I'm doomed for Bronze V
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I'm doomed for Bronze V
Posted by Drewbie on 2/13 at 8:50 pm
The sad thing is my play has nothing to do with. My champion is probably sitting in a fountain at lvl 1 right now as I type this. Why is he doing this you ask? Because there are too many trolls playing League of Legends. I'm beyond tired of asking for leashes, not getting them, asking why and getting "lol umad?" for a response. Seems I get one of these teammates every single game. I'm lvl 28 just trying to get to ranked so I can be rid of these idiots, but with my luck, my first play-in games will be full of these retards and I'll be forced to work up from Bronze V where these idiots are actually carrying games with scores like 25/15/20. Please make it stop.

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Posted by Greace on 2/13 at 8:55 pm to Drewbie
Play carry jungles such as Hec, Lee sin and Xin you should be able to win easily with them

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Posted by WarCamEagle on 2/13 at 9:02 pm to Greace
Just dont reply at all to trolls and ignore them. Replying entices them. Who do u jungle as? Shaco, Xin Zhao, and Lee Sin are some of the easiest and best junglers to play as. As Shaco you dont even need a leash.

As long as your good it doesnt matter if you are bronze/silver/gold/ etc you will bring yourself to win games.

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Posted by LSUSaintsHornets on 2/14 at 3:46 pm to Drewbie
I dont think i've ever been denied a leash.

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Posted by Hulkklogan on 2/14 at 4:00 pm to Drewbie
It's funny.. I don't find that I run into nearly as many idiots as everyone else. Maybe it's because when people act like idiots, I just ignore them. If someone is being an idiot, act like they're not there until they start working with the team. All of the negativity you have to deal with on there becomes so much easier if you just stop and realize that the person acting like an idiot is just that - an immature idiot, or a troll.

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Posted by sbr2 on 2/14 at 4:31 pm to Hulkklogan
Well it sucks because having a troll teammate can ruin an entire 30 minute+ game.

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Posted by Hulkklogan on 2/14 at 4:46 pm to sbr2
Trust me, I know.

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Posted by DumpsterFire on 2/14 at 5:08 pm to Drewbie
Yeah, it sucks to have a team with people that just flat out don't know how to play the game. I get pissed when people are dumb enough to wander around by themselves late game and force the rest or the team to go 4 v 5 against the other team.

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Posted by LSUSaintsHornets on 2/16 at 1:30 am to Drewbie
Just had a person on my team go AP tryn and then go 0-10

I've never raged this hard in any game in my life

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