Mark Levin wears out Rove yesterday
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re: Mark Levin wears out Rove yesterday
Posted by prplhze2000 on 2/6 at 6:20 am to Reubaltaich
That is what you see Cruz doing.

Consultant friend said he was an a-hole. That is what you need right now to deal with Obama.

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Posted by NC_Tigah on 2/6 at 7:22 am to TenTex

Personally, I think McCain's selection of Palin and her rhetoric doomed the GOP for years to come.

Palin is not remotely the problem.
Hell, ideas she forwards in her scripted speeches are the solution in many cases.

Clearly, the national political landscape is a disaster of shared ownership -- Dems & Repubs. Negativity is equally wrought. Meanwhile, neither party is forwarding ideas.

So if both parties are guilty, why is the GOP suffering disproportionately?
Absent GOP ideas, solutions, etc., MSM socialists have opportunity to fill the void with BS. Leftist press members take advantage of the opportunity. Simple as that. If the GOP does not forward ideas, if it does not propose solutions, it will lose every single national election. There is no concomitant onus on Dems.

Is that fair? Nope. But it's fact.

Here's another fact. Obama absolutely sucks. He is one of the most negative, divisive Presidents in US history. Perhaps the most divisive. Calling him out on that is completely appropriate. Totally appropriate! Calling out Obama has nothing whatsoever to do with Republican woes. He should be called out. He's pathetic.

The problem is, the GOP is not effectively offering counters to his feckless leftist policy. Until the GOP steps up with comprehensive policy, it will lose representation.

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Posted by rcocke2 on 2/6 at 7:39 am to austingator

What the GOP needs is leadership that doesn't engage in anti immigrant, and anti gay rhetoric.

This is not why they lost in 2012. There aren't enough homosexuals to make a difference. If the GOP wants to win elections it ought to make an effort to recapture some of the 30-40% of whites who vote Democrat, concentrating on white women in particular. Otherwise, if the GOP is going to attempt to put together a coalition of groups that are generally leftists, why would anyone want the imitation when they can vote for the Democrat Party?

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Posted by NC_Tigah on 2/6 at 7:47 am to rcocke2

concentrating on white women in particular
The GOP needs to "concentrate" on Americans. Period.
Screw all the divide and conquer BS. That is not how the majority of Americans think. That is not how the majority of Americans vote. What message does "concentrating" on white women send to men? To non-whites?

Screw that!

Republicans need to concentrate on what is good for the country for a change. Because the other party is certainly not.

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