Total different take on the Ricky Jefferson saga
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re: Total different take on the Ricky Jefferson saga
Posted by CptBengal on 3/19 at 9:01 pm to Rudy40
that article is a joke.

the eyewitnesses are his

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Posted by Icansee4miles on 3/19 at 9:05 pm to Tigah32

Same shite different Jefferson

+a bizillion. And others with connections in Destrehan also stated as we were recruiting him that little bro had 'tude for days, and made big bro seem humble. boxcar, is the last of the line? Just curious how many more in the family Les is going to feel the need to pander to.

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Posted by noonan on 3/19 at 9:07 pm to Rudy40
Are you really this stupid, or is it just your internet persona?

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Posted by nitwit on 3/19 at 9:21 pm to noonan
More often than not, eyewitnesses are friends.
We tend to not hang out with strangers or enemies.
And, yes the article is biased.
If the quotes are accurate, however, the cops were the ones who deserve correction more than the young people.

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Posted by Tiger Voodoo on 3/19 at 9:37 pm to Rudy40

Rudy40 =


This post was edited on 3/19 at 9:38 pm

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Posted by Rudy40 on 3/19 at 10:09 pm to Tiger Voodoo
Well Tiger Voodoo another full fledged Jefferson fan boi. When you have no intelligent argument to defend your idol you resort to the usual fan boi tactic of name calling and other nonsense. Just waiting for you to go to the full Jefferson fan club playbook and call anyone who dare criticize any Jefferson a racist

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Posted by Tiger Voodoo on 3/19 at 10:41 pm to Rudy40

When you have no intelligent argument to defend your idol you resort to the usual fan boi tactic of name calling and other nonsense.

So I'M the one that doesn't have an intelligent argument???

You're the moron who seems to think that being a mediocre QB translates to being a thug pos.

This was your response to my original post saying Jefferson was NOT a disciplinary problem at LSU aside from one completely overblown barroom incident for which he later had to pay only a $100 fine:


All over actions that netted him a $100 fine in criminal court.

According to John Jefferson, JJ wasnt even there!

Not to mention he sucked in alot more games than just Bama! U remember Georgia, western ky??????

I guess the Jeffersons are just choirboys and the po po is just out cruising looking for Jeffersons to arrest.

At least JJ waited until his last year at LSU and the year after he left the program to get arrested Ricky already is almost 4 years ahead of him in that!!!

If that is your idea of an intelligent response, I hope you are unable to procreate.

My point was that JJ is NOT some criminal thug.

But certain LSU "fans" use any mention of his name, or apparently his brother's name, as an excuse to bash him as a thug because he sucked so bad on 1/9 when they stupidly believe that Jarret Lee would have had any more success despite his career 1 TD and 7 INTs against Alabama, and THE ENTIRE TEAM AND COACHING STAFF having the worst game of their careers.

JJ did not lose the national championship for LSU you fricking stupid clown.

However, it is much more likely than not that Jarrett Lee WOULD have cost LSU even the opportunity to APPEAR in the NCG on 1/9 if JJ hadn't been available at QB on 11/5.

And I am NOT a Lee basher.

I think JJ and Lee are pretty similar in that they were both below average SEC QBs that were totally robbed of any potential they had by an idiotic OC that had no clue how to use or develop either of them from 2008, 2009, or 2010.

Krag/Stud/Miles were impressively able to construct an O that allowed them to benefit from an outstanding D and special teams unit while limiting their exposure to make mistakes in their senior years in 2011, but against a historically great D like Alabama that year, their weaknesses were simply too much to overcome without outstanding D and ST play, which we had on 11/5, but not on 1/9.

Did JJ win the game on 11/5? No. But Lee was absolutely going to lose that game. He was completely rattled. He threw 2 INTs on SEVEN pass attempts that night, and it's clear that it was likely only a matter of time until he threw his THIRD pick on the night that would have given Bama the points they needed to win in regulation. At least JJ didn't turn the ball over and used his mobility to get a couple of key first downs, which gave us the opportunity to outlast the Tide that night while the D and ST dominated. (And Saban continually shite the bed by kicking ridiculous long FGs that gave our O crucial field position in a game which was going to be decided by field position).

Bottom line, LSU didn't have ANY QB, JJ OR LEE, that could beat a defense like Alabama (or Georgia) in 2011. Somehow, against all odds, we got out of Tuscaloosa with a win because our D and special teams played an AMAZING game. But getting screwed by the BCS made the result on 1/9 almost guaranteed. Yes, JJ was AWFUL that night, but so was most of our team, and Bama played GREAT. JJ didn't cost us anything.

And before you respond with the tired arse "BUT LEE GOT US TO 8-0" bullshite, Lee played very well against bad defenses, while getting multiple defensive and special team touchdowns making it VERY easy for our O, and JJ would have likely had similar success against those teams had he not lost his starting job due to a BS college bar fight that, again, only saddled him with a $100 fine in criminal court.

But rather than accept that LSU simply OVERACHIEVED in 2011 due to having a huge deficiency at the QB position, you'd prefer use your irrational anger over 1/9 to turn Jarrett Lee into some sort of martyr and JJ into some sort of thug pos although his only transgression at LSU was an overblown altercation at a college bar and then was in an apartment with a small amount of marijuana after he graduated from college, which is probably more than I can say for you. Call out the national guard.

