Which OTer tested the frame bending on their Ford Raptor?
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re: Which OTer tested the frame bending on their Ford Raptor?
Posted by Rickety Cricket on 2/5 at 12:18 pm to HurricaneDunc

Plant operator

This. Probably worked 2000 hours of OT to afford it.

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Posted by VetteGuy on 2/5 at 12:19 pm to Soul Gleaux

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Posted by Captain Ron on 2/5 at 2:07 pm to AutoYes_Clown

Dayum! What happened? It always worked for the Duke boys!

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Posted by udtiger on 2/5 at 2:37 pm to HarryBalzack

I went over a RR crossing way too fast once and hit the stops on the other side. Thankfully, there was no damage, but that isn't a good feeling/sound.

Way back in the day, I had a Subrau Coupe (this body style, but not a turbo):

Image: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/84turbocoupe1.JPG

One day, I hit the railroad tracks at Nicholson/Brightside (heading towards the river) at about 40 mph. I landed around where the road to the old Silver Moon Cafe came out.

Thankfully, that little car had a tough fricking suspension.

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Posted by MasonTiger on 2/5 at 2:39 pm to AutoYes_Clown
Raptor repairs: $8000

Learning what it feels like to have your teeth knocked through your a-hole by a rapidly inflating airbag: Priceless

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Posted by lnomm34 on 2/5 at 2:43 pm to MasonTiger

Raptor repairs: $8000

In his frickin dreams. That thing is totaled. Period.

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Posted by VetteGuy on 2/5 at 2:47 pm to lnomm34
He should just drop it off at the dealer for warranty repair.

Do it real early, put the keys in the drop box and leave a note, "rides rough, windows leak, tailgate rattles."

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Posted by coonarse on 2/5 at 2:49 pm to Siderophore

What half plausible story could you even offer for that damage under comprehensive?

tow to a rail road crossing, push it onto the tracks when a train comes, claim it stalled.

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Posted by USMCTiger03 on 2/5 at 3:02 pm to AutoYes_Clown
Why is that so instantly hilarious?

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Posted by Fenwick86 on 2/5 at 5:41 pm to AutoYes_Clown
Friend: Yo man, what happened to that Raptor you were driving?

Complete Moron: "You didn't hear? I was trying to be a hardass in front of some people so I jumped this ramp. Didn't turn out good, I total lossed the Raptor.

Friend: Whhhaaaatttttt? Thats crazy man. I bet that was freakin awesome.

Complete Moron: Nah bruh, people put it on youtube and it really makes me look like the biggest idiot alive.

Friend:...oh...What were you thinkin dude?

Complete Moron: I wasn't, just heard people eggin me on...I wanted so badly to look cool for once... I'm such a freggin loser man, shit! Everybody is laughing at me!!

Friend: We are no longer friends.

Complete Moron:

This post was edited on 2/5 at 5:43 pm

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Posted by TDFreak on 2/6 at 5:55 am to AutoYes_Clown
YOLO, y'all.

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Posted by just1dawg on 2/6 at 8:28 am to TDFreak

Well I guess I am the only one who noticed how well the weight was balanced on that truck. Stayed pretty damn flat the whole way. Most other vehicles would just nose-dive and flip end over end

Surely he must've had additional weight in the bed.

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Posted by lake2280 on 2/8 at 11:12 am to just1dawg
I think the added weight of the passenger put the right tilt on it, that's the definition of buddy fricker

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Posted by Gaston on 2/8 at 11:29 am to AutoYes_Clown
That thing is a POS. I, well my friend was driving my vehicle as I'd had more to drink than him and I couldn't walk well), ramped my S10 Blazer that far and drove it home. It didn't have air bags, so they couldn't deploy...

On the levee in Alexandria driving from the OK Allen bridge to the Rapides Parish Hospital...there was a 'jump' on the levee where a water pipe, I'm guessing, was run over it. 5-8 foot tall, but real steep. Traveling way, way too fast...airborn for an insane amount of time...bounce real hard pretty much on the dirt road, then a few more times as we went down the Atown side of the levee.

two huge dents in the roof of the Blazer
driver's door wouldn't open
the gear selector was messed up. Reverse was somewhere between P and R, and Drive was on N.

My story to my folks...kids sat on my roof to explain the dents up top...I threw my Blazer into Park slowing down from 20 or so at a bonfire to explain the gear selector malfunction...a fatass at said bonfire tried to climb through the window when the door was open to explain the door damage.

Probably should have just said we Dukes of Hazard' the shite out of it, but oh well.

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Posted by MaroonNation on 2/8 at 11:09 pm to Pectus

Surprised it has that much pick-up.

you have obviously never been in one. They are crazy. Think accelerates like a Vette.

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Posted by MaroonNation on 2/8 at 11:17 pm to 6nmylifetime

I thought this also but the landing just makes you say "Damn" to the point you forget about it.

The dumbfrick hit the brakes too as soon as he landed which made it all the worse.

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Posted by TigersOfGeauxld on 2/9 at 7:37 pm to VetteGuy

If the insurance company sees that vid: Denied!

His best bet is to hide that sucker somewhere and claim it got stolen.

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