Baseball Dynasty Keeper League (Thoughts?)
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Baseball Dynasty Keeper League (Thoughts?)
Posted by dgtiger3 on 4/6 at 3:46 pm
A few of us realized we were kinda bored with just our one normal 14 team league we have been doing for years and wanted to come up with a Fantasy Baseball League for our biggest baseball nerd friends. So we have actually decided to put together a Dynasty League that I have got a few ideas from various leagues I have read about.

Here is our setup.
10 Guys ($75 Entry Fee) each guy gets two teams a Major and Minor League roster (The Minor League team consists of Major League players.)Your two teams would compete in completely separate divisions.
Payouts: Majors 1st-$300 2nd-$200 3rd-$100
Minors 1st-$100 2nd-$50
The rosters would be considered small 20 players
9 Hitters (C,1B,2B,3B,SS,OF,OF,OF,UTIL)
8 Pitchers (SP,SP,SP,SP,SP,RP,RP,RP)
3 Bench

There are restrictions on moving players from the Majors to Minors, If you demote someone they go on a 48 hour waiver wire before being placed on your minor league roster (The only exception being if you promoted a player to replace a player on the DL). Each organization has a salary cap they must stay under so if they claim a player from waivers they have to take on his salary.
Players value is determined by their draft position (Top 10)-$40 (11-20) $33 (21-30) $27 so everyone will start the season with the same payroll.
A Keepers value is determined by the market, it is an average of what you paid them last year and what ESPN ranks them the upcoming season. So if you took Mike Trout last year after the 24th round you paid $1 and he is considered a Top 10 player according to ESPN's 2013 Draft Sheet which would make him worth $40 so $21 to keep him.
Each Organization will also hold rights to 5 Minor League prospects, which must be placed on your Minor League roster within a week of them being promoted to the actual Big Leagues.

Thoughts? (other than TLDR).

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Posted by GeauxTigers777 on 4/6 at 10:28 pm to dgtiger3
What is your scoring format going to be, and are you going to have 10 teams in 2 completely separate leagues or two teams in the same league (20 team league). It just seems like it would be annoying to add and drop players if it was separate, but it would be impossible to score if they were together. I like the idea, but I think you are going too far. I would rather have large rosters (28-30) with separate actual minor league rosters kept offsite than your current format.

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Posted by Draconian Sanctions on 4/6 at 10:47 pm to dgtiger3
I think keepers should have less of a bump in their price to keep them.

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Posted by dgtiger3 on 4/6 at 11:27 pm to GeauxTigers777
The teams will be in the same fantasy league just different divisions. But majors will never play the minors.

We are doing H2H categories, we considered straight Roto style but there already is going to be limited activity on the big league roster so h2h seemed like a better fit.

As far as the keepers the Trout example was the absolute extreme example, and you can actually get keepers for less than what you paid if they have lower expectations going into the next season. We didn't want to do contracts or anything like that but we still wanted good players to make it to the Free Agent list at the end of each year, so the market helps dictates what you have to pay a player, but you still get benefits of getting them cheaper if you picked them up when their value was low.

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