Video of Katz and Coach talking about Miss St
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re: Video of Katz and Coach talking about Miss St
Posted by LSURussian on 3/19 at 9:15 am to TheDoc

My miss state friend said Katz told the miss state players "frick you" after he hit the Saturday homer.
I was at the game Saturday and I watched Katz the whole way around the bases. He never looked at a MS player or into the MS dugout as he circled the bases, again.

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Posted by TheDoc on 3/19 at 10:45 am to LSURussian
So basically, the miss state guy I know heard some bullshite

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Posted by TigerB8 on 3/19 at 11:23 am to LSUROCKS52

where is the evidence that it was't the reason we lost?

I would say that those kinds of pitches are usually there to get batters to be uncomfortable at the plate. Given the fact that MooSt. put up a bunch of runs, i'd say the loss is because of crappy defense/pitching.

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Posted by Hurricane Mike on 3/19 at 3:48 pm to BeeFense5

I do find that miss state fans find that throwing at a batters head is "baseball" but heaven forbid some team do that to them.

Reading their posts on the SEC rant has me convinced that they totally agree with every dirty trick ever in baseball. Throw at the head, slide in spikes high etc. what a bunch of Neanderthals.

What I find comical is they think it's ok to do what Cohen did but it's not ok for Mainieri to say:

“I could understand why they’re frustrated,” Mainieri told “I mean, we beat them every year, and they get tired of getting beat by us."

That's what you call idiot

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Posted by lsuguy13 on 3/19 at 5:20 pm to skinny domino
Can someone give me a summary

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Posted by Jester on 3/19 at 5:23 pm to lsuguy13

Can someone give me a summary

Not really. There is no way to summarize that glory. They've resorted to airboat jokes and Pee Wee Herman "I know you are, but what am I?" type retorts.

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