Great Pyramids
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re: Great Pyramids
Posted by Bullfrog on 3/28 at 2:54 am to massiveattack
The pyramid security guys earn their living getting paid for private access. It's a racket.

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Posted by Crawdaddy on 3/28 at 7:49 am to Bullfrog
Those Jews back in the building days sure liked to carve their names into the rocks

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Posted by Swoopin on 3/28 at 7:50 am to Jet12

You can see graffiti on the stones. We don't need more dumbasses messing up cool old stuff.

A lot of people wouldn't believe how many beautiful ancient ruins have been graffiti'd on throughout Europe. Especially in Italy.

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Posted by When in Rome on 3/28 at 8:04 am to Sus-Scrofa


In the United Nations classification of geographical regions, the following countries belong to Northern Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan (and eventually South Sudan), Tunisia, and Western Sahara.
The Maghreb or Maghrib is a region of North Africa, the term refers to the five North African nations of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, and Libya.

Egypt is by some definitions part of the Middle East, geographically it is a transcontinental country, the bigger part of the country streches along the Nile in North Africa while the Sinai Peninsula is in Asia.

By some definitions the world's largest peninsula, the Arabian Peninsula, is situated in Southwest Asia with the Red Sea in south west, the Persian Gulf in west and the Arabian Sea in south east. By political definition the countries on the peninsula are: Kuwait, the island nation of Bahrain, Qatar, situated on a peninsula itself, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in east, Oman in southeast, and Yemen in south, Saudi Arabia in the center, Israel and the Palestinian territories on the northwest coast along the Mediterranean Sea. In the northern part of the peninsula is the Syrian Desert, which also includes northeastern Jordan, southeastern Syria, and western Iraq.

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Posted by saturday on 3/28 at 8:07 am to When in Rome
We get it

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Posted by foshizzle on 3/28 at 8:07 am to mailman
Egyptian authorities are missing an opportunity here. Let 'em climb to take pictures. Station a guard there to keep them from doing anything else. Profit.

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Posted by When in Rome on 3/28 at 8:13 am to saturday
I was just providing a legitimate source to supplement the argument. Lighten up, Francis!

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Posted by HeadChange on 3/28 at 8:18 am to Modern

i'd sit and enjoy that view all day

Talk about an awesome smoke spot

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Posted by Teddy Ruxpin on 3/28 at 8:37 am to Bullfrog
My goal is to see most of these old sites in my life. I had a shot at Cairo in 2009, but we chose Istanbul. I hope it clears up soon for travel. Luckily I can visit a few other places waiting on that. Seeing these things in person is something else.

My dad spent 6 months there back 1992 for the Air Force. Great pics

This post was edited on 3/28 at 8:39 am

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Posted by Fat Man on 3/28 at 8:59 am to When in Rome

the following countries belong to Northern Africa: Algeria, Egypt,


Egypt is by some definitions part of the Middle East,

So, in my mind, they are not mutally exclusive. One is a continent,the other a cultural entity.


Great Pyramids

Upon leaving the pyramids two teenage boys with a few camels approached us. They were dressed in bedouin attire; their gig was allowing tourist to take pictures ontop the camels, pyramids in the background. Tourist tips a couple of bucks.

One turns to me and says, "you want to run?" You're damn right I want to run. Off we go hauling ass, Pyramids of Giza on one side, Sahara Desert on the other. I effing Lawrence of Arabia.

We get to other end of Pyramids, he says something to the camel. Camel turns head around, opens slobbering jaws and clamps down on my thigh. Teenager: "Give me your money." I practically shite myself. I couldn't get my money outta my pocket fast enough.

We run back, camel drops me off, they run directly into the desert.

That said, Egypt and cruising the Nile was the best trip I've ever done.

I know,csfm.

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