Info of the consensus Top 10 picks of 2013 Draft
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Info of the consensus Top 10 picks of 2013 Draft
Posted by GynoSandberg on 3/4 at 12:40 pm
*I am pulling this info from NBA Draft Net and ESPN. None of it is my work.

1. Ben McLemore



NBA Comparison: Ray Allen

Strengths: Ultra smooth shooting guard with a lethal combination of athleticism and scoring ability ... Absolutely an elite level athlete with prototypical size and athleticism for the 2-guard position ... Shot has tremendous form, great elevation with the range to knock down the 3 ball consistently ... Shows a good feel for the game with the ability to create shots off the dribble ... Unselfish, team player who whows strong ability to pass the ball for an off guard ... Great length. At 6'5, he appears to have a 6'9 or greater wingspan ... Highly coachable kid. Solid feel for the game. Doesn't gamble for steals or play out of control ... Terrorizes opponents with back door cuts that often result in ally oop dunks ... Appears to be just scratching the surface of his abilities ...

Weaknesses: Feel for the game must continue to advance. Still figuring out what he's capable of and learning how to use his immense talents. Shot selection is good but can improve. Learning when to force the issue and when to pass up contested shots. Also when to be aggressive defensively and when not to, in order to stay out of foul trouble ... Must develop as a ball handler and become better at creating in isolation ... In high school he had some issues with consistency, so he'll need to learn to exhibit a high level of effort on a more constant basis ... Can be a streaky shooter at times ... Missed a year having sat out an Academic redshirt season in 2011-12, but it doesn't seem to have negatively affected him ...

Notes: Kansas Coach Bill Self described McLemore as the most talented kid he's ever coached. Impressive considering he had Deron Williams at Illinois.

Aran Smith 12/4/12

2. Marcus Smart



NBA Comparison: James Harden

Strengths: Combo guard with a team oriented, winner's mentality. A strong, determined competitor ... Tremendous versatility and feel for the game ... Creativity. Great vision and passing ability. A natural playmaker. Strong one on one skills. Adept at creating shots for himself and others ... Strong shooting ability with a polished pull up jumper. Textbook form on his shot. Generates a nice rhythm on catch and shoot getting good elevation. Elbow extended. High release point. Consistent mechanics. Deep range ... Consumate leader ... Unselfish passer .... Seems to always be a step ahead of his competition. Great anticipation ... Extremely confident ... A tank. Strong frame and enjoys using his physicality to overpower opponents ... Can take the ball into traffic and finish with contact ... Explosive leaping off 2 feet ... Shows a willingness to get after it on the defensive end. Takes pride in being a guy that can lock you down defensively. Quick hands lead to a lot of steals ... Polished and advanced all around skills. Has a chance to be a difference maker the instant he steps on the floor for the Cowboys ...

Weaknesses: Solid athlete, but not spectacular. Not the quickest or most explosive guard ... Not likely to finish above the rim in traffic, but utilizes his athleticism well ... Uses hustle, brains and will power over sheer athletic prowess ... Lateral speed isn't the best ... Doesn't have a precise fit at either guard position. Undersized at the 2 and not a pure PG. A combo guard in every sense ... Can be a little too ball dominant at times. But that comes with the territory in high school when you're the star player ... Needs to learn how to run off of screens and play off the ball a little better, for times when he's asked to play the 2 position ...

Notes: Developed a reputation in high school for being one of the strongest competitors and top guard prospects ...

Aran Smith 9/24/12

3. Cody Zeller



NBA Comparison: LaMarcus Aldridge

Strengths: Smart, skilled post player with a nice overall physical profile to play down low at the next level ... Good height, standing 6'11" ... Very mobile for a center ... Like his brother (Tyler Zeller), Cody runs the floor extremely hard and often catches the defense off-guard to score a few easy points ... Developing strength with the kind of frame that can support more muscle ... Very efficient scorer, (showing more creativity and skill than brother Tyler) in the post ... Excellent footwork and agility around the rim ... Shows the ability to finish well with either hand ... Very active without the ball ... Doesn't just wait in the post for the ball, will fight for better position or set screens to get teammates open ... Is a big threat on the offensive glass ... High basketball IQ, and doesn't make a lot of mistakes for a freshman ... Has a nice touch on his jump-shot, and is a quality free-throw shooter ... A good defender and comes up with a lot of steals ...

