Watch Dog of choice?
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re: Watch Dog of choice?
Posted by Popcorn on 3/31 at 1:40 am to Cadello
GSD or a Mal.

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Posted by LouisianaChessie on 3/31 at 2:33 am to Popcorn
If I was getting a protection only dog it would be mal. Those SOBs are smart and quick. For now I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever pulling double duty. They are protective by nature. Not so much as like mal or German Shepard but plenty enough. He's powerful enough to do whatever a shepherd or mal can do just not bred for it. Him Jesus and John Moses combine to let me sleep as good as possible.

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Posted by MrCoachKlein on 3/31 at 2:42 am to Cadello
This really isn't a question, German Shep without a doubt.
Like I've said, I'm younger, but when the Derrick Todd Lee killings were going on in BR my dad picked up an ex-police Shep from Germany so my mamma would have an alarm clock for her 870, when he wasn't home. She'd go to the grocery store, open the sun roof, and that dog would wait on the center console until she sat back down. Without a doubt the sweetest, baddest, black bitch I've ever met. I'll never forget me and my brother crying our eyes out as we buried her and planted our super glued cross down on her grave.

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Posted by faxis on 3/31 at 2:51 am to MrCoachKlein
Seeing a lot of people that don't know what a BMC is apparently.

I had a German shepherd. It didn't hold a candle to this Black Mouth Cur. And honestly, I would agree with you if I didn't have a BMC now because the GS was a badass. And while GS is a great dog. Hell it's an awesome dog... Hands down I have to give the watch dog prize to the BMC if they are like the one I have now. They are just more alert and attentive and tuned into the family and what's going on on the property. Nothing gets past them.

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Posted by DownshiftAndFloorIt on 3/31 at 5:45 am to faxis
BMCs can be good, but you have a better chance of getting a good watch dog with a Shepard. Almost all shepards have a primary instinct to hold the fort. Most BMCs are going to want to hunt first.

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Posted by BM7133 on 3/31 at 6:23 am to Cadello
We have a boerboel and he is the best dog I have owned/been around for any length of time. He is two and a half now and my house, yard, and family are HIS. My two kids, 5 and 1, are all over him and he loves it. If we are ok with someone being around so is he. If we arent there to validate a stranger then they get the business. Not an attack or anything, just a very stern warning. He had an overly eager fedex driver retreating to his truck with the quickness last week. Most athletic big dog I have every seen as well....can really run and jump. Goes on multiple mile runs with no problem. Great dogs.

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Posted by HebertFest08 on 3/31 at 8:25 am to BM7133
I'm goin to reiterate the bullmastiff. Born to guard an area, don't mind being pulled on and beat up by kids and will make a grown man cry. I'd recommend a male as they are more laid back. They aren't German shep smart, but they aren't a herding dog.... Not many dogs are as smart as the herding line.... German shep, Belgium malinois, corgi, border collie etc.... But they know how to do their job and are trainable. My parents had several who had obedience titles and were also therapy dogs...

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Posted by mcpotiger on 3/31 at 8:50 am to HebertFest08
German Shepherd

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Posted by Hammertime on 3/31 at 9:30 am to HebertFest08
The Malinois that I have seen can be good dogs, but you have to be on them all of the time or they will be hyper

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Posted by Dooshay on 3/31 at 10:35 am to DownshiftAndFloorIt
Our shepherd is fricking awesome. No one will get through the gate without her being called off.

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Posted by BeaverPRO on 3/31 at 10:50 am to Cadello
Belgian Malinois


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Posted by Ace Midnight on 3/31 at 10:58 am to Cadello
German Shepherd Dog - FTMFW

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Posted by Hammertime on 3/31 at 11:03 am to Ace Midnight
I think the differences between a German Shephard and a Malinois are mainly size, agility, shedding, and being hyper. IMHO, they are better than a German Shephard if you can handle them

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Posted by 4X4DEMON on 3/31 at 11:22 am to Hammertime
I got my catahoula because I wanted something to protect the house when I'm gone. I work a lot of hours and a lot of late nights. When I'm home he's a watch dog and will bay anybody that comes around. When I'm not home he's a different dog. All the delivery drivers know to honk and let somebody come to the truck before they get out. He chased one up into his truck and was going in after him before my wife could get him called off. He's laid back most of the time, but you better belong there or you won't want to be anymore. My wife says when my truck leaves he becomes a different dog.

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Posted by 6nmylifetime on 3/31 at 11:49 am to Hammertime

Yeah, part of that is my step mom freaking out if my dad even yells at the dogs. He can't do anything to correct them at all. Same with her dumb arse kids.

One guess on who is the alpha dog in this pack.

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Posted by 6nmylifetime on 3/31 at 11:54 am to 4X4DEMON

My wife says when my truck leaves he becomes a different dog.

Not saying this is the case with your dog but something to keep in mind. Every dog pack has a pecking order. If your dog considers you the alpha and him second in command then when the alpha is away goes who will want to run the show and control the territory of the pack. Some dogs are being good protectors and doing their job and some are taking over when the alpha is not there. Be careful and know the difference.

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Posted by 4X4DEMON on 3/31 at 12:27 pm to 6nmylifetime
I was aware of that and asked a lot of questions about what happened the first time she noticed it. He just goes into protection mode. He minds my wife very well, he just becomes hyper sensitive to the goings on of the property.

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Posted by Hammertime on 3/31 at 12:33 pm to 6nmylifetime
Probably me more than anyone in that house. IDGAF what she says, a bad dog needs to be corrected. I'll do it no problems, and the dog actually listens to me better than both of them

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Posted by GREENHEAD22 on 3/31 at 4:57 pm to Hammertime
German Shepherd FTW. Have had and grew up with 5 of them over the years, amazing dogs.

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Posted by HairyStamper13 on 3/31 at 7:27 pm to lsaltee
Have an AB almost marked the exact same, mine is 89lbs. Best dog I have ever owned. Loves my nieces and nephews. Sometimes I'm gone a couple weeks at a time for work but I have no worries. He wouldn't let a thing happen to my wife or belongings. German Sheps are great, I will never own one though because they used them to herd my grandfather as a POW in WWII.

Needed to edit, don't want to start any fights. Have absolutely no problem with others owning them. Just a personal choice that my father instilled in me at a young age.

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