Preventing a future Benghazi
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re: Preventing a future Benghazi
Posted by Ponchy Tiger on 5/8 at 4:23 pm to BugAC
The fact is that we will never know one way or the other because no one tried and were actually told to stand down. Now that is 100% fact no one can deny it. That is the tragedy in all of this no one fricking tried. The administration just sat on their arse while U.S. citizens were slaughtered. That is completely inexcusable and everyone involved should prosecuted and locked away for it.

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Posted by catnip on 5/8 at 7:41 pm to RCDfan1950

After 9-11, we NEVER got hit while Bush was at the wheel. It started as soon as the softy Obama took control.

Exactly. The liberals called the republicans war mongers and people believed them. But Bush was a potential problem for the muslims and they knew not to push. But as soon as Obama got in it changed. they know he will not do anything. Look how long Syria has gone on. Look at this president selling aircraft to muslim countries to use against Israel.

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Posted by ljhog on 5/8 at 7:46 pm to BugAC

no way we could have helped out the guys

don't know, if you don't try. this administration was more concerned about not offending a pile turds than protecting American citizens.

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Posted by rcocke2 on 5/9 at 2:00 am to catnip

Look at this president selling aircraft to muslim countries to use against Israel.

You're funny.... LINK....check that from 07 where you can clearly see how things are. And look, it appears that if you read carefully you'll notice our a-hole politicians already selling arms to our Saudi "friends" to arm other "moderate" Gulf Arab countries and here we sit, Syria burning, almost six years after this article was written.

And Obama, let's see if he's trying to take away precious Israel's military technology dominance over its enemies.... LINK

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Posted by KaiserSoze99 on 5/9 at 6:53 am to BugAC

Preventing a future Benghazi

...don't elect commies, quit apologizing for freedom, back off the world police schtick.

That would solve a LOT of problems.

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