: Has added a lot of strength recently, but will need to add more to be as effective on both ends of the floor in the NBA ... Isn't ever likely to be much of a shot-blocker, due to his average wingspan and vertical explosiveness ... Defensive rebounding ability could stand to improve ... There are some concerns regarding his toughness and willingness to bang in the post …

Overall: Cody is considered to have the most potential out of the three Zeller brothers ... His talent alone will put him in first-round conversations, but he could sneak into the lottery depending on how he develops during his career at Indiana ...

Tyler Ingle 12/8/11

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Posted by GynoSandberg on 3/4 at 12:40 pm to GynoSandberg
4. Nerlens Noel



NBA Comparison: Larry Sanders/Dikembe Mutombo

: One of the best pure shot blockers to come along in a number of years ... He's a more explosive leaper and has better on ball shot blocking ability than last year's UK freshman intimidator Anthony Davis. While Davis had a little better lateral speed and ability to get to shots as a weakside defender, Noel's ability to deny his man any daylight to the rim and be a rim protector makes him even more dominant, and a potential defensive enforcer for the NBA ... An elite level athlete with great quickness and explosive leaping ability ... Great length, reported 7'4 wingspan ... Showed surprising ability to get steals using his quick hands (2.1 per game), though some of those reach ins will draw fouls and not be as sucessful in the NBA ... A good kid, with a strong work ethic ... Competes. Plays with great energy and effort ... His great length, explosiveness and natural timing which makes him such a dominant shot blocker also makes him a great rebounder and ally oop/put back dunker ... Strong rebounder. Shows a willingness to bang inside and fight for rebounds. 9.5 rpg ... Good hands to snatch rebounds and make one handed put backs in spectacular fashion ... Showed development in his freshman season, learning to get a wide base, call for the ball, keep it away from guards and make plays, though unpolished, towards the basket ... Has developed a little baby hook shot with either hand that has shown some success at times ... Shows the ability to face up and get by slower defenders using the dribble ...

: Offensively, Noel's game is rudimentary. He has shown some development but the general perception is that he will never be a strong offensive player, instead he impacts games with his defense, rebounding and athleticism ... Won't be able to "out-athleticize" opponents for baskets at the next level the way he has in college ... Scores mainly on put backs and dunks when he gets a clear path to the basket, or when teammates are able to create for him. That being said, his great foot speed allows him to get by inferior opponents off the dribble at times ... Post game is very weak, as a high school player he focused too much on trying to face the basket and use ball handling instead of embracing the idea of being a post player all the time. His lack of post moves/instincts are a result ... Lacks touch even around the rim as he's had some painful misses from point blank range, missing by 2 feet from 4 feet away, etc. ... Shows quick feet and explosiveness to get by slower defenders but struggles to make any real post moves. His foot work needs a good deal of improvement ... His shooting ability is a major weakness as his lack of a crisp form is apparent when he shoots from the FT line. Lacks a clean, smooth motion, he slings the ball, pushing it instead of allowing his wrists to have a natural release ... Legs are alarmingly thin and there could be some concern that the knee injury came as a result of his lack of leg strength ... Narrow shoulders will challenge his ability to bulk up considerably. Though there are plenty of NBA bigmen that have had success in the 230 range (which is likely where he will wind up) ... His 53% ft shooting illustrates his lack of shooting fundamentals ... Unusual athlete, while on one hand he's an elite level run jump guy with tremendous reflexes and quickness, he plays extremely upright and is stiff and lacking fluidity in some regards ...

