LSU Campus Construction Update (Updated Article on Dalrymple Roundabout 8-5)
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re: LSU Campus Construction Update (Updated Article on Dalrymple Roundabout 8-5)
Posted by HowboutthemTigers on 5/9 at 4:07 pm to chesty

thats awesome

Thanks, Its something ive always found interesting and I try and keep up with it. It helps being close to campus a lot and being able to see the changes happening. Just trying to inform some alumni that dont get to see/know what changes are being made to our University

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Posted by J Murdah on 5/9 at 4:23 pm to HowboutthemTigers
Great thread

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Posted by junkfunky on 5/9 at 6:53 pm to HowboutthemTigers
I'm fairly certain that closing off N stadium to traffic was a completely different proposal than the current project.

This post was edited on 5/9 at 6:55 pm

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Posted by LSU Jonno on 5/9 at 7:46 pm to HowboutthemTigers

Just trying to inform some alumni that dont get to see/know what changes are being made to our University

We really appreciated it. Thank you!

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Posted by HowboutthemTigers on 5/20 at 10:45 am to LSU Jonno
Advocate Article BUMP

With the closing acts of the 2012-13 athletic year about to be played out at LSU, bats and balls and pads and cleats will be giving ground to construction cranes and concrete trucks. Though LSU’s athletic plant is never truly in a state of completion — the state of the art in facilities being a constantly moving target — the next year and a half promises to be an exceptionally busy time. By the end of 2014, plans call for the completion of Tiger Stadium’s latest addition, a new tennis complex, the start of a gymnastics practice facility, a home for LSU’s newest sport and more. Here’s a look at LSU’s latest facility improvement plans:

Tiger Stadium

Work is in high gear at both ends of Tiger Stadium. On the south side, workers are laying the foundations for what will be about a 7,500-seat addition that will include club seats, suites, an upper deck seating area, standing room only areas, and new video scoreboards in the southeast and southwest corners of the old coliseum. The project, to be completed for the start of the 2014 season, will bring Tiger Stadium’s capacity to approximately 100,000. At the north end, workers are installing an expanded scoreboard and sound system. Eddie Nunez, LSU’s associate athletic director for operations and project development, said the sound system will be calibrated to take into account the south stadium addition. The scoreboard and sound system at the south end has been removed for the construction project. Also to be completed for this season: a rebuilt walkway around the north end of the stadium to replace old and cracked concrete; new entrance gates; and the replacement of old, rusted dormitory windows on the east and west sides of the stadium. “When we replace all the windows this summer, it’ll look like it did when it was new,” Athletic Director Joe Alleva said. “We don’t want to change the character of the stadium, just restore it.” The south stadium construction project is part of a $100 million bond issued by the Tiger Athletic Foundation (TAF), LSU’s athletic fundraising organization. That money includes funding for the tennis and gymnastics facilities.

Tennis complex

W.T. “Dub” Robinson Tennis Stadium just north of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center has been home to the LSU tennis programs since 1976, but the lack of indoor playing facilities has been an anchor from a recruiting standpoint. That will soon change. Work will begin late this year on a complex with 12 outdoor and six indoor tennis courts, with a target date for completion between August 2014 and January 2015. “It’s such a big step for the programs, for recruiting,” said men’s coach Jeff Brown, a former All-Southeastern Conference singles player as a Tiger and LSU’s coach since 1998. “You have to be able to show the commitment. “Our facility will be a big bonus.” The tennis complex will be built across from Alex Box Stadium on Gourrier Avenue, next to the LSU Ag Center’s LaHouse facility. According to Brown, the indoor courts building will cover about 75,000 square feet and will include players lounges, locker rooms and a satellite training room. Brown said the program is still seeking to sell naming rights for the facility but said there has been interest from the family of the late Dub Robinson, who served as LSU’s coach for nearly three decades.

Gymnastics practice facility

Never one to mince words, LSU gymnastics coach D-D Breaux said her program is at a disadvantage with regard to facilities to virtually every other top-20 team in the nation. With the addition of a practice facility, Breaux is excited about the prospects for her program. “This not just a want,” Breaux said. “This is a need. We have built some beautiful facilities on this campus, which have enhanced the future of our other programs. That is what this will do for us.” Gymnastics currently works out of a training hall in the Carl Maddox Field House that Breaux said is inadequate for the multiple training stations LSU needs. Work will begin on the gymnastics facility sometime after groundbreaking on the tennis facility, Breaux said. Alleva said it will be built on one of two parking lots between the north side of the PMAC and Robinson Tennis Stadium. Breaux said the practice facility will allow gymnastics, which finished fifth in the NCAA Super Six last month, to compete even more successfully. “If we finished fifth with the worst facilities (among top-20 teams), having this facility will really help our growth,” said Breaux, who said she has no plans to retire before the building is completed. “We are so handicapped by our limitations. We’re really excited by what we’re able to offer our team and show recruits.”

