Le Creole is not very good. In fact, it's pretty horrible.
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Le Creole is not very good. In fact, it's pretty horrible.
Posted by Schwartz on 2/16 at 9:10 pm
Decided to give it one last try tonight, and I was even more disappointed than the first two times I'd been there.

First off, the good: service was good enough, drinks were amazing.

It's too bad that the food was nowhere near the same level. If I had to sum it up, I'd say that it's like the weird shite a first year culinary school student would put together before they knew what the frick they were doing.

App - fried green tomatoes
Tomatoes either weren't "ripe" enough, or needed to be cooked longer. Breading was tough, too thick, and bland. Shrimp were way under cooked. Very under sauced.

Entree 1 - smoked ribeye
I've had some awesome smoked ribeyes before, but this one really sucked ass. It never hit a high enough temp to render out any of the intramuscular fat, leaving the entire steak riddled with pockets of chewy grossness. I normally eat the gristle attached to a ribeye, so I'm not opposed to eating fat, but this was like chugging solidified bacon drippings.

Entree 2 - cedar plank fish

Holy frick, what a disaster. The fish itself had decent flavor, and was cooked very well, but the rest of the dish was a nightmare. The potatoes were WAY over salted, almost to the point of being inedible. The "cedar plank"...how do I best describe this? Imagine cutting a limb off of an oak, slicing it with a chain saw, lighting the slices on fire and letting them burn for a solid 45 minutes, fishing one out, and throwing a piece of fish on top. That's pretty much what I got. The entire "plank" was charred, with the edges of it with a live ember. The edges of the plate were dusted in ash, making finding a non ashy piece of food an exercise in making me pissed the frick off. The wood was still porous enough to suck all of the sauce in to it as well.

So, if someone could pass thing along to Le Creole and inform them that they're trying way too fricking hard to be fancy (I guess that's what they're aiming for?), that'd be swell.

I can't believe I just dropped $113 on this shite.

And no, I didn't call the manager over or anything. Primarily because it's my fault for giving them another shot, and because the last thing I wanted was for them to offer me replacement food...I just wanted to get out of there.

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Posted by Winkface on 2/16 at 9:18 pm to Schwartz

Smoked ribeye doesn't sound all that appetizing. Pretty sure I would have sent a dish back that was covered in ashes.

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Posted by Schwartz on 2/16 at 9:20 pm to Winkface
I've had some before that were amazing, but they're cold smoked and then fired off (salamander or grill) normally to finish them. This was just...I don't fricking know.

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Posted by urinetrouble on 2/16 at 9:43 pm to Schwartz
I've been twice and both times the food and overall experience were stellar.

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Posted by NOX on 2/16 at 9:45 pm to Schwartz
I dont know if I would have paid without talking to the owner or manager on duty prior to. Not to avoid paying but to relay the absolute sub par excecution of the meals preparation.

As a paying patron ( and a substantial tab) you must provide this feedback in person immediately... not via a blog if you expect improvement...IMO

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Posted by Schwartz on 2/16 at 9:46 pm to NOX
I'm thinking that if they're willing to serve someone a piece of wood that's pretty much on fire, they're beyond help.

Yet, they remain packed most nights...I just don't get it.

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Posted by Lugubrious on 2/16 at 10:23 pm to Schwartz
Been twice. Same type of experience. The food was simply not good. Turtle soup had a giant shard of plastic in it. Steak was way overdone and then the replacement was way under. Something gave everyone the shits. It was just a train wreck.

I will never ever return.

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Posted by LSUballs on 2/16 at 10:31 pm to Schwartz


may it be with you.

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Posted by LSU-MNCBABY on 2/16 at 10:35 pm to Schwartz
Have never been but think the village is awfully overrated so

Thanks for the posting, I live near here and will always goto ruffinos if staying near the house

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Posted by TinyTigerPaws on 2/16 at 11:02 pm to Schwartz
Went last year at this time of year and dropped about what you did, only the food wasn't quite the train wreck yours was, but i still didnt think it was worth what I paid.

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Posted by Layabout on 2/16 at 11:18 pm to Schwartz
Don't trust a place that adds a gratuitous accent aigu to its name to make it a nonsense French word.

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Posted by Rickety Cricket on 2/16 at 11:47 pm to Schwartz
Place just sounds like it sucks. I won't be eating there.

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Posted by Poodlebrain on 2/17 at 5:24 am to Schwartz
I don't get the love for Wayne Stabiler as a restaurant operator. I haven't been impressed with the food or operations at either of the Little Village restaurants. Now he convinces a local attorney to open a vanity restaurant. He hires some who-knows-what level Commander's Palace bench warmer to be chef at a new upscale establishment. Who could possibly have predicted things might go wrong?

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Posted by coolpapaboze on 2/17 at 8:37 am to Schwartz

I'm thinking that if they're willing to serve someone a piece of wood that's pretty much on fire, they're beyond help.

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Posted by Skillet on 2/17 at 8:47 am to Schwartz
Wow, I've heard some good things about their food, especially the crab cakes...I've never been.

Your food experience doesn't surprise me though considering who owns the place. I've had pretty bad overpriced food at his Little Village on Airline.

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Posted by udtiger on 2/17 at 9:16 am to Schwartz
Wife and I went there once.

Can't even remember the appetizer, so it was obviously not spectacular.

I had the smoked ribeye and it was pretty good. Potatoes were warm, not hot. Wife got the cedar plank fish which was also smouldering when it came out.

Desert was a disaster.

Overally, an "okay" experience, but there are too many good restaurants in BR to settle for "okay." Have not been back.

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Posted by shawnlsu on 2/17 at 1:39 pm to Schwartz

Le Creole is horrible

I agree with this

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Posted by saderade on 2/17 at 1:45 pm to shawnlsu
Went once about two years ago and the food was decent, certainly not horrible. Wouldn't drive back to BR to eat there

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Posted by jack6294 on 2/17 at 2:12 pm to saderade
I've heard it from a reliable source that the owner is making big cuts destroying the ability for the kitchen to run properly

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Posted by shawnlsu on 2/17 at 4:33 pm to jack6294
I don't believe it could get any worse.

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