What do you think Monty's plan is for AD?
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re: What do you think Monty's plan is for AD?
Posted by supe12sta12z on 2/8 at 1:46 am to drake20
I personally think it's too premature to think about getting rid of Anderson. While I do feel that their games haven't complimented each other well, I only speak in terms of this season. Next season, with some improvements, Davis could really make it work with Anderson. But I still think we need a big who can create.. At least one off the bench ala a Carl Landry type.

Next season, I'm really hoping Davis can create space for himself. By that he must:

-Improve his 15-18 jumpshot. While he's shows signs of making it at a good rate, I want to see him average around 40% in that area.

-Tightening those handles of his. He has the speed and quickness to blow by most 4, he needs have tighter handles to do it reliably.

-Finally, The most important thing he needs to develop. An isolation game. Whether it's Shooting off the dribble, Driving, or Passing. I really want Davis to have the ball in his hands to initiate the offense. Up to this point, we've mostly seen other players initiate the offense for Davis(College and Pro). This is where I want to see the biggest leap from year 1 to year 2 in his overall offensive game.

As long as Davis stops relying on other to create for him regularly and is able to create for himself, He will fit with just about any big.

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Posted by eyeran on 2/8 at 1:57 am to eyeran

Could've looked something like that, in its most basic form. Most people think they want to get rid of Williams and Barea too, but I just kept it simple here.

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Posted by drake20 on 2/8 at 2:04 am to supe12sta12z
I agree with all of that...I'm expecting a lot of growth from Davis. He's gonna have to be a true offensive threat if he wants to be a true superstar and put us on the title contention track.

I love his jumper. I was worried he wasn't gonna be a good shooter from some range coming out of college, but he looks like he's on track to be very good in that area.

He has great length and touch around the rim already. I agree, he just has to find a way to consistently get there, whether that's off the dribble or fighting for post position without the ball. His FT shooting also looks like it could be very good, which will be a huge asset/separate him a lot from other bigs.

Hope he makes a big leap and the Anderson/Davis front court is successful

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Posted by drake20 on 2/8 at 2:06 am to eyeran
Lakers would love that deal...would the T-wolves?

...haven't seen much of Pekovic this season outside of stats. I would hate to trade Anderson.

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Posted by eyeran on 2/8 at 2:13 am to drake20
I think we'd be the only team to hesitate.

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Posted by THRILLHO on 2/8 at 2:21 am to eyeran
I think the Wolves would definitely hesitate to take on a currently slightly above average 32 year old center making $20m/yr in exchange for a top 10 center that will end up making $10-12m/yr.

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Posted by eyeran on 2/8 at 2:24 am to THRILLHO
David Kahn is their GM. They spent the whole offseason trying to get Gasol

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Posted by THRILLHO on 2/8 at 2:30 am to eyeran
Fair enough.
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Posted by corndeaux on 2/8 at 8:17 am to THRILLHO
the ryno/ad 2 man pairing is poor. some of that is due to being in lineups together that consisted of rivers and mcguire with no eg..some of that due to their games not meshing right now

but the "best 5" gv, eg, aminu, ra, ad was positive in ppp differential on.82games.com last time I looked.

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