If Chip Kelly makes a good player out of RS...
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re: If Chip Kelly makes a good player out of RS...
Posted by FreddieMac on 4/29 at 7:23 pm to LSUviaCincy
Dear lord make it stop!!!!

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Posted by LSUviaCincy on 4/30 at 9:48 am to FreddieMac
If RS makes the team in any way including the practice squad would be surprised. Chip did not waste a draft choice on him but did sign to see if all of us are crazy or experts. Wish RS the best !

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Posted by tigerpimpbot on 4/30 at 9:50 am to therick711

If Tony Sporano gets more production out of Reggie Bush than Sean Payton, does that mean that Sean Payton is a complete train wreck of a coach or Tony Sporano is a genius on par with the combination of Vince Lombardi, Bill Belichik, Jimmy Johnson, and Tom Coughlin?


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Posted by jrevonte on 4/30 at 9:52 am to LSUviaCincy
It depends on the position...I personally thought that RS was a decent Rb

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Posted by Big Sway on 4/30 at 10:13 am to jrevonte
I thought he was projected as a DB!

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Posted by tanneryakel1965 on 4/30 at 10:29 am to LSUviaCincy
he sucked at LSU and will suck in pros

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Posted by LSU Groupee on 4/30 at 11:02 am to LSUviaCincy

Will Chip be called a great coach


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Posted by dstone12 on 4/30 at 11:39 am to LSUviaCincy
Bad question, unless you throw in a bevy of other loaded questions.

Is miles a good coach for getting the most out of glenn dorsey? Because kc hasn't.

Is curt warners college coach a bum? He did better in nfl.

Is nick saban bad because mark barron is about to be replaced in nfl?

Life happens and sometimes things just don't pan out while some exceed. Ask jake delhomme, his superbowl year for the panthers.

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Posted by LSUANDY25 on 4/30 at 12:11 pm to LSUviaCincy
Who cares. Miles did everything possible to get Shepard on the field at the detriment to the rest of the team. I am so tired of hearing and reading how Miles wasted Shepard's talent blah blah blah.
The guy got beat out by a freshman for goodness sakes and was not drafted by the NFL at all.
If anything we should be criticizing Miles for continuing to believe in this young man on the field, not the other way around.
Miles unfortunately made comments in recruiting Shepard that he believed he needed to keep. Do u really believe any other big time SEC coach wouldve given Shepard the chances Miles did?
I know some of you dont like Miles and look for anything to criticize him about, but dont manufacture total BS to do this.
If u want to say Miles should have given up on Shepard much sooner and should only play the best players period, then thats a point to make. But to twist it like he didnt do right by Shepard is just nonsense and totally unfair.
Shepard was a huge recruit and he really helped that recruiting class be one of the all time great ones for LSU. Miles kept his word and allowed him to compete for the QB job. They also spent many hours trying to develop plays to get Shepard the ball which meant other more deserving players didnt get the ball. U win the job on the practice field in front of your coaches and more importantly your teammates,not by a recruiting agency's 5 star grade.
I cant believe there are still people who believe Shepard was screwed over down here. My gosh pay attention people. Russell is a good guy, he just wasnt a SEC caliber player. Why is that so hard to comprehend?
Even NFL teams miss on high draft picks with millions of dollars and cush jobs at stake.
Just because u were ranked as one of the best high school players doesnt mean u are going to be a great college player especially when u are changing positions.
Some guys develop, others dont; its really that simple.
If Shepard had been drafted in the first 5 rounds, then u could have a possible argument. But since he didnt, its time to put this one to sleep.

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Posted by LSUANDY25 on 4/30 at 12:45 pm to sunnydaze


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Posted by LSUANDY25 on 4/30 at 12:59 pm to JR Hamilsbach
Lets wait and see what the sanctions are at Oregon before we throw around the RESPECT word at the college level. LSU and Oregon are colleges arent they? Who cares how Kelly does in the NFL? Different arena my friend.
Do u think the freshmen and sophomores that Kelly recruited are all excited about Chip's new opportunity? What if the new guy changes the scheme. RESPECT eh?
How long did Chip hang around? Did he run away with Sanctions pending?
Part of being a great college coach is staying put and not getting your school put on probation costing the kids and the school great opportunities. What does Kelly score on those two?
Miles is still standing, there goes another one that supposedly was a better overall college coach than him.

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Posted by LSUviaCincy on 4/30 at 2:39 pm to LSUANDY25
I believe Miles is a very good coach and excellent recruiter. It is clear he has a vision and plan for his players to be 3 and out in a potential NFL career. Chip Kelly will have his hands full to be sure and hope RS can have a long NFL career.

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