going to help me. After praying for a while, the thing left.

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Posted by Tshep on 7/17 at 5:50 pm to rickyh
Cat with rabies

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Posted by TheIndulger on 7/17 at 6:41 pm to rickyh
Wow, so you got that scared of a black cat? You sound pretty superstitious

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Posted by RebelOP on 7/17 at 7:10 pm to Fusaichi Pegasus
I know I've got more creepy stories, but this one just sticks out right now.


My neighbor is a 97 year old widow and loves to be outside in her garden. Our backyards are very wooded and on a slope/hill. Scattered throughout are giant boulders which make them very easy to hide behind.

About a year after we moved in she and I were talking one day and started discussing whether or not I should get an alarm system. I noticed she had one and I was asking her about it, as the conversation progressed she starts telling me a story about when her husband was alive and at work one day, she decided to spend some time working in the garden.

The garden backs right up to the woods and as she continued to work for a few hours she kept feeling like she was being watched. She didn't think much of it at first and throughout the day, after 5-6 hours, she couldn't get past that feeling. Every time she looked around she never saw anything. It wasn't until she was almost done and noticed a man sitting on one of the boulders staring at her. She freaked out and yelled "what are you doing?" The man responded "watching you," and she yelled at him to leave. She starts to run back inside the house to call 911 and as she was dialing, she notices the man just casually walking away not in any hurry back into the woods.

I asked her when this happened and it was close to 10 years ago. I then made sure she hadn't seen that same guy around the neighborhood or behind our houses' since. She hadn't. Needless to say I didn't sleep very well the next few nights.

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Posted by Tino on 7/17 at 7:16 pm to RebelOP
Damn, I closed the tab with the reddit thread and don't feel like scrolling all the way through it again.... I was almost all the way through it

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Posted by pussywillows on 7/17 at 7:18 pm to RebelOP
lengthy, but starts with the first reply in the thread, and is a series of his own replies, due to character limits.


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Posted by Lambdatiger1989 on 7/17 at 10:12 pm to pussywillows
Bump to keep the fun going

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