Question about flight refunds.
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Question about flight refunds.
Posted by I Love Bama on 4/5 at 8:44 am
I missed my meeting today due to mechanical issues with the plane. I arrives at my destination over 2 hours late.

Will bitching and complaining get me anything?

What a waste of $800...

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Posted by VABuckeye on 4/5 at 8:45 am to I Love Bama
For mechanical issues there is usually some type of compensation but you really need to do your bitching and moaning at the time. For weather, you get nothing but a later flight.

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Posted by BACONisMEATcandy on 4/5 at 8:52 am to I Love Bama
Did you have a refundable flight? Do you have status with the airline?

For mechanical reasons you will be fine. However, those two things will make them refund you more quickly and make it "easier" on you.

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Posted by Catman88 on 4/5 at 9:08 am to I Love Bama
I missed a connection and was 5+ hours late flying with Delta because they decided to wait with us in the plane 2 hours for a Bahamian Air mechanic to drive from the other side of the airport to only show up to say he didnt know anything about out type of plane and Delta only had 1 mechanic on the island. (They didnt call him first to show up just incase)

Initial complaint to Delta got me like 2000 free miles.. Whooo Hoooo!! But escalated it and eventually got 225 credit voucher.

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Posted by Golfer on 4/5 at 12:32 pm to I Love Bama
Why did you take the flight? Going to be a lot harder to get a refund since you travelled on the itinerary.

You could have cancelled and taken the refund. Now you're prob just going to get some miles or flight credit your way.

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Posted by BananaHammock on 4/7 at 11:26 am to I Love Bama
Lettuce kneaux if anything comes from this. I've often wondered about this stuff as well.

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