Lady Tigers 62, Tennessee 64 final
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re: Lady Tigers 62, Tennessee 64 final
Posted by lsualum96 on 2/7 at 11:03 pm to teeMike

So with the young players we currently have and her recruiting class coming in, can we realistically expect to compete for the SEC championship in say...2 years? 3 years?

I think this team will compete for the SEC championship NEXT YEAR. The current team is not that far off. The best team in the conference is TAMU, and we played them close till the end. The second best team is either UK or UT..........both of whom we've played close to the end. The problem is this team doesn't finish well. They make crucial mistakes down the stretch and don't have composure...................something that last year's team actually had (even though it had a dearth of scorers).

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Posted by Wild Thang on 2/7 at 11:05 pm to secman12

Van was never this bad.

lol. That dude ruined the program. We lost this game because we bricked the front end twice, and Lutley is garbage.

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Posted by lsualum96 on 2/7 at 11:05 pm to lsursb

LSUAlum.... we'll have to agree to disagree. I like Nikki, but the last 2 minutes were bad coaching.

Isn't that what I just said? She coached a good game, but those last two minutes............actually last MINUTE, was not her best. But I still say that some of that has to fall on players. She didn't go out there and miss Lutley or Plaisance's free throws in that last minute. Had they hit those, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

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Posted by sunnydaze on 2/7 at 11:30 pm to lsualum96
The program went to shite

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Posted by lsualum96 on 2/8 at 8:44 am to sunnydaze
.............and here's another thing that we're overlooking.

Nikki really HASN'T done a poor job recruiting. In her first recruiting class she got..

Krystal Forthan 6'4" - McDonalds All American, #5 rated HS player in the nation
Sheila Boykin 6'2" - #27 rated HS player in the nation

In her second class she got.....

Danielle Ballard 5'9" - #27 ranked HS player in the nation
Kuaneshia Baker 5'10" - Louisiana HS player of the year
Derreyal Youngblood 6'4" - One of the top HS players in Louisiana

In this upcoming recruiting class thus far...

Raigyne Moncrief 5'10" - WBCA All American, #18 ranked HS player in the nation
Laquinta Jefferson 6'0" - NJCAA All American

Also, keep in mind that the CURRENT starters are supposed to be.........



Ballard / Lutley

Either of THOSE teams would've beaten UK AND Tennessee. No one could've known that Forthan, after having played so well in the NCAA tournament, would leave the program to become a "model" in May..........catching the coaching staff completely by surprise. Remember.........?

Forthan Leaving to be a Model

So, again..........give Nikki time. She had a "franchise" type player leave unexpectedly and was left with the current team. The team, as frustrating as they are(and they are DEFINITELY testing my patience ) are actually getting better. A month ago, UT would've blown this team out. I really hope that this team starts to understand the kind of effort and FOCUS they need to be able to beat teams like UT, UK, and TAMU. Hopefully before this season is over but, definitely next season when Plaisance, Kenney, Lutley, and McKinney will be seniors......and Ballard, Baker, and Youngblood will have a year under their belt.

By the way, FWIW, a friend of mine who was at the game said that Nikki was trying to call a timeout before that last play but, neither the players nor the refs saw her.

This post was edited on 2/8 at 9:11 am

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Posted by secman12 on 2/8 at 9:45 am to lsualum96
Lsualum. Van signed fortham. At least get your
Facts right!!! You and I have to agree to disagree. We are not even close to competing for sec and she has done a poor job IMO. Can we at least agree on one thing. Pokey ruined the program?

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Posted by lsualum96 on 2/8 at 10:54 am to secman12
Van didn't "sign" Forthan. He got a verbal commitment from Forthan and when he was relieved Nikki had to re-recruit her.........remember? And then she was able to get Boykin to switch from UCLA to LSU. Get YOUR facts straight.

We're definitely close to competing for the SEC. That's already been shown by the way the team competes against the top teams. If you think she's done a poor job then that's your opinion. But she's definitely an upgrade over Chancellor.

Yes, Pokey's resignation set the program back a few years. But even with that, Van could've done a MUCH BETTER job with player development and motivation than he did. He did a good job recruiting his first two seasons.