Notes: Was a difference maker as a shot blocker / intimidator helping his Boston based BABC AAU team win the Nike Peach Jam in the summer going into his senior year, and it was where insiders began discussing Noel as a potential #1 overall pick ... Suffered a season ending ACL injury against Florida on 2/12/2013 ... His freshman season averages ended up being 31.9 mpg, 10.5 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 4.4 bpg, 59% fg, 53% ft, 2.1 spg.

5. Anthony Bennett



NBA Comparison: Larry Johnson/Jason Maxiell

Strengths: Bennett has expanded his game offensively and become almost unguardable during his first season of college ball ... Bennett's transition to the college game has been seamless ... What grabs your attention about Bennett is his focus and intensity ... Imposing physical specimen. Huge hands, wide shoulders and an enormous wingspan gives him great ability to dunk the ball with power ... He's very athletic, long, quick & fast. With a 7'1 wingspan & impressive inch vertical he poses nightmare problems in terms of mismatches ... Able to overpower smaller defenders & bigger defenders get outquicked and often dunked on ... Bennett is best at the power game in the paint, where at least 70 % of his scoring total comes from ... When charting his shots on the season he has literally scored from every power spot on the floor ... He favors the right side of the floor consisting of floaters, tip ins, reverse layups & dunks 60% of the time. Bennett's 42 dunks put him among the country's leaders. Bennett has made 23 3 pointers this season and averages 1 make per game. Bennett's sweet spot is the left perimeter where he's made 40% of his 3 pointers. His go to midrange move is his face up jumper from the right baseline ... Two words that bode well for Bennett's future are productivity and efficency ... He is so efficient that if he played 40 minutes per game he would average 26.2 points per game ... He has the innate ability to create spacing which helps him to score whether it's freezing a defender with a jab step or flaring off of a screen to catch & shoot or flat out blowing by a defender for a power dunk ... Bennett continually shows his versatility which raises his intrigue ... Bennett's footwork is excellent, especially for someone of his size. Along with his footwork, Bennett's shooting mechanics are very good. His form never changes on his shot. His shoulders are always squared and facing the basket. His release point is the same & even his misses look good ... Bennett is extremely adept at drawing fouls and goes to the stripe an average of 6 times per game, knocking down 75% of his free throws ... Bennett is an adept ball handler and has gone coast to coast 4 times this season. He maintains a low dribble and is rarely caught upright. Based upon playing 40 minutes, he averages only 2 turnovers.

: Somewhat of a tweener as he is slightly undersized for a full time PF (though that's likely his future position) and slow defesnively to play the SF position ... The major concern for Bennett going into this season was his health. His prep career was marred with injuries as he was not able to finish out either his junior or senior seasons. On the positive side he hasn't had any such problems in college having not missed a single practice much less game ... There are some questions about his toughness. He's got a massive frame with increible strength, but for as big and strong as he is, it doesn't always appear that he seeks out contact, or play with ferocity on the boards ... While averaging a team high 8 rebounds a game, at times he appears disinterested defensively.

Notes: Measured 6'7 (in shoes) 242 lbs, with a 7'1 wingspan at the 2011 LeBron James Skills Academy ...

@LamontPeterson 2/1/13

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Posted by GynoSandberg on 3/4 at 12:41 pm to GynoSandberg
6. Shabazz Muhammad



NBA Comparison: Kerry Kittles/Latrell Sprewell

Strengths: Left handed wing with elite level speed, athleticism and skills ... Great scorer who can fill it up in a variety of ways ... Very smart, intense individual who is highly motivated and driven to be great ... Mature offensive game, already has a strong NBA body, INCREDIBLE length (appears to have a wingspan in the neighborhood of 7-feet), is a man amongst boys, very athletic and explosive ... Quick first step and handle make him difficult to contain one on one ... Improving jumpshot and handle, wired to score the ball, can physically dominate his opponents, pull up jumper and ability to put the ball on the floor have improved considerably ... Box game is very advanced for his age ... Great on the offensive glass for a 2 guard ... Knows how to work the baseline and score, terrific in transition, hard worker ... Shows signs of having a killer instinct and will assertively get on his teammates when they're not living up to his expectations ... The most prolific scorer in the country ...

