LSU commits dropping in the rankings?
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re: LSU commits dropping in the rankings?
Posted by SpookeyTiger on 3/31 at 8:25 am to lsufanva

We just need to beat them on the field and then maybe we can complain about something.

I agree we need to beat them on the field but Bama will still get the love because they are Bama and the talking heads have a man crush on Nick Saban. How do they get into the NCG without winning their division or conference? No one else will ever get that mulligan.

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Posted by GeauxGus on 3/31 at 12:13 pm to CatsGoneWild

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Posted by lsufanva on 3/31 at 7:47 pm to GeauxGus
I understand the sentiment people have with some of the Bama kids getting huge bumps but in most cases the kids are just good and deserve to be ranked highly. The biggest reason for kids jumping hugely in the rankings at this point with nothing going on is that new film is hitting or people are just getting around to all of it, camps and combines are going on and as already said, some kids are truly being sized up for real. It's pretty common for this time of year. Do I agree with the shorts and tshirt bumps in rankings, no but I've accepted that it's part of the game now. We have to remember that most of LSU's tp targets this year are ranked highly because of what they do in shorts and T shirts. Also some of them didn't get ranked highly until after LSU offered. It's mostly coincidence. Exposure for kids means the true talents stand out.

Eddie Jackson is a kid that is a prime example of how fluid the rankings system is. That kid came from nowhere to a top 100 kid and that had nothing to do with Bama. The kid just lacked exposure until very late and then got ranked properly. We would have been thrilled to have him and would've trumped up his ranking as with any other kid.

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Posted by TJG210 on 3/31 at 11:23 pm to CatsGoneWild
Why does anyone care about rankings? We've been doing just fine with our top 10 classes. Tyrann was a 3 star, Hester was a 2 star...Shepard was a 5 star.
The guys coming up with the rankings aren't coaches and a whole lot more than raw talent goes into the success of player on the div 1 level.
In summation, rankings are nice but have absolutely nothing to do with collecting hardware when it counts.

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Posted by LaBornNRaised on 3/31 at 11:43 pm to TJG210
I will tell you why. I care about rankings because your average fan cares about final rankings. Nothing more. They don't follow it all year or even really care who their team gets, just where they finish in the rankings.

98% of people do not follow recruiting and only see things like #1 recruiting champion and go off of that. It means a lot to have the highest ranked class because of the prestige factor that goes with it.

We can argue until we are blue in the face but the fact of the matter is a Bama fan controls the best recruiting service on earth. We can argue that they won the last few championships so the rankings might be right but what about the one where they made it in on perception and nothing else? They did not win their conference or division for that matter but were given the benefit of the doubt. Recruiting rankings definitely played a part in that and again at that time the best recruiting service was headed by a known Bama fan.

I am not making conspiracy theories or anything of the sort. These are facts, deduce what want you from them. But to say they do not matter is just stupid and I really hope more people start seeing that.

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Posted by LSU Patrick on 4/1 at 2:15 pm to TJG210
My only concern with the discrepancy is that these recruiting services are helping Bama (whether purposefully or inadvertently) by rating recruits higher when they commit to them or dropping them when they commit to Bama rivals. Many HS kids like the attention that a higher rating brings, which could sway them towards a Bama commitment, even if just temporarily. If this is going on, it screws up an already flawed and dirty system even more than it already is.

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Posted by doubleb on 4/2 at 8:57 am to LSU Patrick
If the recruiting gurus could actually rank players better than the coaches who make a living recruiting players then they would get hired by the Bamas, the LSUs and the Ohio States.

Anybody with a keyboard can just rank recruits based on whose recruiting, who offers them, and finally who they commit to.

When you see someone tell you this kid is number 27 and that one number 32, and another one is 11; it is just so much baloney.

But people love it, and it sells; so they will continue to keep on doing it.

And I have no problem with Bama's recruiting being rated number one every year. Heck, they are winning almost every year so why not put them first?

Of course their strong suit is scheduling not recruiting. When you can pick and choose who you play in the East and then move games around to give you open dates in key spots; you have a leg up before you start. But that is another story, how they recruited the best SEC scheduler.

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Posted by Suntiger on 4/2 at 11:00 am to CatsGoneWild

Just wondering how a couple of our 4 stars turned into 3 stars in the last few days.

Because ESPN hates LSU.
Alabama bias
You touch yourself at night.

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Posted by bayou blazer on 4/2 at 12:39 pm to whodidthat
rankings arent important.. imo. it's what they do on the field that counts. LSU will be just fine..

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Posted by Monk on 4/3 at 12:49 pm to CatsGoneWild
Seems like a lot of worthless chatter for April.

Not that this is a worry or unusual in any way.

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