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re: Pro-Choice Poli-Board Members
Posted by kingbob on 3/17 at 12:09 pm to CollegeFBRules
Abortion is such a tricky subject. There are so many moral grey areas, gotcha scenarios, political grandstands, moral relativity, mudslinging, and slippery slopes.

My personal opinion on the matter is that human life is a beautiful thing, worthy of protection. I am pro life, because I believe that innocent human lives should never be voided simply because a parent was afraid they couldn't handle the responsibility.

In these situations, the problem lies in a false dichotomy and a lack of personal accountability. If a person does not wish to take the risk of pregnancy, they should not have sex...or should use cheap (and often free) birth control. This would prevent most (keyword most) situations that lead to abortions.

In the event that pregnancy does occur (let's face it, we're all human), remember that the choices are not always just raise the child you can't support or abort. Giving the child up for adoption is always an option. Snuffing out the life of a developing infant due to poor decisions by the parents is just replacing one bad decision with another. Would it not be less cruel to the child to put it up for adoption?

However, my pro life beliefs clash directly with my libertarian principles. I believe that Roe v Wade should be overturned at the Federal level. Although I would not actively campaign for a federal ban on abortions, neither would I campaign against one.

I would like to see bans on abortion constitutional at the state level, so that states could decide for themselves whether or not they want abortion in their state. I think there should be provisions allowing for abortion in the case of rape, incest, or threat to life of the mother.

I think this is a reasonable opinion.

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Posted by CollegeFBRules on 3/17 at 12:11 pm to kingbob

I think this is a reasonable opinion.

Extremely reasonable, very well put, and very understandable. Thanks for the honest and even-keeled response.

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Posted by EA6B on 3/17 at 12:23 pm to VOR

Here's my point. During the first trimester, you're talking about a "child" who does not yet exist.


My first wife and I had a daughter stillborn at 10 weeks, sure looked like a child to me.

This post was edited on 3/17 at 12:26 pm

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Posted by los angeles tiger on 3/17 at 12:41 pm to CptBengal

anything that lives of the host and would perish without that host is a parasite, the choice is of the host to keep our destroy said parasite

So basically the dem voting base should be destroyed.

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Posted by catholictigerfan on 3/17 at 12:48 pm to NC_Tigah

Except that the vast majority of Americans fall well between those two extremes.

but same with a women's reproductive rights, some say a women should have these rights only in certain circumstances.

you aren't going to have a view that will explain all of the possible sides to an issue.

just like someone could be against gun control in all but a couple instances, or pro control in some instances. You don't go around saying oh your 80% for gun control, you say pro 2nd amendment, or anti 2nd amendments usually categories of views explain the extremes of the issue not the middle.

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Posted by los angeles tiger on 3/17 at 12:52 pm to kingbob
Excellent, well written post.

My problem with much of the pro-choice side is that the only thing many of them are pro-choice about is abortion. I also believe that if it is truly a woman's choice to do with her body then men should not be held responsible for child support payments if the woman is not married to the man. I also think if she chooses to have the child then she needs to be completely responsible for raising the child believing that government assistance to such women is a violation of my choice and makes taxpayers responsible for her choices.

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Posted by MrCarton on 3/17 at 1:04 pm to Gmorgan4982

I have a tough time with this issue because I think that killing someone is wrong but I have a tough time trying to figure out at what stage can someone be classified as a "human" or "person" and this is not really something science can answer, I don't think.

I still think it is wrong and wasteful from a personal standpoint, though I don't think that it should be illegal. My primary argument has always been the impossibility of regulating such a subjective issue.

That's my Internet tough guy stance

This post was edited on 3/17 at 1:05 pm

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Posted by thetempleowl on 3/17 at 2:44 pm to MrCarton
For such a complex issue, people often take very simple approaches.

I do not like abortion. I am, however, at this time very pro choice. Why is one anti-abortion yet pro-choice? Simple. There is no good law legislating abortion.

Many people say that abortions are ok when the life of the mother is at risk. Well, who decides that? The patients doctor? How much risk is enough?

Pregnancy itself is a higher risk state than not being pregnant. In a sense the mothers life it at risk just being pregnant. So, does the doctor decide? How about if the doctor always says the patients life is at risk? That is basically abortion for everyone.

But we can't have that. So we have to have someone second guess them. The government could do it? Or an appointed board? So the doctor can be charged with a crime or fined because the doctor did what they thought was right? Seems ridiculous doesn't it?

How about in the case of rape? Many people, even many pro-lifers say that abortion in the case of rape is ok. Well, aside for the obvious hypocrisy of punishing the innocent for the sin of the father, this is fraught with problems.

The only way someone can get an abortion than is if someone cries rape. Oh, that is a good idea. You think there will be false rape reports? Oh you will just punish the person claiming rape when they really werent raped. Well, most here realize that proving rape can be very difficult as is. Also many here realize that rapes are often under reported or reported weeks after the incident. What of these? Do you think punishing those who cry rape when rape can not be proven is a good idea?

Since no one can come up with good ideas how to handle this, then sorry, pro-choice. I don't like abortion being used as contraception, but the fact is many, including many previously avid pro-lifers use it just as such a thing.

The only difference is when it isn't needed any more, the pro-lifers go back to decrying it as evil and now they know just how bad it was and how they would never use it again, till needed again.

Abortion is the dirty little secret in many pro-lifers past. Abortion is the tool which is necessary for many different reasons but no one wants to admit to using.

Sorry, I don't let some guy wearing a funny hat in the vatican city decide for me what is right and wrong. The fact is I am probably a smarter and more moral person than he is. I know that pedophilia is wrong (yeah I know low blow but what do you want).

I would never tell someone not to have an abortion and never really foresee myself recommending abortion. It isn't my job and I think this is a very personal decision.

I think it should be allowed as is until someone comes up with a better idea. And no one has come up with a better idea yet.

Honestly, the more interesting problem I see is in the case of parental rights. The mother holds all the cards. The father has none of the cards. If the mother wants the baby, well the father is financially responsible. If the mother doesn't want the baby, even if the father wants it, tough crap.

Seems a bit unfair...

Anyways, flame away...

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Posted by SammyTiger on 3/17 at 2:51 pm to CarrolltonTiger

WTF would science attempt to do such a thing?

For women who's health might be hampered by carrying a baby to term, but would still like to have a child. Or people who believe in life from conception but had an ectopic pregnancy.

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Posted by BeeFense5 on 3/17 at 3:11 pm to thetempleowl

Sorry, I don't let some guy wearing a funny hat in the vatican city decide for me what is right and wrong. The fact is I am probably a smarter and more moral person than he is. I know that pedophilia is wrong (yeah I know low blow but what do you want).


flame away...

Looks like you started the flaming.

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Posted by thetempleowl on 3/17 at 4:25 pm to BeeFense5
Trust me that isn't flaming. That is a bit of color humor, but if you think that is flaming than you haven't been around here much.

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Posted by BBONDS25 on 3/17 at 4:27 pm to thetempleowl
Hey man. where you been? I guess I'd lay low too if I was a fan of such a terrible football franchise.

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Posted by thetempleowl on 3/17 at 5:15 pm to BBONDS25
The eagles are a bit down. I was against the whole Reid firing. The owner caved to the fan base, never a good idea...

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Posted by BBONDS25 on 3/17 at 5:28 pm to thetempleowl
Its ok. Now reid is with the chiefs with the niners castoff qb. They will be my afc team.

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Posted by CITWTT on 3/17 at 6:53 pm to Zed
You can do a search of history before 1972 on you computer.

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