Weaknesses: Has improved his jumpshot but still needs some work to become more automatic ... Relies too much on his strength ... Needs to look to impact the game in other areas besides scoring ... Too left hand dominant, ball tends to stop when it gets in his hands ... Not a great creator for teammates ... Can lose focus sometimes if not involved enough offensively ... Handle needs to tighten up. Not great at creating shots off the dribble ... Prone to offensive fouls, needs to continue to round out his overall game ...

Overall: Muhammad is a terrific long term prospect ... He can score the ball in his sleep and is just scratching the surface of his ability ... Once he improves the consistency on his jumpshot he will almost be impossible to defend, great work ethic and drive to succeed will take him a long way ...

Ian Powers 6/23/11


7. Otto Porter



NBA Comparison: Tayshaun Prince

Strengths: Porter is a rising Soph. wing prospect with a lot of raw potential after emerging into an important player for Georgetown despite being a lightly touted late bloomer out of HS … Pretty unique type of player with an unorthodox style … Possesses great size and length on the wing at 6’8 with a lot of length, (7'1 wingspan) and a 205 lb frame that can definitely add plenty of muscle … Very smooth athleticism and nice balance for a guy his height … Plays a smart, composed game as you’d expect from a JT3-coached player … Understands his role on both ends, and rarely plays outside of his own comfort zone … Moves very well off the ball, and presents himself with about 2 or 3 very high percentage shots every game … Not going to make many mistakes finishing around the rim, where his solid athleticism and imposing length are all beneficial to him ... Effective with unorthodox short range jumpers from just outside of the paint … Heady passer, who will reward cutters when there is a passing lane to do so … Doesn’t need to hold the ball for a lot of time to make an impact when on the court … Unselfish … Good rebounder on both ends of the floor partially due to his length, and is also willing to dive on the floor and get physical on the glass…Has the ability to get chase down blocks when beaten off the dribble, and is never completely out of plays defensively when defending 1-on-1 … Enough length to effectively defend SF’s of any size in the long term … Will continue to get better as he adds strength and polish … Was productive for a guy who wasn’t heavily relied upon last season … Will probably benefit a lot by the experience he gained this past year ...

Weaknesses: Right now, Porter is a very raw prospect with a lot of work to do to reach his untapped potential … Poor jump shooter right now, shot just above 20% on 3’s as a Fr. and even though he fared better from short and mid-range with his shot he still needs to basically learn how to shoot…Rarely shoots the same shot and thus has very sporadic results with his jumper … On top of his lack of jump shooting skills, its most concerning that he isn’t a good shot creator at all … Struggles to get shots for himself and really is a poor ball-handler on the perimeter … Plays with a high center of gravity, and it effects his ability to swiftly move laterally and make/contain sudden movements … Can get beat off the bounce by quicker wings … Right now plays a combo forward game, so improving as a ball handler and shooter is imparitive … Although he is unselfish, he can be passive and has a tendency to float offensively … Lacks strength and girth at 6’9 205, and will need to add strength to better adjust to physical play, maximize his athleticism, and even improve his jump shot consistency … Has a lot to learn and to improve upon, but is very young and still has a whole lot of time to develop ...

Overall: Porter is a prospect with very good upside and physical tools … He’s a tall wing and his length makes him a high upside player, along with his late bloomer status … He really plays within himself and seems to be a smart player with plenty of time to improve … His shot, handle and strength all need major improvement but Porter has a lot of long term appeal as a prospect ...

