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re: LA Prep Football Magazine
Posted by Lovethutigahs on 4/1 at 8:23 am to razer
ridiculing someone's language because he made a typo DOESmake you an a-hole....and on some level you know it.

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Posted by razer on 4/1 at 9:10 am to Lovethutigahs
Sheesh, I guess the irony wasn't that obvious. And actually, I'm probably one of the nicest people you might ever meet but whatever. I don't want to take anymore away from this thread anymore. It's actually a worthwhile magazine that does give a lot of positive publicity to LA High School athletes despite any criticism it might receive otherwise.

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Posted by chalmetteowl on 4/2 at 9:23 am to Cincinnati Bowtie

That's a good thing. Pointless and unnecessary to try to predict what teams are going to do when so many different things can affect what actually happens.

it's a football preview magazine. every football preview i've ever seen except for this one goes out on their limb and predicts divisions and champions


You should be happy about this, being from Chalmette.

he said we made the playoffs after a year where we didn't

no one's gonna get their feelings hurt that bad...

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Posted by Tommy Patel on 4/2 at 9:57 am to Icansee4miles

This is the most help I've gotten since asking where the best hamburger in Baton Rouge could be found on the F&D Board. Although this has been a lot less contentious.

I remember that thread, lots of butthurt

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Posted by Lovethutigahs on 4/2 at 11:09 am to razer
Razer, you are right, I don't know you. I am certain in real life you are Mr. Sensitivity. You probably nurse injured birds back to health and dance with the fat chick at wedding receptions. It's just that the taking posters to task for a simple grammatical error or a typo is getting damn old. I'm sure this scathing reply has you sobbing and I'm sorry for that. Maybe yu can save the tears and send them to a drought area. I hear they can use it.

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Posted by Phil2012 on 4/2 at 12:41 pm to Lovethutigahs
You should know by now this board is full of nerds looking for a big one and turds that never had a life or ever will have one. Good luck!

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