Tell me about Hall and Oates
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re: Tell me about Hall and Oates
Posted by AlxTgr on 4/23 at 7:54 pm to genxtiger
At about Voices, they became a different act. One I liked then, but can't stand now. Still love the stuff that came before for the most part, but there's a lot from then I never heard.

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Posted by RogerTheShrubber on 4/23 at 8:57 pm to genxtiger
Some of their stuff was pretty damn good, others...bleh...

Kings of the cheesy video though.

My favorite Hall and Oates song... METHOD of Modern Love.

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Posted by The Cable Guy on 4/23 at 9:10 pm to inadaze

I heard "I Can't Go for That" for the first time yesterday morning by chance. Sooo smooooth.

No exaggeration, I listened to it probably 15-20 times yesterday driving around. Sometimes I get real addicted to a song like that.

If you liked that, listen to "Your Imagination"

Very similar and I think even better.

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Posted by ThePenIsMightier on 4/23 at 9:26 pm to genxtiger
I saw them in 1983 on the big bam boom tour. Pretty sure it was my first concert. Til Tuesday was the opening act. I was more of a metal fan at the time (kiss, Ozzy, Judas Priest) but they put on a great show. I would compare them to someone like Maroon 5 or Train today.

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Posted by VOR on 4/24 at 10:11 pm to Zappas Stache

Generic radio pop.

Sort of became that later. But not so earlier in their career. They were among the best purveyors of Philly soul or "blue eyed soul" . . . and that's a compliment.

Sara Smile, Everytime You Go, She's Gone, etc. are first rate tunes.

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Posted by Dandy Lion on 4/24 at 10:26 pm to genxtiger
Very important. Kept on after it was pointless and quasi demeaning, but very important.

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