Leftover Boiled Crawfish
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re: Leftover Boiled Crawfish
Posted by CITWTT on 2/4 at 12:27 pm to CHEDBALLZ
She sounds like a woman not to be messed with on any given day, you may come up on the short end of the sticks.

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Posted by PlanoPrivateer on 2/4 at 12:31 pm to Darla Hood
Also, very good in a salad.

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Posted by Fight4LSU on 2/4 at 12:34 pm to PlanoPrivateer
I peeled leftover crawfish Saturday night and made a hell of a crawfish omelette Sunday morning.

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Posted by fatboydave on 2/4 at 12:54 pm to Fight4LSU
Peel tails, de-cobb the corn and chop up the potatoes and make a soup.

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Posted by animalcracker on 2/4 at 1:01 pm to Darla Hood
i'm not sure why no one mentioned this but freeze them with or without the shells in water.

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Posted by BRgetthenet on 2/4 at 1:09 pm to animalcracker
I mentioned it, just take the head off and place the tail, with shell on, in a gallon zip loc. Get as much air out of it as you can and freeze.

No water.

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Posted by Darla Hood on 2/4 at 2:47 pm to BRgetthenet
Thanks for all the input, y'all. I've never frozen tail meat after a boil, always eat it up, so I just wasn't sure.

Will be peeling like crazy after I get home from work.

And to those who suggested I do something with the potatoes and corn ... I know this is heresy, but we didn't boil any! We did mushrooms and onions. I love the potatoes and corn just too much. Gotta set limits. (I know, I'm no fun. But my husband no longer eats potatoes of any kind, and he still loves corn, just didn't want any.)

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Posted by Darla Hood on 2/5 at 9:28 am to Darla Hood
I didn't get too far with the crawfish peeling. Made the mistake of tasting one about 1/3 of the way through the first bag. Tasted my way through to the end.

Took what I'd set aside before I started eating and put it in a little bit of quinoa I'd made (for something else). Decided it was so tasty, that the entire second ziploc bag was peeled and mixed with the quinoa (as well as fat and juices squeezed out of the heads. Added some pine nuts and arugula and the juice of half a lemon.

Lunch today is gon b gud.

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Posted by Kajungee on 2/5 at 9:39 am to Darla Hood

You did keep the fat out of the heads of all these leftover crawfish right ?

Sorry I should have mentioned this earlier.

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Posted by MeridianDog on 2/5 at 9:51 am to Darla Hood
Now, that looks nice!

Like me some leftovers casserole, Never had to contend with crawfish leftovers, but that looks nice.

Looks nice? I said that once already didn't i?

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Posted by CITWTT on 2/5 at 9:58 am to animalcracker
You must be blind or can't read too good.

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Posted by Darla Hood on 2/5 at 9:58 am to Kajungee
As I am cleaning them, I am keeping the fat. Thanks.

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Posted by Tiger Ryno on 2/5 at 9:59 am to sloopy
Jambali, Crawfish Pie, File' Gumbo!

Sunomeegun, gone have some fun on da bayou!

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