Sand volleyball

LSU’s recently announced sand volleyball program will begin play in spring 2014, though just where remains a bit unclear. Nunez said feasibility studies are underway to see if Robinson Stadium can be converted to accommodate the new sport. If not, a location will have to be found somewhere else, he said. Meanwhile, the sand volleyball program will likely play its first season at a temporary facility, though senior associate athletic director Herb Vincent said those plans haven’t been finalized yet. LSU coach Fran Flory will oversee both the indoor and sand volleyball programs. Sand volleyball is the first addition to LSU’s athletic program since softball in 1997.

Nutrition center

LSU is exploring plans to build a nutrition center as part of its athletics complex, Alleva said. There is no timetable for the project, but Alleva said fundraising is underway. He said no money will be borrowed to build the nutrition center, which he estimated will cost about $9 million to $10 million. Current plans are to build the nutrition center at LSU’s football facility, though it would serve all of the school’s student-athletes. In addition to helping LSU’s student-athletes eat better, the nutrition center will give LSU a place to entertain recruits and their families while on unofficial visits. Alleva said he is seeking to sell naming rights for the facility.

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Posted by tigerbait2010 on 6/12 at 12:13 pm to HowboutthemTigers
bump, just to see if anyone has heard anything new as of late

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Posted by Mickey Goldmill on 6/12 at 1:50 pm to tigerbait2010
After all this work is done in the next couple years, what's left? We've seen really huge renovations and construction over the last decade.

I think the only thing left would be the Natatorium which is pathetic.

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Posted by tigerbait2010 on 6/12 at 2:11 pm to Mickey Goldmill
For athletics, it would be the natatorium. For academics, the quadrangle will probably undergo extensive renovations, new library, renovate classrooms (turead and Lockett), maybe a new dairy science facility? I also saw renderings in te reveille of planned renovations for the welding/art facilities close to turead. I don't know the name of the facility, pardon my ignorance

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Posted by Mickey Goldmill on 6/12 at 2:16 pm to tigerbait2010
True. We need a new library in the worst way.

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Posted by Tha Herg on 6/12 at 2:17 pm to tigerbait2010
Huey Long Fieldhouse needs to be up there. It's a shame such a beautiful structure and LSU treasure ON LSU's main campus has been reduced to shambles.

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Posted by tigerbait2010 on 6/12 at 2:31 pm to Mickey Goldmill
Yeah, I read in the reveille of plans to add a water fixture to the middle of the quad and just an entire project dedicated to the beautification of the quad, even though it's already very nice. Yeah I really don't understand how we've gone this long with such a pathetic library. That has to be a turnoff to a lot of the brightest that tour the campus. And I agree with the above statement about the Huey Long Field House. There's quotes in an earlier thread that mentions they're working on a nice grant to preserve the facility

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Posted by kingbob on 6/12 at 2:50 pm to tigerbait2010
Middleton needs to be dynamited and replaced. It is one of the worst libraries among major state universities. Every SEC school (yes, even state) has a nicer, more modern library with more relevant and up to date publications. The only good thing about LSU's library is it has a decent database system.

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Posted by Jefferson Davis on 6/12 at 2:59 pm to kingbob
The live oak in the quad that was struck by lightning a few months ago had to be cut down.

Now there's a huge void left in front of Coates Hall that needs to be filled.

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Posted by JustDooIt on 6/12 at 4:29 pm to Jefferson Davis
Next project is suede and glass for the French Quarter....

They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot

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Posted by HowboutthemTigers on 6/14 at 2:44 pm to JustDooIt
They've started on the roundabout on Dalrymple by the Sigma Chi House.

They've started on the UREC Fields construction on River Road.

This post was edited on 6/14 at 2:44 pm

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Posted by MillerMan on 6/14 at 2:56 pm to HowboutthemTigers

Sigma Chi House

Best house on campus

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Posted by HowboutthemTigers on 8/5 at 7:27 am to MillerMan


Workers are putting the final touches on the construction of what experts call a roundabout, which is a circular intersection that slows but keeps traffic moving in one direction. It will replace stop signs and traffic signals.

This one is at the corner of Dalrymple and West Lakeshore, which any area motorist, especially when school is in session, knows is slow-moving at best and sometimes “Gridlock Central.”

“It just didn’t lend itself to traffic flow,” said Jeff Campbell, senior director of administrative services, risk management and parking and transportation services at LSU. “It is dangerous,” Campbell said.

Many of the nearly 30,000 students, faculty and support staff rely on Dalrymple to enter and leave the campus.


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Posted by Jefferson Davis on 8/5 at 8:29 am to HowboutthemTigers
They got that thing finished pretty quickly. I think it looks great, BTW.

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Posted by Geauxld Finger on 8/5 at 8:45 am to Jefferson Davis
My only complaint is that they should have torn up a little more towards Acacia to add a sidewalk next to that church. The sidewalk just ends there when you are running the lakes. You either have to brave the street or hop into that broken arse parking lot by the church. Kind of dangerous.

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Posted by GeorgeReymond on 8/5 at 9:02 am to Geauxld Finger
I was running the lakes the other day and stopped to talk to the construction worker. He said they are going to tear up that parking lot south of that International Cultural Center and they're going to lay sidewalk/bike trail that will be 8ft and 16 ft wide in places.

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