good news on the weed front, the feds want a bigger piece of pie
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re: good news on the weed front, the feds want a bigger piece of pie
Posted by Jbird on 2/5 at 2:30 pm to G Love
Copy that G!!!

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Posted by junkfunky on 2/5 at 2:35 pm to Jbird

Yeah I get that, But the tax will prolly be close to what it is on a pack of smokes. I would assume it will be at worst even on price pre versus post taxing.

For good mj, a joint the size of a cigarette would cost at least $15. Assuming it will be sold loose, the manufacturing costs will be less than tobacco so the retail price could be cheaper than tobacco. I'm thinking mj could be taxed several times as much as tobacco and people wouldn't bat an eye as long as they aren't paying more than they were illegally.

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Posted by Jbird on 2/5 at 2:40 pm to junkfunky
I kind of figured that would be the threshold, don't need anyone feeling pain at the pump type of thing!

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Posted by DEANintheYAY on 2/5 at 6:26 pm to G Love

I think the weed is a little cheaper here. How's the quality? We keep winning the cup here.

Much of it comes from Mendocino, so its pretty legit. Peep my main spot SPARC

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Posted by Dr RC on 2/5 at 6:31 pm to Jbird

I wonder how pissed the weed bubbas will get.

unless they make it illegal to grow your own while making it legal to buy, not very

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Posted by G Love on 2/5 at 6:34 pm to DEANintheYAY
Place looks nice. Smoke is definitely cheaper here.

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Posted by LSUintheNW on 2/5 at 8:42 pm to Choctaw

if the potheads want legal weed its going to be taxed. this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone

It isn't a surprise, in fact it's what we've been asking them to do for YEARS. I'm ready to pay taxes, it'll still end up the same price or cheaper. No skin off our noses.

I pay 25-30 an 1/8 from a grower. Ounce is 150.

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Posted by TrueTiger on 2/6 at 12:42 pm to KeyserSoze999
Unions want a bigger piece too.

I'm sure they will only be a positive influence in whole
legalization process.


By joining a union, marijuana workers could have more sway in pressing for higher pay and benefits such as healthcare.

LINK - Unions & Pot

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Posted by KeyserSoze999 on 2/6 at 1:53 pm to DEANintheYAY

Where do you live? $35 for TOP SHELF 1/8?? Either your math is off or your stuff isn't TOP shelf.

the free market has brought the price down. Ironically most of the sellers are on Federal blvd. My place has $40 and $35 eighths but I get a 5 dolla discount and a 1 freeby a month although I'm trying to quit. All the young ladies that smoke off my pipe seem to be satisfied.

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Posted by Ace Midnight on 2/6 at 3:13 pm to KeyserSoze999
Umm, pie.

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Posted by Jim Rockford on 2/6 at 10:28 pm to KeyserSoze999
Interesting that even the antis are moving from a law enforcement model to a treatment model. This is a step in the right direction.

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Posted by Wild Thang on 2/6 at 10:47 pm to KeyserSoze999
Just tax weed like cigs and beer. Huge money could be made. Save money from court and jail time. Easy solution.

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Posted by Nuts4LSU on 2/6 at 11:56 pm to WikiTiger

Sabet said. "The marijuana problem we have is a problem of addiction among kids,


so he's a moron great

You mean this wasn't enough to tip you off...?


Kevin Sabet, a former White House drug policy adviser

Which White House's drug policy has been anything other than moronic?

This post was edited on 2/6 at 11:58 pm

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Posted by LSUtiger17 on 2/7 at 12:30 am to KeyserSoze999
How could the national government tax something that it recognizes as illegal and still prosecutes people for possessing? frick that, if they're going to tax it(and not just states or counties), legalize it.

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