And of course, you then transfer your imaginary condemnation of JJ to his high school brother after reading a report about what he may or may not have done at a Mardi Gras parade.

That about sum er all up??

Now, if you'd like to try to refute any of that with an intelligent response, best of luck troll.

This post was edited on 3/19 at 10:56 pm

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Posted by Rudy40 on 3/19 at 11:58 pm to Tiger Voodoo
U sure do work hard to minimize JJ's transgressions and maximize his performance. Did Lee not Lee the SEC in passing efficiency? Did JJ not manage to ammass 0 first downs in first half vs Georgia and an even more pathetic output versus Bama in the NC. Here is a clue dude a qb is supposed to lead an offense to points and yards not limit them. JJ throughout his career was a joke against good teams and bad teams or have u forgotten McNeese St and his 7 yards and interview afterwards where he was quoted as saying he thought he played well? Or how about his quote after Bama he played well but the offense didnt execute!

Was JJ not arrested twice and now his brother is headed down the same road. If JJ wasnt even there as John Jefferson was quoted why did he have to pay a $100 fine.

A POS is a POS and a mediocre qb is a mediocre qb though JJ was hardly even productive enough to be a mediocre qb. JJ just happened to be a bad qb and also a POS or are you alleging the police are just out looking for Jeffersons to arrest?

Fortunately I have never been arrested which is probably more than a POS like you can say.

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Posted by Icansee4miles on 3/20 at 12:09 am to Tiger Voodoo

You lost me at:


JJ is NOT some criminal thug

While our legal system is still working to absolutely determine this, all appearances indicate otherwise. At the very least, he was a self-important, petulant, egotistical, entitled self-centered individual that is thankfully someone else's (local law enforcement and DA's) issue to deal with

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Posted by Tiger Voodoo on 3/20 at 12:42 am to Rudy40

U sure do work hard to minimize JJ's transgressions and maximize his performance.

Don't read much?? I said JJ was a mediocre SEC QB and he was AWFUL on 1/9. How am I "maximizing" his performance?? It's clear that I'm much more impartial about both JJ and Lee than you are.

Career Stats:

JJ career stats: 397 678 58.6% 4,733 34 20

JL career stats: 317 565 56.1% 3,949 31 21

Oh yeah, JJ also added over 1,000 career rushing yards and 12 rushing TDs, while Lee never had a single rushing TD or had a season where his rushing yards exceeded his sack yardage.

So, how exactly is JJ a "joke" but Lee would have beaten Bama on 1/9???

Seems to me like you're the one who's working hard to minimize Lee's AWFUL play against the ONLY good D he faced all year in 2011. Seriously he had 2 INTs on SEVEN pass attempts.

And yes, Lee had a good season in 2011, BEFORE we played a single top tier D. But would it surprise you to see JJ's numbers from 2009 in his first year of extended action were just about as good as Lee's in 2011??

JL 2011: 104 167 62.3% 1,306 14 3
JJ 2009: 182 296 61.5% 2166 17 7

All you JJ bashers like to rewrite history like it was impossible to think that JJ could have played well in 2011 against that early stretch against NO good defenses and the D and STs dominating like they hadn't since 2003. Nevermind that JJ had our best QB performance in 2011 against Arkansas, which had a better D than anyone Lee faced all year. Why let facts get in the way of personal preference, right??

But again, like I said, I think the two were very similar. Both very mediocre. If you can't admit that Lee was a mediocre QB that benefitted from insane D and STs play scoring TDs and getting turnovers giving great field position while being HIDDEN and asked to make a couple of throws a game then you're just trolling or don't know what you're talking about.


Was JJ not arrested twice and now his brother is headed down the same road.

Again, you're just an ignorant fricking clown. Have you ever been in a barroom altercation? Ever smoke weed or been around people doing so? If that qualifies someone as a POS then I fear for the future of our country cause I can't tell you how many of my friends in college did these things that are now lawyers and doctors, including myself.

But you probably wouldn't understand that since you strike me as the type of person who never went to college so you really don't have any idea what kind of trouble even "good" college kids get themselves in from time to time.


Fortunately I have never been arrested which is probably more than a POS like you can say.

Well I've never been arrested either, although I've certainly done some things that would have gotten me arrested if a police officer happened to pass by. Certainly you've never done anything of the sort.

I have, however, since graduating from law school, prosecuted thousands of actual "thug pos's", so I actually know a real one when I see one.

Unlike you who just labels anyone I don't like based on one or two incidents from their life that I've pieced together from message boards without any actual knowledge about the events

This post was edited on 3/20 at 12:58 am

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Posted by LSUfan4444 on 3/20 at 7:38 am to LSUfan4444
High school students get arrested, those arrested and their friends say they didn't do anything wrong. Then, a "multicultural" publication calls the cops out for racial profiling and say's "everyone else" agrees with the arrested students stories and you people act like you have just been given access to the JFK Assassination Files connected to the Warren Commission.

Anyone who doesn't believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle is way too naive to voice their opinion in public without public ridicule.

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