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Benny & Joon
Posted by Weebie on 3/17 at 3:40 am
haters are gonna hate, but this was Johnny Depp at his best.


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Posted by chinese58 on 3/17 at 7:57 am to Weebie
I really like this movie a lot, especially Depp's performance. What other actors could come close to pulling that off? Who else could play that character without it just being silly?

Depp's best movies are the ones that don't involve Tim Burton or have the word "Pirates" in the title.

ETA: Took the time to watch the clip. Thanks for the link.

This post was edited on 3/17 at 8:03 am

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Posted by JabarkusRussell on 3/17 at 3:01 pm to chinese58
Heath could have done well with it. Today, they would probably cast Russell Brand.

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Posted by Zamoro10 on 3/17 at 3:05 pm to Weebie
Whenever I hear this movie talked about, I don't go back and think about Depp.

I think about the overly sensitive friend with the same hat in Not Another Teen movie. Which is never a good sign for a movie not intending to be a parody.

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Posted by CBLSU316 on 3/17 at 3:08 pm to Weebie
Great movie

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Posted by Springfield XD on 3/17 at 3:11 pm to Weebie
He put on a school as to how you don't go full retard.

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Posted by JabarkusRussell on 3/17 at 3:19 pm to Springfield XD
I liked the music in it. I refused to watch anything Johnny Depp as a kid because I was terrified of Edward Scissorhands but now he's my favorite actor.

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Posted by Chef Leppard on 3/17 at 3:27 pm to JabarkusRussell
How come before I clicked this thread I thought it was about that johnny cash movie

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