The ATL Thread: Spring Training Edition
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re: The ATL Thread: Spring Training Edition
Posted by lsu31always on 2/12 at 8:15 pm to GaBassFisher92
And most closers tend to have like 3 good years then flame out. IE Soria.

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 2/12 at 8:27 pm to lsu31always
He's not most closers any ways. This isn't a Jair Jurrjens situation.

Atlanta is already set up for the now as is. Play to the strengths of having a dominant back end and improve that 3rd base situation. That's just about all you need to do any ways.. Sign a top of the line starter if need be down the road.

He is 24 years old. LOL. Again TWENTY FOUR.

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Posted by SouljaBreauxTellEm on 2/12 at 8:44 pm to SouljaBreauxTellEm
I'll go back and read the article later.. I admit I only read half of it.. but if anything it made all the reasons why the Braves should keep Kimbrel.

And now I read a little more. I keep hearing how the Braves payroll is weak and dying down.. yet it continues to grow regardless. Of course any player is a possible trade candidate if it betters the team, but I don't see any return worth it. Not for a closer. Even one as dominating as Kimbrel.

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Posted by lsu31always on 2/12 at 8:46 pm to SouljaBreauxTellEm
But it is not growing at the rate of other teams. The TV deal is going to hamstring us a great deal.

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Posted by Robot Santa on 2/12 at 10:48 pm to lsu31always
I hate the concept of a "closer." All it does is give an idiot like Fredi an excuse for keeping his best reliever in the pen in the late innings of a close game, especially a road game. It also allows the guys who get that label to really leverage their way into a huge contract because dumbfrick GMs fap to the idea of "an 8 inning game." Kimbrel should be used to put out a fire late in a 1 run or tie game, not to hold on to a 3 run lead in the top of the 9th. Pigeonholing relievers into one role is fricking stupid and is what has led to a lot of the godawful bullpen management in baseball.

As far as my opinion on that article...Kimbrel is awesome. Best relief pitcher in baseball IMO. Still a relief pitcher though. No relief pitcher is worth 8 figures a year. Period. When that money can be used to pay a guy who will pitch 200+ high quality innings or have 600+ high quality PAs, spending it on a guy who pitches 60 innings a year is just a waste.

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Posted by NorthGAVol on 2/13 at 8:46 am to Robot Santa





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Posted by Pilot Tiger on 2/13 at 8:57 am to Robot Santa
I agree. Always felt that your best reliever should come in when the situation warrants it.

If you're tied in the 7th inning and a runner gets to 2nd, it may be a good time to bring him in. He obviously gives you the best chance to get out of the inning.

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Posted by sowega dawg on 2/13 at 9:15 am to Pilot Tiger
You get the feeling this outfield is gonna develop a great chemistry while pushing each other to perform night after night. That being said, I believe J-hey has a monster year!

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Posted by TH03 on 2/13 at 10:10 am to sowega dawg
Our outfield is essentially 3 of the same people. 2 of which are brothers so they're already competitive with each other. This is going to be fun as hell to watch

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Posted by lsufan1215 on 2/13 at 10:58 am to TH03

This is going to be fun as hell to watch

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Posted by bamafan425 on 2/13 at 11:10 am to NorthGAVol

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Posted by au21tigers on 2/13 at 12:01 pm to bamafan425
I want that hat.

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Posted by Hurricane Mike on 2/13 at 12:07 pm to volfan30

Yeah, now it would be dumb. But using 15% of your payroll on a 60-70 inning pitcher is stupid as well.

This is where the economics of baseball has gotten out of control, it doesn't make sense and I'm sure the Braves won't pay Papelbon money to him

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Posted by biglil3 on 2/13 at 12:17 pm to Hurricane Mike
Heyward looks jacked

JUp needs to lose a few

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Posted by WicKed WayZ on 2/13 at 2:28 pm to biglil3
Looks like JUP won't be stealing many bases this year

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Posted by volfan30 on 2/13 at 3:26 pm to WicKed WayZ

Only a few Braves position players weren’t in camp by Wednesday, and manager Fredi Gonzalez noted that two were Central Floridians not assured of roster spots, outfielder Jordan Schafer and infielder Tyler Pastornicky. Pastornicky is from Bradenton and Schafer from Haines City, a 20-minute drive from Braves camp. A year ago, Pastornicky was a rookie who was the Braves’ projected starting shortstop and one of the last to arrive in camp, after spending the previous week training with veteran infielder Jack Wilson at Wilson’s home in California. Pastornicky lost the shortstop job after struggling through late May and was replaced by Andrelton Simmons. This year, Pastornicky will compete for a utility job and doesn’t appear to have much chance of making the team out of spring training. “We’re waiting for him again this year,” Gonzalez said, in a good-natured tone that nonetheless sent a message. “Schafer probably has a tough time getting travel arrangements. He’s another one I’m going to grab. He only lives two exits up the road here; I haven’t seen him yet. “I didn’t know he signed a deal with Frank – he’s got a five-year deal, guarantee to play one of the three outfield spots.”


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Posted by RollDatRoll on 2/13 at 3:41 pm to volfan30
No huge shocker there. Losers.

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Posted by beaver on 2/13 at 7:48 pm to volfan30
doin drugs n shite

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Posted by Porter Osborne Jr on 2/13 at 7:52 pm to beaver
Geebus. JHey is yoked.

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Posted by Broski on 2/13 at 7:57 pm to volfan30
Not surprised that Schafer is being lazy as frick, dude is worthless, but Pastornicky doing this really pisses me off.

Have fun in Gwinnett.

Props to Fredi for calling their asses out.

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