Homemade ice cream trouble, need help
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Homemade ice cream trouble, need help
Posted by tigerfoot on 7/1 at 10:18 pm
I have failed to make decent homemade ice-cream multiple time. I either have a grainy icy not ice-cream like frozen concoction, or I have a result that resembles whipped cream in flavor, not creamy and dense...just creamy.

Can someone offer recipe and technique help.

Getting ready for the 4th

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Posted by L.A. on 7/1 at 10:22 pm to tigerfoot
What flavor?

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Posted by RMac1 on 7/1 at 10:23 pm to tigerfoot
What kind of maker are you using and what is your recipe.

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Posted by tigeryat on 7/1 at 10:26 pm to tigerfoot
Can't miss recipe.

1 can condensed milk
3 lg cans evaporated milk
6 eggs
1 1/2 cups of sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 gallon whole milk

In a 3 qt saucepot, combine condensed mild, evaporated milk, and vanilla, heat on medium fire to 190 degrees, do not boil. In a large SS bowl, whisk together sugar and eggs. Slowly pour heated milk into eggs whisking constantly. Pour mixture back into saucepot and return to 190 degrees, stirring constantly. Do not boil or eggs will scramble. Pour mixture through a sieve into ice cream maker, add whole milk to fill line, mix thoroughly, refrigerate overnight.

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Posted by pooponsaban on 7/1 at 10:35 pm to tigeryat
Add some Ruston peaches to that and you have a winner.

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Posted by tigerfoot on 7/1 at 10:36 pm to L.A.

I don't remember my recipe, just something on line if I remember right.

I just have one of those electric ice cream makers got a silver cylinder with paddle inside, ice and rock salt kinda deal. kinda want to keep it that way so the kids enjoy the process of doing it outside.

Would love a fresh peach recipe as well, but just assumed I could add them into a vanilla base.

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Posted by tigerfoot on 7/1 at 10:38 pm to tigeryat

Can't miss recipe

Perfect, my last attempt had heavy cream in it, I think that is why I got the whipped cream product. Thanks

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Posted by L.A. on 7/2 at 12:11 am to tigerfoot

I like this recipe. No eggs; no cooking.

2 cups whipping cream
1 1/2 cups milk
3/4 sugar
1 Tbsp Vanilla extract (Obviously you can use less if you want a less pronounced vanilla flavor)

1. Mix the milk, the sugar, and the vanilla until the sugar is completely dissolved. This will be about 100 strokes with a mixing spoon.

2. Add the cream AFTER you have dissolved the sugar and vanilla into the milk. Stir enough to incorporate the cream into the milk mixture.

3. Pour into your ice cream maker and freeze. My machine takes about 20 minutes to make ice cream. Mine is electric and has a frozen gel ring, so there's no rock salt or ice involved.

This is a delicious recipe and it's not hard to make. Enjoy!

This post was edited on 7/2 at 2:03 am

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Posted by tigerfoot on 7/2 at 7:46 am to L.A.
Thanks for the advice, can you put too much salt in the ice, or not enough, is this even a concept. Just trying to figure out my disasters

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Posted by AlxTgr on 7/2 at 8:38 am to tigerfoot
The DW had some failures with ours. Not sure if the same product, but the canister had to be totally frozen, and the operation had to go on in the shade for it to work.

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Posted by CITWTT on 7/2 at 8:39 am to tigerfoot
The ingredients(solutes that are not pure water) used in the recipe will make a differnce in the freeing point of the mixture in the churn(just a bit of chemistry involve but you would need to calculate it), the secong thing that will cause F'ups is not using enough rock salt(look up freeing point depression/boiling point elevation in a frosh chem book) so the freezing point is lowered sufficiently to equal or exceed the first calculation

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Posted by Ole Geauxt on 7/2 at 9:04 am to tigerfoot
foot,,, Eagle Brand is yer friend

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Posted by hungryone on 7/2 at 9:19 am to Ole Geauxt
Best homemade ice cream recipe I've ever used is from "Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream". Author has a mini empire of ice cream shops in Ohio. I linked to the recipe on another thread a while back. Here it is again: LINK
It is a little fiddly, requiring cream cheese, karo syrup, and corn starch, but it has the best texture of any homemade ice cream ever. I grew up on the condensed milk/uncooked eggs version, which is a bit icy and goes hard as a rock if you try to keep it for more than two hours. A friend swears by the heavy cream, Philly style--but again, it is great when fresh and terrible a few days later.

