New LT and experienced 3-4OLB Plan
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re: New LT and experienced 3-4OLB Plan
Posted by blueslover on 2/10 at 4:09 pm to monroesaintsfan
I'm amening you. Some seem to think it is as easy as "Just let Bushrod walk and let Brown takeover (or whatever other rostered player)" Like as in Madden. LT is indeed a very critical role in overall offensive success

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Posted by monroesaintsfan on 2/10 at 4:16 pm to blueslover
Oops. Gotcha.

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Posted by SaintLSUnAtl on 2/10 at 7:15 pm to landrywasbeast30
Look at our line:

Evans - 3rd round
De la puente - udfa
Bushrod - 4th
Strife - 7th
Grubbs was a late first but he replaced 5th rounder nicks

I will never for any reason change my opinion on this. Offensive linemen don't need to be taken early

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Posted by landrywasbeast30 on 2/10 at 9:06 pm to SaintLSUnAtl
So you are okay with a late round rookie protecting Brees? Bushrod wasn't a rookie, and LT is not the same as those other positions. Your argument would make more sense if they had a later round draft pick on the roster ready to step in for Bushrod, but they don't. They need a guy to step in now. Not some late round rookie.

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Posted by Patrick O Rly on 2/10 at 9:13 pm to blueslover

This isn't Madden where ya look at a guys rating and plug him in. The Saints approach to OL is a little diff but don't let that make you think LT is just a filler position from whoever ya have on the roster.

It's not, but I can almost guarantee you that Bushrod wouldn't be worth the money that we'll pay for him, either in FA (if he's going for market value) or using the tag. Bushrod play is steady, but when he get's beat, he get's beaten bad.

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Posted by Neauxla on 2/11 at 7:28 am to blueslover
I would be down with this

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Posted by blueslover on 2/16 at 10:52 am to Neauxla
I've been pimping Shaun Phillips as an experienced vet that still has some gas left but who will not command a mega contract as a good OLB option for the Saints.

Just adding an interesting note here: he chose Purdue to catch passes from Brees. Drew & Sproles certainly know him. Hope he's our next San Diego refugee to be bigger here than for the Bolts.

"I actually thought I was going to Purdue to play tight end," said Phillips, who played tight end and defensive end in high school. "I'll never forget, I watched Drew play in the (1998) Alamo Bowl and I saw them drop a bunch of passes and I thought, 'Oh, well, if I can't do anything right, I know I can catch the ball, so I'm going to Purdue.' "
His first clue something was amiss: When he arrived in Indiana, he was given No. 53.
"I'm like, 'How am I going to play tight end if I'm No. 53?' " he said.
The answer: He wasn't.
"I was kind of upset, but then I found out defensive ends make more money and I'd rather be the hitter, not the hittee," Phillips said. "I just learned to love playing defensive end and rushing the passer."

Interesting also that potential draftee Dion Jordan also went to college starting as a WR & TE before transitioning to defense.

Phillips is a heavy tweeter if anyone is interested also

Image: Image:

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Posted by lsuguy13 on 2/16 at 1:51 pm to craigbiggio
I want the next demarcus ware and that is.Mingo

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Posted by goatmilker on 2/16 at 2:14 pm to blueslover
At first Blu I thought this idea sucked donkey balls...then not so much.
The only problem is to key on that one LT position in the 1st rnd and to then have him picked before us would queer the deal.
I have ZERO doubt that 1 or 2 exp OLB' in the 3-4 will be brought in. Also some exp at NT via FA's as well. No big names but guys that can still play and teach our newbs.
If the FO truely believes a starting LT will be there at 15 then I think a run at a Kruger or top notch FS would be money well spent.

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Posted by blueslover on 2/16 at 8:27 pm to goatmilker
thinking they might need to implement the time travel draft pick...

6-3 245lbs

3rd Rd pick, #60 overall

Swilling Sacks in NOLA from '86 to 92-

then they trade him to Detroit for a 1st & 3rd rder. Who were those you ask? Just Willie Roaf and Lorenzo Neal

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Posted by xxKylexx on 2/16 at 9:41 pm to blueslover
I couldn't agree more blues. A dominant T is something you have to have in today's game. This offense runs through Brees and keeping him upright is priority number one. As for Charles Brown, you're right again. He held his own on the right side, but was absolutely lost on the left side and would get manhandled by even average pass rushers.

As for LB, I assume we may bring in Victor Butler or Anthony Spencer for interviews hopefully, but we have a lot of money tied up in that position as it is. Lofton re-structuring helps a ton, but as of now we still have Wilson, Galette, Vilma, Hawthorne, Casillas, Chamberlain, Humber and Lofton in play. Anyway, it'll be an exciting off-season and can't wait to see what we do.

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