2015, 2016, and 2017 LSU Basketball Recruiting
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2015, 2016, and 2017 LSU Basketball Recruiting
Posted by rzd30 on 3/26 at 11:50 pm
This thread is dead.
New Official 2015, 2016 and 2017 LSU Basketball Recruiting thread

Tradition Never Graduates
7 LSU Tigers Played in the NBA in 2013-2014
3 of the 50 Greatest NBA Players
4 Final Fours
11 Conference Titles
12 SEC Players of the Year
20 NCAA Tournament Appearances


Ben Simmons SF 6'9 215 (Melbourne,AUS Montverde Academy)
Image: http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2014/0407/rec_simmons1_608x342.jpg

Widely considered the number one player in America for the class of 2015. He is already considered a lock as a Top-5 pick in the 2016 NBA draft. Simmons has been committed to the Tigers for a while now and for good reason, he is related to current LSU assistant David Patrick. But when you listen to Simmons you know he sees more in LSU than most of our fans do. He has also begun to recruit very hard for LSU out on the basketball circuit and watch for him to be a leader day one.

Why all the hype? Well at 6'8-6'9 and maybe a 6'10-6'11 wingspan, he can guard and play 3 positions. I will rephrase, there are a lot of guys that can guard and score at multiple positions, Simmons can take over offensively and lockdown 3 positions. He can battle down low and easily get a double-double every game at PF, or play a point forward role and lead the team offensively. There is just something about lefties, in that they all seem to be able to shoot, and Simmons is no different. At 6'9, he can pull big men away from the basket, and either take them off the dribble, or consistently knock down outside shots. He plays with a fluidity and grace most NBA players don't have, and what sets him apart further is his basketball IQ and he is a willing and unselfish passer. He will be a great Tiger, and I refrain from making comparisons to other players, because I say let Ben Simmons be Ben Simmons, no one else. Multiple NBA scouts, and college coaches have said he could be playing and contributing in the NBA right now.
Ben Simmons

Top Targets
Brandon Sampson SG 6'4 180 (Baton Rouge, LA Madison Prep)
Image: http://theadvocate.com/csp/mediapool/sites/dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls?STREAMOID=fD$op1JLczN2rUAy$lgWwM$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYv_unECVCwRrw9ty5OLxhg2WCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg

In my honest opinion should be the number one priority after Ben Simmons. This guy is a flat out scorer. I have seen him in person and can honestly say for a high school, very athletic guard, he is very polished. Not many guys can be equally as good as shooters off the dribble as they are off the catch, but he is one of the few. He does an excellent job squaring his feet then rotating his body and upper body to square up to the goal before release. He was a teammate of Jarell Martin right here in Baton Rouge. Very athletic and has great bounce and his His ball-handling will only get better. Really hope he commits sooner than later to us. Would be a great addition on the outside, as wing that is really good in transition, but can also spot shoot. When in 2015-2016 we let our big men which could be 5-6 deep, work down low.
Brandon Sampson

Alex Owens PF 6’8 230 (Orlando, FL, Oak Ridge)
Image: http://www.trbimg.com/img-52d5a0a7/turbine/os-hs-boys-basketball-midseason-player-photos/768/768x614

A true post player, Owens will work primarily out of the low post. He does not have jaw-dropping athleticism as some top post guys, but has a good quick first step, and great timing. Couple his timing with his extremely long arms, makes Owens a very good shot blocker as well as rebounder. He also has a good motor and is a good offensive rebounder. While he is not as explosive as a Jordan Mickey, he is very strong and physically will be able to handle the strength or SEC big men day one. After watching his highlight tapes, there is one uncanny thing that he does, why I love his post game. On a basketball court if you draw straight line down the court from rim to rim, the best post players will not veer to far from this line throughout a game. Owens doesn't he runs rim to rim, gains position, and just plays. Hustles on defense, and will not be a guy that will average 20 ppg, but will have a stat line something like 10 ppg, 8 rbg, 5 blocks, 3 steals and will help your team win. And he takes charges!!!! Which most Top-HS must gets will not do. And yes the reason I chose this picture he is teammates of Ben Simmons, he is on the far right.
Alex Owens

Malik Newman PG 6’3 180 (Jackson, MS, Callaway)
Image: http://media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/630/501/7_501630.jpg

