Is the Louisiana talent in 2014 a Miles hater's worst nightmare?
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re: Is the Louisiana talent in 2014 a Miles hater's worst nightmare?
Posted by chinese58 on 6/15 at 12:51 pm to tubucoco

LSU being the only big program in LA and always bringing in top talent from the state and surrounding areas should always be in the hunt for a national title just like Bama.

Bama is smack in the middke if sec territory. distance would never be a factor fir them, well minus texas, but they are closer to georgia and florida, the most fertile recruiting states in the south.

What you say about LSU and the surrounding area is true. What he said above about Bama's location is also very true. Louisiana is loaded but we haven't had many great DL (especially DT's) the last few years. Texas didn't have much to offer in 2013. This year is a little better but still no DT's. Mississippi doesn't seem to produce much more than skill players as of the last couple of years. One outstanding DE that came from no where.

At the same time Bama has gotten kids from all over The South. If you look at the schools kids list, you see that for many of the Florida & Georgia kids, Tuscaloosa is as far west as they really even look. Most of those kids have a choice of Florida, Georgia, Bama, Auburn, FSU, Clemson and more within a two to three hour drive for their parents.

LSU offers the same thing for Louisiana, South & East Texas, Mississippi and South Alabama kids.

LSU is getting some good guys from Texas and one good guy from Mississippi in 2014. The staff really needs to recruit any good DL & OL in Texas every year. The next time a Tony Conner pops up in Mississippi, LSU needs to be on him hard.

Got to try to keep the Carolina connection Chavis has developed going and stay on the Florida and Georgia kids too. The few kids we do get from that far east do pan out.

I think the ability to recruit Georgia and/or Alabama should be taken into consideration whenever the staff's next coaching hire is made, i.e. LSU needs someone with experience/contacts there. If coaches can be hired to just recruit, I'd hire a Texas guy, a Georgia guy and an Alabama guy (possibly a current high school coach from each state) to scout and build relationships with high school coaches.

Would love to hear what other things LSU can do other than beating them. I'm old enough to remember how they used to dominate us, but we've competed with them every year for a long time & done some modern day dominating ourselves. Before the 2011 BCSCG, Coach Fran's 31-0 shellacking of Saban in 2002 was the last beat down we took. They've won the last two and four of the last six but we won five straight and seven out of eight before then. Just got to get back to winning a few more in a row to "restore order" to the current SEC West.

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Posted by CourseyCorridor on 6/15 at 12:53 pm to tubucoco

I don't get the 10 win seasons bull shite. You should be contending for a title every season at LSU just like Alabama has come to expect now.

LSU didn't meet that criteria last year? They were one drive by Alabama in the last minute of that game away from playing for the SEC title (basically a BCS semifinal).

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Posted by tigerswin03 on 6/15 at 1:17 pm to LockdownDefense

I hate Miles for games that look like the bowl game against clemson
every team has those type of games ,in fact besides bama lsu has been the most consistent team for a while now...I know some games can be frustrating but name one program that doesn't play poorly at some point during a cant

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Posted by lsu62tu0 on 6/16 at 7:48 am to dgnx6

LSU doesnt necessarily have recruiting advantages. some places in LA are closer to tuscaloosa than baton rouge.

Yeah,right! Monroe to Tuscaloosa is 300 miles compared to Monroe to just 186. Try again.

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Posted by T on 6/16 at 10:16 am to CourseyCorridor

They were one drive by Alabama in the last minute of that game away from playing for the SEC title

That's a dumb way to look at it. Using that same criteria you can say lsu was only a few drives away from barely making a bowl game.

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Posted by KG5989 on 6/16 at 12:01 pm to TigerTreyjpg
Umm no. Regardless if youre a Miles lover or hater, you should still want the program to get the best players it can. So if you dont like Miles, you dont want to get the top players and you want the program to suffer?? No. Sorry. Im not a Miles lover, but I dont hate him. Hes a cool unique coach and is a man of good morals and the players love him. He does everything right off the field. But he has made some seriously questionable calls on the field at LSU. He is what he is. But, that doesnt make me want him to not get the best players we can.

For an LSU hater, sure its a nightmare. But if youre a fan of the school and the program, you shouldnt want us to not get the best players we can. Regardless of who the coach is.

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