Coach Kragthorpe Appreciation Thread
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re: Coach Kragthorpe Appreciation Thread
Posted by TigerNSac on 2/8 at 2:24 pm to TeagleTheBeagle
He is a classy guy and it is unfortunately that he had gotten the disease. I thought his offensive mind would have done wonders for LSU's offense as the Offensive Coordinator.

I wish him well with his family.

Thanks Coach Kragthorpe.

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Posted by CatsGoneWild on 2/8 at 2:26 pm to TigerNSac
Is he going to remain with the team but doing something else? Im sure he didnt get let go.

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Posted by sunnydaze on 2/8 at 2:27 pm to TeagleTheBeagle

what is going to happen to him

I'm guessing he'll have the admin job until his contract is up, ala van chancellor.

He's probably done with football imo

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Posted by LSULaw2009 on 2/8 at 2:35 pm to CatsGoneWild

Is he going to remain with the team but doing something else? Im sure he didnt get let go.

My guess is whatever he's called its under one of these two NCAA Bylaws

quote: Exception—Noncoaching Staff Member with Sport-Specific Responsibilities. A noncoaching staff member with sport-specific responsibilities (e.g., director of operations, administrative assistant) may participate in organized activities involving only the coaching staff or may perform administrative duties (e.g., attend meetings involving coaching activities, analyze video of the institution’s or an opponent’s team, track statistics during practice or competition). However, such an individual is prohibited from participating in instructional activities with student-athletes and any on-court or on-field activities (e.g., assist with drills, throw batting practice), and is prohibited from participating with or observing student-athletes in the staff member’s sport who are engaged in nonorganized voluntary athletically related activities (e.g., pick-up games). (Adopted: 1/16/10)

quote: Replacement Due to Extenuating Circumstances. An institution may replace temporarily or on a limited basis one of its countable coaches if the coach is unable to perform any or all of his or her duties because of extenuating circumstances (e.g., suspension, prolonged serious illness, pregnancy). The replacement coach may perform only those coaching, administrative or recruiting duties, including the telephoning of prospective student-athletes, that the replaced coach is unable to perform. (Revised: 1/11/94, 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02)

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Posted by jack6294 on 2/8 at 2:37 pm to LSULaw2009
Great guy
may God bless him & give him strength in his health struggles

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Posted by colorchangintiger on 2/8 at 2:47 pm to S

hope he is able to return to coaching one day

Support stem cell research!

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Posted by tigersmanager on 2/8 at 2:55 pm to colorchangintiger
Thanks Krag

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Posted by ipodking on 2/8 at 3:30 pm to S
Major props to coach Krags

Hope Cam Cam can get top flight QBs like Krags could

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Posted by bojabu on 2/8 at 3:31 pm to cas4t
I would like to extend best wishes to him and his family!

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Posted by CottonWasKing on 2/8 at 3:33 pm to TeagleTheBeagle
Won't he still be allowed to recruit? God, I hope so

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Posted by NastyNutra504 on 2/8 at 3:37 pm to S
IN!!!! Good Call.

In Les We Truss. He will find a good spot for him geauxing forward. Pure class and loyal as a lab.

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Posted by Steamy Ray on 2/8 at 4:52 pm to S

if he had been healthy and able to fully perform his duties and given control of the offense i believe he would have helped make a significant impact for the better of our offense and quarterbacks. you could see he had a positive impact on jarrett lee. hope he is able to return to coaching one day. seems like a good dude. until then the LSU family will take care of him and his family. say hi to my boy earl lane, krags!

Great post. With all the negativity that can get spewed around here this was something that needed to be said. The guy is all class and I only wish we would've gotten to see his offense do its thing. I hope the best for him and his family

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Posted by That LSU Guy on 2/8 at 4:57 pm to lsuhunt555

I think you misunderstood what I was laughing at...

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Posted by BilJ on 2/8 at 10:07 pm to S
been nothing but class since he arrived.

I have no doubt had he been capable he would have been given the reigns.

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Posted by Merlin08 on 2/8 at 10:38 pm to BilJ
Damn, yall act like the man is dead! He is still with the program and will still be a factor...I like him and give him major kudos....but he still is here!

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Posted by blackjackjackson on 2/8 at 11:36 pm to S

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Posted by omegaman66 on 2/9 at 12:21 am to blackjackjackson

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Posted by los angeles tiger on 2/9 at 12:24 am to S

Thanks Coach Kragthorpe!!!

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