Alter check please
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re: Alter check please
Posted by EarthwormJim on 4/1 at 3:37 pm to chesty
Damn, you guys are bitching up 2 help board threads.

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Posted by Breesus on 4/1 at 3:41 pm to EarthwormJim
In an argument like this one, about who has the smallest dick, no one wins except those watching the arguers fail at life

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Posted by Warchild on 4/1 at 3:58 pm to EarthwormJim
I'm not bitching. I'm actually laughing at these titty-babies crying.

Why doesn't he just create another alter if he's so butthurt about it? Seems to be what everybody else does.

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Posted by Fearthehat0307 on 4/1 at 4:09 pm to Warchild

man it seems you are trying really hard not to be liked on this site

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Posted by Warchild on 4/1 at 4:13 pm to Fearthehat0307
Tried to be the bigger man today. Came back, issued my apologies. It's the others who can't let it go. If these clowns wanna be butthurt because their friend was trolling and got banned for being an alter, so be it.

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Posted by RBWilliams8 on 4/1 at 4:51 pm to Boomhauer

Alter check please







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Posted by CaptainsWafer on 4/1 at 5:05 pm to CaptainsWafer
So mo legit reason why boomhauer disappeared?

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Posted by Macintosh504 on 4/1 at 6:49 pm to 13SaintTiger

You and Boomhauer are best friends right?


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Posted by SCRATCH MY GOAT on 4/3 at 11:01 pm to wildtigercat93

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Posted by ChineseBandit58 on 4/6 at 6:24 am to Gmorgan4982

Hmm ... so I guess I'm just waiting to get banned now?

Well, you have escaped detection in over 88,000 posts, so I am betting that you are clever enough to beat it again.

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