Preview for tomorrow night's (3/17) Walking Dead (preview spoilers of course)
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Preview for tomorrow night's (3/17) Walking Dead (preview spoilers of course)
Posted by Methuselah on 3/16 at 9:01 pm

Hmm, a little humanizng scene between Tyrese and his woman. Usually that's a bad sign for characters. Though I guess it could just be setting them apart from the Governor's crew.

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Posted by adono on 3/17 at 3:04 pm to Methuselah
Clicked the link and watched the preview. The most interesting thing was reading the comments at the bottom. Those folks sure as hell aren't worried about spoilers. The theories they come up with are all over the board...but are amusing to read (if you're not easily offended by speculation that has a 1,000,000 to 1 shot of actually being a real "spoiler").

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Posted by Brosef Stalin on 3/17 at 3:07 pm to adono
This episode has been online for a few days. I've seen some real spoiler shots from it.

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Posted by lsutigersFTW on 3/17 at 3:15 pm to Brosef Stalin
Yeah there are a ton of screen shots out for the next two episodes. I was legit pissed that I saw them.

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