When someone is selling in a limited market, what % of new do you offer?
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When someone is selling in a limited market, what % of new do you offer?
Posted by HubbaBubba on 5/5 at 3:49 pm
I am looking to purchase a new wakeboard tower. My boat is a 2009 model and the model design changed for the 2010 models. I purchased it from someone about eight months after he purchased it new. It had only 6 hours on the boat, but no tower. I saved about $12k off a new boat price, though. Screw that 1st year depreciation. I'll never buy a new boat!

Now, I want to get a tower. There are decent after-market towers out there ranging from $1200 - $2200. However, I found someone local who was in the tower installation business, but now he's getting out of the business and he has a new OEM tower available to get rid of. If ordered from a boat dealer, the OEM tower is $2500, plus shipping. This guy is offering it for $1800. That's not a bad deal, but as he is going out-of-business, I feel like I can get this for less. This isn't something I "have to have", so I feel like I can play hardball on this, but also, I don't want to be so low on my offer that he ignores it and doesn't counter-offer. Since it's for an older boat (2009), he has a limited number of local clients who might be interested in spending this kind of money for an upgrade to their boat. He's been advertising it since January, initially trying to get $2200, then waited until March and drooped it to $2000. Now, here is is May, and he's asking $1800.

What is a reasonable percentage off retail to offer under these circumstances?

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Posted by LSURussian on 5/5 at 4:21 pm to HubbaBubba
I feel really stupid. I don't have a clue what you're talking about...

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Posted by Tigah in the ATL on 5/5 at 4:31 pm to HubbaBubba
a reasonable amount is the amount you're willing to pay.

1800 seems reasonable to me

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Posted by Chris4x4gill2 on 5/6 at 9:02 am to Tigah in the ATL
for a factory tower, I dont think $1800 is unreasonable, but offer him $1500 and see if he bites.

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Posted by eng08 on 5/6 at 9:14 am to Chris4x4gill2
Is he installing it as well?

I would offer $1500 plus install, if he says he's not breaking even, ask what that is and go from there.

Obviously if he has it at $1800 down from 2500 there is some room/flexibility.

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