Need help with keepers in ESPN baseball league
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Need help with keepers in ESPN baseball league
Posted by WG_Dawg on 3/5 at 12:28 pm
This league accumulates total points for the week (not where you win each category), so there is a high importance on pitching since they can rack up points quick. One keeper will definitely be Clayton Kershaw, but I'm stuck on my other. I do have Roy Halladay, which would normally be a no brainer, but he kinda scares me this year. He struggled a bit last year, missed a few months due to injury, and will be 36 this year. My only viable options would be Jose Reyes or Mark Teixiera.

With a good week a pitcher could dwarf the numbers put up by Reyes or Tex, but how much production can I really expect out of Halladay this year?

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Posted by Rouge on 3/5 at 12:43 pm to WG_Dawg

need to put down the bong and explain your scoring system a whole lot better

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Posted by WG_Dawg on 3/5 at 12:59 pm to Rouge
My bad, I'm sure there's a name for it I just don't know the lingo too well.

It's NOT the kind of league where you have like 7 different categories (steals, HRs, RBIs, etc) and you can win or lose each category (and end the week 4-3 or 6-1). It's basically where different things have a point value (wins, Ks, RBIs, HRs, etc) and it accumulates until the end of the week you have either won or lost. You are either 1-0 or 0-1 after the week.

That's why pitching is so important, because a pitcher on a great night can end up with 30 or so points, while a hitter on a great night might only get 6 or 7. And you typically have a pitcher go twice during the week.

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Posted by papz on 3/5 at 1:33 pm to WG_Dawg
I think last year's numbers for Halladay was just a bump in the road. I wouldn't be too worried about Halladay pitching that poorly again. I think he performs similiar to his career averages.

I might try to move Reyes for a younger stud pitcher especially since pitching is valued more(that's the impression I'm getting). Try going after Sale, Yu, Gio, or someone like that.

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Posted by Brian Wilson on 3/6 at 12:12 pm to WG_Dawg

This league accumulates total points for the week

Points League

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