Company Sales Awards
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re: Company Sales Awards
Posted by CtotheVrzrbck on 2/27 at 12:52 pm to Loubacca
I've done sports tickets and concert tickets, weekend getaways have gone over really well too.

2 nights stay at a nice place, could be a swank cabin on a lake, or in a metro a couple hours away with a gift certificate to a super nice restaurant.

I also like to do bottles of expensive booze, my org. we were connected to the entertainment industry so we had a party atmosphere and a $200 bottle of whiskey was always appreciated.

I try not to go for the fad thing on the market but classic/classy things that reflect the culture of the org. or something that's an experience the rep can enjoy with their friends or family, help them go let loose and have fun on their down time, so they're energized and motivated on Monday when it's time to grind.

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Posted by busbeepbeep on 2/27 at 1:02 pm to Loubacca
First Prize: Cadillac Eldorado

Second Prize: Set of Steak Knives

Third Prize: You're fired

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Posted by bee Rye on 2/27 at 1:05 pm to Loubacca
just give them money

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Posted by Rouge on 2/27 at 1:06 pm to bee Rye

just give them money
sheister owner doesnt want to do that

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Posted by bee Rye on 2/27 at 1:08 pm to Rouge

sheister owner doesnt want to do that
frick him, I quit

anyone hiring?

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Posted by BallCoachinFool on 2/27 at 1:14 pm to Loubacca
Why isnt a paycheck enough?

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Posted by cattus on 2/27 at 1:21 pm to BallCoachinFool
all I know is that cranberry is getting in all the juices

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