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Posted by secman12 on 2/8 at 2:30 pm to lsualum96
Yes it's my opinion just like you have yours. And fortham committed to van period. So what record this year would disappoint you considering we have nothad a losing record since 1998 in sec???? And how about coach p still being on sidelines and two coaches with their under 1 year olds traveling to away games? That all good for the team? The image of the team is done nothing but go down on and off court. Is this all vans fault? I am nothing but rooting for this team but IMO nc has done a poor job on and off the court. Rebuilding year or worst season in 15+ years? Fortham left and not nc fault but so you give her credit for getting her but not losing her? Time will tell but so far it is not good for our program

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Posted by saintsfan22 on 2/8 at 2:41 pm to secman12

and two coaches with their under 1 year olds traveling to away games?

Why are still trying to make grown women having kids an issue? This ain't 16 and pregnant it's 39 and pregnant. Stop playing that weak moral card.

Fortham left and not nc fault but so you give her credit for getting her but not losing her?

Forthan was/is missing a screw. She didn't just transfer she backed out of the school she was transferring to so she could be a model despite looking like this:

Thankfully for her she wised up and is going to play for Utah but we'll see how long that lasts.

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Posted by lsualum96 on 2/8 at 2:42 pm to secman12
Honestly, once I knew Forthan was gone, I wasn't expecting much more than 18 wins AT BEST.

Worst season in 15 years? Are you kidding? The season's not even over yet. Wait till it ends before you make THAT assessment. Look we're all disappointed at the close losses the team has had but there's still SIX GAMES to play. Are you giving up on the season already? Really?

As far as all that off the court stuff you're talking about (Coach P, the babies, etc), I don't think that that's the reason the team hasn't played well during the SEC season. Again, if Forthan was here, they'd still have all of those other factors you're talking about but, their record would be much better. And, I didn't assign "fault" in Forthan's departure. I said it was UNEXPECTED. In other words, Nikki couldn't plan for that.

Again, you may not like may not like her methods..........but, at least give her a chance. She's already taken the team to the SEC tournament championship game after only one season. To want to complain during a rebuilding season, after what she did the first season, is premature at best.

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Posted by secman12 on 2/8 at 2:58 pm to lsualum96
Saintsfan. I only raise facts. I have supported nc since day one and hold season tickets 8 of last 10 yrs. BUT as a fan coach p actions a disgrace and I have to think two single moms with babies on same staff is a distraction and not good for recruiting. Of course I support them as moms and women. But for team I want the best and don't think we are getting it. But agree babies not a major issue of course. LSU alum agree with most of your posts. Just not this time. I hope things get better I really do. But am getting worried. Hope I am wrong.

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Posted by Tigerbait357 on 2/8 at 3:27 pm to secman12
This team just lacks depth and inexperience, we return Ballard, plaisance, and Kenny. Next year we bring in a lot of weapons that will contribute immediately. Moncrief is a 5 star guard out of Florida who is a clone of Ballard but is suppose to be better offensively. We also bring in a top 5 juco player Laquinta Jefferson who will probably start next season and we bring in a very underrated wing player called jasmine Rhodes. She would easily be in the top 50 but her injury a year ago took her off the map. She brings incredible offensive skills, she can shoot and rebound really well. Personally, I expected what is happening this season after we lost 7 players from last years team. To want Nikki fired after leading a class of underachieving seniors to a sec championship game and not ever get through her second season is just ignorant.

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Posted by lsualum96 on 2/8 at 6:10 pm to Tigerbait357
My sentiments exactly! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

By the way, check out this article by Scott Rabalais today that speaks to exactly what we're discussing in this thread..........

LSU Fighting Lack of Depth

This post was edited on 2/8 at 6:21 pm

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Posted by Tigerbait357 on 2/8 at 10:00 pm to lsualum96
That is encouraging, you can see the fatigue in the players each game. We play the same 5-6 players every game, all game. We have no depth which kills us, that is what seperates teams like Tennessee, Kentucky, UConn from everyone else.

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