Only the Jeni's recipe is still delicious after three days in the fridge. Well worth the relatively minimal effort. I made her milk chocolate ice cream and accidentally used too much salt, but it was much better as a salted chocolate ice cream: LINK /

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Posted by BlackenedOut on 7/2 at 9:24 am to hungryone
See if the interwebs has a version of Thomas Keller's ice cream from his ad hoc cookbook. Its fantastic stuff. Making a coffee flavored one tomorrow.

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Posted by TigerstuckinMS on 7/2 at 10:11 am to tigerfoot
If your ice cream is grainy, you've got large ice crystals. These are usually caused by one of two things:

1) You're trying to freeze a mixture that is too warm. You want the mixture to be as cold as possible without being frozen when you start churning. When you're trying to freeze a large warm mass, it takes longer and not all of the mass freezes at once. The result is that the first ice crystal that forms has a long time to grow before the entire mass is cooled. The whole time it's growing, it's using up water that otherwise could be used to create other ice crystals. The result is a grainy ice cream with a relatively small number of huge ice crystals. If you chill the mixture in a refrigerator overnight before churning, though, the mass has a much quicker thermal trip to get to freezing and the process is much quicker. The result is that large ice crystals don't have time to form and you get a huge number of tiny crystals and a finer texture.

2) The sugar content of the mixture is not high enough. The sugar not only flavors the ice cream, but depresses the freezing point of the mixture and inhibits the formation of larger ice crystals. Without sugar, it would freeze solid. As the sugar content rises, the freezing point lowers and the ice crystals formed become smaller and smaller because it never really gets cold enough for large crystals to form. Too little sugar and you get a block of milk frozen solid. Too much and you get really cold syrup that never freezes because your salted ice doesn't get cold enough.

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Posted by Tiger at Law on 7/2 at 10:11 am to tigerfoot
Just made a batch of Strawberry Basil this weekend. Great flavor, can't say yet if it will harden up or not...I guess I'll have to experiment when I get home

Strawberry Basil ice cream

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Posted by CITWTT on 7/2 at 11:17 am to TigerstuckinMS
You and I were on the same page in the problems to be considered.

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Posted by tigeryat on 7/2 at 12:07 pm to tigerfoot

can you put too much salt in the ice

I don't think you can put too much salt. I probably use 1/4 to 1/3 box for each batch. I think it's important to chill your mix overnight prior to putting it in the machine.

I've tried a few different recipes including ones that use heavy cream, and I keep coming back to the one I posted above. It's an old family recipe and its simple. You can add whatever fruit you want to it. I like the vanilla straight up with different fruit toppings.

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Posted by tigerfoot on 7/2 at 5:00 pm to tigeryat
Thanks all, will try the following...new recipes listed above, doing two batches...but I think my lack of chilling mixture overnight may be largest culprit, so will get it made up tomorrow night.

Now gotta go get a chem book to check my salt amts , thanks. Now I need some Riston peaches....geauxt, you heading this way

Will report back results.

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Posted by Rougarou4lsu on 7/2 at 5:11 pm to tigerfoot

Would love a fresh peach recipe as well, but just assumed I could add them into a vanilla base.

OK Tigerfoot...here we go.
1 pint half and half
2 cans condensed milk
2 cans evaporated milk
6 to 8 ripe peaches in blender
3 cups of suger
a bottle of mango juice concentrare...optional, but really good
1 tblespoon vanilla extract also optional
fill the rest of the cannister with whole milk stop 4-5 inches short of the top
stir well and chill one hour in refrigerator freezer
freeze in ice cream maker
peach-mango home made ice cream

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