DER BOMBITA Lewandowski to Bayern Munich
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re: DER BOMBITA Lewandowski to Bayern Munich
Posted by Dandy Lion on 4/26 at 11:01 pm to Dandy Lion
BTW Hummels has a formal offer from Barça. They are awaiting a reply.

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Posted by Tweezy on 4/26 at 11:06 pm to Dandy Lion
Hummels is an interesting player (and passer) , as great as he is, those scuffed passes against RM are NOT out of character. he is prone to blunders

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Posted by Dandy Lion on 4/26 at 11:10 pm to Tweezy

he is prone to blunders
He´ll fit in well then, he´ll fit in well.

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Posted by Tweezy on 4/26 at 11:18 pm to Dandy Lion
So, tell me Dandy, what kind of transfer policy does Pep have? I'm taking this off season with a grain of salt because he did sign a long term contract and you have to respect his opinion. He can't be expected to be judged on a team he didn't put together (however great that team may be) but if Bayern becomes a revolving door for players I will be pretty mad. Bayern portrays themselves as a family club and actually do take it very seriously (as corny as that sounds, yeah i know) but you can't do that when players come and go, that's not anyway to treat your family

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Posted by Dandy Lion on 4/26 at 11:23 pm to Tweezy
How the hell should I know? I´d imagine he will mould himself to the club´s philosophy. As well, it´s not like FCB was a revolving door. Certainly not when he was there.

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Posted by Tweezy on 4/26 at 11:28 pm to Dandy Lion
well you are our resident La Liga-tard so I figured I should ask you.


As well, it´s not like FCB was a revolving door. Certainly not when he was there.

but yeah that's what I was wondering. Good to hear.

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Posted by Dandy Lion on 4/26 at 11:38 pm to Tweezy
His signing is a match made in Heaven or Hell. He´s no nonsense, and that is quite German.

He´s got something to prove, many say anyone could have led the sides he did, to glory.

He brings technical nous to a club which until recently was famous for balls to the wall effort, and no technical nous.

Bayern, and Germany, have revamped their footballing style, since the early 2000´s (actually they tepidly started in the mid 90´s), and know that total game knowledge, spacing and placement, along with automatisms, especially technical, are primordial to success these days.

Juup has already shown this (he is a damned good coach).

The club, and Guardiola have much to gain in this partnership, and the signing of Javi for such a ´pasta gansa´ at a young age, shows that they´ve got the conviction to show the world that a dynasty can be erected and maintained.

It´s actually quite intriguing, and very, very worrisome for the continent´s other traditional powers.

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Posted by Tweezy on 4/27 at 12:02 am to Dandy Lion
It's pretty amazing how they have managed to culminate their ascension with this signing. It was a relatively slow, but measured process, probably *starting* with the building of the Allianz. It really is quite satisfying to have the plan executed so supremely. Managed to stock pile money, while accumulating good players and putting more money into the youth academy. It was almost like they had this summer circled on the calendar as the explosion year. Everything is in place.

*starting-- yeah I know the club is old and historically more successful in the 70's than any other time, but I mean the ascension to 'modern football' or whatever the hipster kids are calling it these days. The late 90's and early 00's were a bright time, but like you mentioned it was hardworking Bayern. These days I honestly cannot tell you the last time I remember Bayern having more distance covered than their opponent. Hitzfeld is obviously a fricking legend and what he brought to the club can never be disregarded, but the current Bayern machine is a mixture of LvG and Heynckes. LvG is a supreme a-hole, but it was he who changed Bayern to a more possession based squad. He also thrusted some of our current young players into the spotlight. It was him who moved Alaba to LB from CM, he pushed Muller and Badstuber into the XI and encouraged them to excel. He also created the Bastian Schweinsteiger we know today, moving him from the wing to the middle of the park. Alas, his (LvG) personality is too much like the board's to ever mesh on a permanent basis.

Don Jupp truly is an amazing coach, what he has done this year is nothing short of remarkable. Squad harmony truly is at an all time high, the players are all best friends, no more 'FC Hollywood' drama. Anyone who can tell bonafide stars that they must sit the bench on a regular basis and have them accept that, commands a massive amount of respect. He has also absolutely nailed every substitution this season, it's amazing, not even lying I would be shocked if there were more than 5 matches the whole season where one of his subs didn't contribute to a goal or an assist. Granted the talent gap between Bayern and most of its competition is noticeable, and he should be winning these matches, but that should not take away from his achievements. No matter how shitty anyone on here thinks the BuLi is, to go this deep into the season and only have 1 loss and only 3 concede on the road, is definitely something to be proud of.

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Posted by Dandy Lion on 4/27 at 12:25 am to Tweezy
vanGaal is an a-hole, granted, but he knows football. He doesn´t handle people well, this has always been known.

He is domineering, and as you well said, that clashes with the Bayern hierarchy, who are exactly the same. They knew what they were doing when hiring him, and I´d assume, he did as well. He obviously thought he´d change their minds based upon performance. It wasn´t there, he served a very, very important transitional role.

I´m sure he´s not complaining, he was certainly well compensated.

Anyway, masterplan and all, you´re right. Bayern and the Mannshaft have gone hand in hand. They both suffered supreme lows, a serious inflection and recapitulation, and chartered their course.

All of Europe knew this, but didn´t expect such a massive change in philosophy.

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Posted by Tweezy on 4/27 at 12:35 am to Dandy Lion
it's pretty crazy to think the Germans have started a little kid who is 5'9", on his absolute best day, at striker for their last 2/3 WCQ. So not stereotypical I'm not that familiar with immigration history in Germany, so I don't know if there have always been so many Turks and what not, but their influence on the mannschaft really cannot be understated. Just off the top of my head in the last WC they started or featured 2 Poles (poldi, klose) a Turk (ozil) and a Tuni (Khedira). while Boateng and Gomez are most certainly German, we all know who Boateng's brother plays for and Gomez' father is Spanish. For a nation once hell bent on establishing a master race, they sure have a pretty diverse footballing team these days

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Posted by UASports23 on 4/27 at 10:03 am to Tweezy
Hopefully, they won't sell their tifo skillz.

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Posted by Dandy Lion on 4/27 at 1:31 pm to UASports23

tifo skillz

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