Your best/worst run-in/experience with a current/former LSU athlete
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re: Your best/worst run-in/experience with a current/former LSU athlete
Posted by Coater on 2/8 at 3:59 pm to Ellish Ewe

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Posted by Circle K Beggar on 2/8 at 4:16 pm to Coater
Best: my freshman year at LSU, Big Baby once asked me what time it was in front of the union. Also, I had a class with Tasmin Mitchell. He says to me, "hey brah, got a scantron I can borrow?" Of course, I obliged

Worst: getting worked over by Darron Populist at the Rec in a pickup game. Dude hit 4 threes right in my face.

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Posted by touchdownjeebus on 2/8 at 5:50 pm to higgins
Cecil Collins used to peek into my bedroom window.

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Posted by choupiquesushi on 2/8 at 6:28 pm to danfraz

Ronnie Lewis = 100% dbag

I took one of his kickoffs about 65 yards.....

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Posted by choupiquesushi on 2/8 at 6:32 pm to Coater
1. talking with Y.A. at an alabama game in tiger stadium about 15 years ago.. heck of a guy.

2. Running into mike miley at lakeside about 2 weeks before he died... funny thing one of the guys with us played at airline park playground.. which was mike miley playground by the next summer...

3. being at a minor league game in florida in 08... and having my son and a friend with him.. both wearing LSU caps.... Clay Harris spotted them and walked across the field tossed them balls and chatted with them a few minutes

4. Son's first LSU baseball game... Wally P, handed him a warmup ball. Good friend of mine's dad coached Wally when he was a kiddo.

the bad....

don't deserve to be repeated...

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Posted by The Spectrum on 2/8 at 6:46 pm to higgins
Chad Ogea cussed me out when I was 13. Then autographed a ball for me.

Was out one night and actually heard Brad Cresse ask a girl "how does if feel to dance with an LSU baseball player"

I knew Chuck Wiley and he walked up behind me at the mall. The ole mom wanted to call the cops cause she thought I was about to be killed.

That's all I got.

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Posted by LSU Tigershark on 2/8 at 6:56 pm to The Spectrum
Rudy Niswanger and Joe Addai are both as nice as can be. Trindon Holliday too

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Posted by LSUnGA on 2/8 at 6:58 pm to The Spectrum
I've been around a lot of the baseball players 2 to 3 years ago. Always a good experience, great group of kids.

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Posted by windshieldman on 2/8 at 7:03 pm to LSUnGA
Met Devery Henderson. Came off as nice and maybe a tad nerdy to me. This was a couple years ago, not while he was in college.

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Posted by redfieldk717 on 2/8 at 7:06 pm to windshieldman
Rumbelow is a good ole country boy, one of the nicest guys ive ever met

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Posted by Fat Bastard on 2/8 at 7:13 pm to higgins
multiple run ins with rohan davey. great guy and great tiger. same with Josh Booty, and Dwayne Pierce.

worst run in? I almost got into it with Kevin Faulk back in 1998 at fan day for one of his smart arse comments to a woman.

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Posted by 20MuleTeam on 2/8 at 7:28 pm to higgins
Darryl Daye pissed on us at a bar once

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Posted by Draconian Sanctions on 2/8 at 7:31 pm to higgins
My gf almost hit a pedestrian JJ in her jeep near the jack in the box on highland during the 2011 season

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Posted by Doctapeppa on 2/8 at 7:36 pm to pngtiger
"Yep! Hmmm, I'm trying to remember who else was there at the time that wanted to do med school. You speak Cajun French?"


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Posted by TakingStock on 2/8 at 7:37 pm to 20MuleTeam
A few years back when I was a sophomore at LSU I went to the Rec to play a pickup game of basketball. I went with one of my friends and didn't have much success in spotting an open court until the court with former LSU basketball players motioned for us to come over since a few of their guys wanted a breather.

Collis Temple III was on the other team and I hit six 3 pointers in a row and after every shot he's high fiving me and saying "He's the rainman...this guy is unbelievable". Needless to say it was pretty sweet coming from a former LSU basketball player.

Another good one was when I was working at an on campus desk job and Russell Shepard was attending a recruiting event. He wanted a break so he came into the lobby and walked up to me and introduced himself by saying "Hey man, I'm Russell" (like I didn't know who he was) and we shot the breeze for awhile. Both encounters were pretty sweet.

My girlfriend was driving by the Rec one afternoon and at the stop before the Phi Mu house, Reuben Randle is on a scooter and appears to continue across as our car is about to go through. He stops, motions for us to go and smiles as we go through. Yes, I actually witnessed that.

The last one (and a funny one at that) was when I was leaving the Union after Late Night at LSU. All of a sudden I hear a big Cadillac come rolling blasting music by the Greek Amphitheater and as it drives by my group of friends DByrd looks out the passenger window and just nods his head to the beat of the music. Pretty funny sight to say the least!

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Posted by pensacola on 2/8 at 7:39 pm to TakingStock
Best- Lolo
Worst- Mo

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Posted by RoyMcavoy on 2/8 at 7:44 pm to pensacola
which mo?

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Posted by lsujones29 on 2/8 at 7:55 pm to higgins
Ran into Matt Flynn at Memphis airport year after he graduated. Real nice guy.

Talked to Jamarcus on A1A in Miami for Superbowl 44. Complete prick. I wanted to ask why he was there.

Rohan is cool.

CT3 is cool.

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Posted by nEVERhappy on 2/8 at 8:14 pm to Doctapeppa
Is this the real Peppa? Like i lived with Herb, peppa?

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Posted by FlyingTiger06 on 2/8 at 9:02 pm to higgins

My girlfriend and I were at the Stadium Club (don't know what it is called now) in April 1999. She went to the bar to buy us some drinks and a guy walks up to her and just says I'm Blair Barbier. She says uhhh, ok. Hi Blair. Goes back to getting our drinks. He taps her on the arm and again says I'm Blair Barbier so she just stares at him until he then says I play 3rd Base for the Tigers. She says, yeah I know that but what's your piont. He is completely dumbfounded that she isn't fawning over him and actually follows her as she's walking the drinks over to where I'm standing. After she hands me the drink, he's like is this your boyfriend? She answers yes, so you can get lost now. The look on his face was like a spoiled 4 year old who is so used to getting his way he doesn't know what to do when told no. He just stands there for at least 30 seconds to a minute before he mutters "Bitch" and walks away. It was such a douchebag moment for him that I couldn't even get mad. Girlfriend and I laughed our fricking arse off.

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