Newman is a guy that has held an SEC offer since he was reportedly in the 6th grade, when then State coach Rick Stansbury told him he could commit right then at an AAU tournament. Newman has unbelievable range and can flat out shoot the ball. He may be the best pure shooter in the 2015 and certainly the best true PG. Not to take away from his athleticism, Newman has great body control and can consistently finish around larger bodies and can/will play above the rim. He has a very fluid and quick shot, and will let it go at any time. For a high school rising senior he has the jumpshot of a pro, and one thing that he is very good at it, is taking smaller defenders and posting up in the mid post. Either just shooting over the top or bullying his way into an easier shot. He has excellent ball handling skills and will make any team a contender. LSU may not have a chance but having Simmons cant help. LSU also has a longstanding relationship with the Jackson Tigers, as JOB3, Andre Stringer, and Jalen Courtney were all Tiger lifers.
Malik Newman

Noah Dickerson PF 6'8 240 (Atlanta, GA, Montverde Academy)
Image: http://future150.com/images/made/images/made/images/uploads/articles/2013/Events/Noah-Dickerson-2015_634_394_rot270_s_394_634_sha-100_dd526228be70bf51_rot90.jpg

A guy that has flown up the LSU's big board, with a big help going to Ben Simmons, his friend and high school teammate. Dickerson is a strong, big bodied PF, that plays above the rim. Some have compared him to JOB3, which isn't a bad comparison just even in high school, O'Bryant was more skilled, had more developed post moves, and was a little bit bigger. But they both play the same way, not the new jumping bean, skinny 6'10-6'11 PFs,but the older, work the block type of guy. Dickerson also has a nice jumpshot, and does a very good job of keeping the ball high. Would love to see him in an LSU uniform, and would be a great addition.
Noah Dickerson

Chad Lott PG/SG 6’3 175 (Shreveport, LA, Byrd)
Image: http://www.redstormbasketball.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/XE9A9013.jpg

Guy that a lot of people around the state of LA are really high on and for good measure. He is a talented scorer and fairly athletic. He could play the point or an off guard in college, and is a combo guard in every sense. I am not from LA, and in basketball do not think it is as important as football to keep certain guys instate. I do not think Lott is a must get, but would be a great addition to the class. He can score in a variety of ways but on the next level, I see him as a high major role player for a year or two.
Chad Lott

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/26 at 11:52 pm to rzd30
2015/2016 Recruiting Thread

This thread is dead.
New Official 2015, 2016 and 2017 LSU Basketball Recruiting thread

Corey Sanders PG 6’2 170 (Lakeland,FL IMG Academy)
Image: http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/1V2F2FGBHWg/0.jpg

Sanders is a score first point guard, with great athleticism and vertical. One of the few point guards that consistently plays above the rim. I think his AAU team name is all you need to know about his game, Showtime Ballers. Everything he does is with flare and a little extra creativity. One of the top point guards in the nation, he has great upside.

He holds an LSU offer, and with the Florida connections our staff has made the past couple of seasons, not hard to see why we have made in roads. I am not a huge fan of Sanders. I don't think his style of play will translate to a dominate Power-5 point guard. He is a good guy to have in transition but I do not think he is the type of player that you want leading an offense, just a personal opinion. If he was a Tiger I would be happy and optimistic, as I love every Tiger regardless of ranking or some highlight mixtapes.
Corey Sanders

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/26 at 11:57 pm to rzd30
My dream class:
PF Craig Victor New Orleans, LA
SF/PF Leron Black Memphis, TN
PG/SG Davell Roby Memphis, TN
SG/PG Dante Exum Canberra, Australia
SF Jalen Lindsey Franklin, TN
I know we have atleast 3 scholarships for 2014, but you keep HS teammates Roby and Black together and add their bestfriend in Black. Solidify Victor the main target in this class and reel in Exum a Top 10 player.
Bakcup Plan
PF Craig Victor
SG Jordan Cornish
PF LaDamion Keys
PG/SG Dominic Magee

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Posted by thunderbird1100 on 3/26 at 11:58 pm to rzd30
RA'd for sticky

Could you list who we have offered in bold or something?

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Posted by GeorgeTheGreek on 3/26 at 11:59 pm to rzd30
I know Patrick is Ben Simmons godfather .... Exum as well?