Notes: Measured 6'8 (in shoes) 200 lbs, with a 7'1 wingspan at the 2012 Kevin Durant Skills Academy

Jorrye Nixon 7/31/12

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Posted by GynoSandberg on 3/4 at 12:41 pm to GynoSandberg
8. Alex Len



Player Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas

Strengths: Tall, long and intimidating center with developing offensive ability ... Impressive athlete for a 7'1" player ... Quick off his feet ... Runs up and down the court with ease ... Hard for defenders to keep tabs on, due to his activity without the ball ... Sets a lot of screens ... Soft touch around basket ... Gets a lot of tip-ins off of offensive rebounds ... Effective in the post due to his length and touch ... Really competes for post-position ... Solid shooter, that displays range out to 18 feet already ... Should become a better free-throw shooter in time ... Passing ability is solid ... A natural shot-blocker that uses his physical tools and great timing to swat a lot of shots ... Poised enough to not bite on most shot fakes ... Works hard to deny post-entry passes on defense... Mobility should make him a good pick-and-roll defender in time ... Very green ... Has a high ceiling ...

: Still working himself into game-shape after serving a 10 game suspension to open the 2011-2012 season ... Will have to add weight if he doesn't want to get pushed around in the pros ... Good rebounder, though doesn't protect the ball as well as he should ... Tends to expose the ball to smaller players by bringing it down around his waist ... Clearly uncomfortable with the ball in his hands unless his back is to the basket ... Turnover prone ... Can get over-aggressive and move his feet while setting screens ...

Overall: Len has the tools to be an effective player in the NBA on both ends of the floor ... Scouts haven't seen much of him yet, but he clearly possesses lottery-pick potential ...

Tyler Ingle 1/14/11

9. Victor Oladipo



NBA Comparison: Terry Teagle

Strengths: Oladipo is an explosive athlete with great leaping ability … Has nice size at about 6’5, 215 lbs, and great length and a good build ... Fantastic first step and moves well laterally … A very tough and gritty player who fights for everything … Excellent rebounder for a guard averaging over 5 per game last season … Absolutely relentless on defense and is versatile enough to guard multiple positions … Not one to be outworked on either end of the court … One of the best finishers in the country around the rim due to his athleticism and body control … Moves well without the ball and doesn’t need to have plays drawn up for him to be effective … Hard worker off the court and improved his free throw percentage by 14% this past season ...

Weaknesses: Oladipo doesn’t have much of an offensive foundation at this point … Has a subpar jump shot with mechanics that lack consistency … Not much of a ball handler at this point … Can be out of control and turnover prone … Lacks a great basketball IQ … While showing huge defensive upside, he still needs to improve his fundamentals … Fouls a bit much (2.5 topg) for a wing prospect who doesn’t even play 30 mpg ...

Overall: At this point he’s more of a pure athlete then an offensive player, but he has time to grow there ... Defensively he should be able to translate to the NBA quite easily ...

Sam Gallenberger 6/20/12

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Posted by GynoSandberg on 3/4 at 12:41 pm to GynoSandberg
10. Michael Carter Williams



Court vision
Creating for his teammates
Terrific in drive and kick situations
Slashing ability
Utilizes floater in the lane
Excels in transition, leading the break
Size for a point guard
Great rebounder for his position
Length is bothersome on defense
Jumping the passing lane
Maturity as a young point guard

Outside shooting
Dribbles the ball a bit high because of his height

Summary: After waiting his turn as a freshman, Carter-Williams has broken onto the national scene as one of the top point guards in college basketball. He is a pure point guard with a tremendous ability to distribute the basketball and affect the game with his unique size for the position. If Carter-Williams continues to play at such a high level this season, he will be a lottery pick and perhaps the first true point guard taken in the 2013 NBA Draft.

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Posted by Jester on 3/4 at 12:42 pm to GynoSandberg
Well, I'm blind. Or maybe I just can't acknowledge Zeller at 3.

This post was edited on 3/4 at 12:44 pm

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Posted by saintsfan22 on 3/4 at 12:42 pm to GynoSandberg
I like but their comparisons are always pretty wild.