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/27 at 12:02 am to GeorgeTheGreek

I know Patrick is Ben Simmons godfather .... Exum as well?

My fault , I knew one of the Australians was, I hope that possibly in two years we can be yelling
"Pass it to the Australians" if Exum comes and sticks around past one year.

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/27 at 12:03 am to rzd30

Could you list who we have offered in bold or something?

Did for you

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Posted by southside555 on 3/27 at 12:04 am to rzd30
Keys is super athletic and talented. AAU teammates with Craig Victor. Word is Keys is on the outside looking in as far as qualifying goes.

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Posted by southside555 on 3/27 at 12:09 am to rzd30
Dominic Magee has an offer. At least that is what he is telling people

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/27 at 12:09 am to southside555
This LA 2014 class right now may not be really good on paper yet, but after this AAU summer season watch out, I think Dominic Magee, LaDamion Keys, and Tyree Griffin could all make a big jump.
Thx did not know about LaDamion Keys- watching his highlight film he looks like one of the best PF I have seen, and actually played against Malik Hines and Murrah this past year.

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Posted by southside555 on 3/27 at 12:12 am to rzd30
Keys, Victor, and Griffin all on New Orleans Elite. Cornish and Touchet on Nike team. Dominic magee and James thompson on Louisiana Future.

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/27 at 12:32 am to southside555


Thx I knew Touchet played for La Select, and it seems like you know a lot about the LA kids- what is your take on Griffin, Magee, or Keys.
I have seen Touchet, Victor, Cornish, and Thompson all play, and out of the those 4 only Victor is a guranteed take but I believe Cornish will more than likely be a part of this class.

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Posted by memphstigers23 on 3/27 at 12:35 am to rzd30

Khadeem Latin 6’9 (195) Houston, TX (Westbury) Skilled big man that is deadly from the free throw area shooting wise. Is not a tremendous leaper but is very long and hustles. Interesting note is that he is related to former Texas Western legend David Lattin. Another guy that has ties to CJJ since his North Texas days, as he plays for one of the most respected AAU programs in America, Houston Select.

4* on every site, and a Top 20 PF: Down to all of Texas, Georgetown, Alabama, Oklahoma, and LSU.


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Posted by southside555 on 3/27 at 12:44 am to rzd30
Griffin is a solid pg, lightning quick and has great vision. 5'7" but a pure pg on the floor. Keys is interesting. I really hope he gets to college because the scary thing is he is just learning how to play the game on an elite level. Everybody in new orleans knows who Dominic Magee is. He has the ability to take over games by scoring or distributing. Touchet left la Select for the new nike team which is based out of Baton rouge. I believe the Jones' staff wants to see what Cornish will do against high level competition in the the nike eybl this year before he gets an offer

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/27 at 12:45 am to memphstigers23


This is a player that think in any other year would be much higher on the target list, just with the Bigs we brought in for 2013 and with Victor do not know how much room is available. He is definately one to keep an eye on though because of his effort and ies with CJJ, reminds me a lot of Storm Warren just much better in HS.

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/27 at 12:49 am to rzd30


That's right I remember hearing about the new team, that basically the Red Storm program got merged into it or something to that effect. I think one of the areas LA has really lacked are the major AAU programs that consistently produce guys, yes you have your years like 06-08 for Sport Academy and the occasional very good NOLA team, and LA Select tries to throw money at making a good team, but would really help to have programs like the Houston Defenders/ Houston Select, or MBA Hoops out of Jackson. Now it is better to have ties with AAU coaches/programs than High schools, which is sad but true.

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Posted by southside555 on 3/27 at 12:54 am to rzd30

Now it is better to have ties with AAU coaches/programs than High schools, which is sad but true.

Unless a kid has parents that are involved in the recruiting process, what you said takes place nearly all the time. Totally different from football

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Posted by memphstigers23 on 3/27 at 12:59 am to rzd30
I'm in Houston until August, I'll see if I could find anything out. My friend played against Mickey and said the one thing that's not shown on his highlights are his post moves it's very underrated

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Posted by rzd30 on 3/27 at 1:05 am to southside555
2014 could be a great class.

This post was edited on 3/29 at 11:50 am

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Posted by TigerBwoy on 3/27 at 1:29 am to rzd30


Good stuff.

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