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Posted by THRILLHO on 3/4 at 12:44 pm to saintsfan22
Didn't realize Smart's shooting percentages were that bad.

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Posted by CQQ on 3/4 at 12:47 pm to THRILLHO
Shabazz is pretty intriguing

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Posted by Jester on 3/4 at 12:47 pm to GynoSandberg

5. Anthony Bennett

Weaknesses: Somewhat of a tweener as he is slightly undersized for a full time PF (though that's likely his future position) and slow defesnively to play the SF position

No thank you. He may be a solid player, but I just don't think he fits here.

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Posted by GynoSandberg on 3/4 at 12:48 pm to saintsfan22
I agree with most of their comparisons, though I have no idea who Terry Teagle is

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Posted by TigerinATL on 3/4 at 12:59 pm to THRILLHO

Didn't realize Smart's shooting percentages were that bad.

Yeah, I don't get the buzz about Smart unless it's "the stuff he's bad at can be taught".


Smart has run the point for the Cowboys this year not because he’s a true point guard, but because he’s the kind of player who you want to have the ball as much as possible. Ideally he would also play the position at the next level because he’d have such a size advantage, but that’s contingent on Smart tightening up his handles and decision-making skills. Smart has turned the ball over 3.2 times on average this season, far too much for a future NBA point guard. He hasn’t shot the ball particularly well this season (40 percent from the field and 30 percent from deep), but the major concern is over his assist-to-turnover ratio.


So he's basically a ball dominant guard that can't shoot and turns it over too much? I realize I haven't seen him play, but what am I missing?

This post was edited on 3/4 at 1:00 pm

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Posted by JayJay2 on 3/4 at 1:00 pm to GynoSandberg
Scary skittles.

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Posted by Noplacelikehome on 3/4 at 1:00 pm to GynoSandberg
All of the summaries about the players are pretty old.

How is that a good analysis about Shabazz when it is from right after his Junior year of High School.

And Zeller's is from during his senior year of high school.

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Posted by drake20 on 3/4 at 1:01 pm to THRILLHO

Didn't realize Smart's shooting percentages were that bad.

ya, that's terrible

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Posted by teke184 on 3/4 at 1:03 pm to GynoSandberg
And of these ten, I could see us taking McLemore, Smart, Muhammed, Porter, Olapido, and possibly Zeller.

I want no part of Len period, nor do I like the idea of drafting an injured Noel. Bennett as a 3-4 tweener has "trouble" written all over it.

I could see MCW, but that would have to be if we dropped pretty far in the lottery. I don't see him as top 5 material, though I could see him between about 6 and 10.

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Posted by MrPappagiorgio on 3/4 at 1:05 pm to GynoSandberg
McClemore and Porter fit the biggest need right now, although Porter should be the #1 target.
but if those two are gone Id like to see them take a chance on Noel. He and Davis would be out of control

Want nothing to do with Carter-Williams... hes Vasquez without a jumper

I could see Zeller end up like a Brook Lopez, skilled offensively but cant really rebound to his size... but thats his absolute highest ceiling. I think he falls somewhere in the 15/7 range. A solid NBA player, but not really what the Pels need.

dont really know much about the other 6

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Posted by HeadyBrosevelt on 3/4 at 1:08 pm to GynoSandberg

that picture is hilarious

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Posted by eyeran on 3/4 at 1:08 pm to GynoSandberg
I know its not a revelation to anybody, but Draftexpress is the best nba draft site out there.

I found a few days ago and it looks pretty legit. I listened to his latest podcast and the main guy is definitely knowledgeable. Although, his guest sounded and spoke like a 14 year old that he pulled out of civics class.

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Posted by hendersonshands on 3/4 at 1:10 pm to GynoSandberg
I'm a big Vasquez fan but I would not be upset if we got Marcus Smart. Otto Porter is probably our best fit though

This post was edited on 3/4 at 1:12 pm

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