Game of Thrones Season 3/ A Storm of Swords *SPOILERS*
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re: Game of Thrones Season 3/ A Storm of Swords *SPOILERS*
Posted by OMLandshark on 2/1 at 5:39 pm to Crimsonpanther13

I agree, but it probably won't happen since they've recasted him once already. The first Gregor was perfect imo.

Yeah, that's who I see when I read the book, except even more vicious and a bit more hair.

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Posted by Big Lake on 2/1 at 5:50 pm to shinerfan

I'm really expecting Purefoy.

I imagine the Dornish to be more Spanish or Greek. They seem to be much more exotic than the rest of Westeros. Cant imagine who would play him

I have always wanted to see Brendan Gleeson or Tommy Flanagan in a role.

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Posted by Carson123987 on 2/1 at 6:18 pm to DestrehanTiger
To my understanding, she got paranoid when Rains of Castamere was playing and she lost it when she felt his chain mail under his clothes

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Posted by Josh Fenderman on 2/1 at 7:54 pm to BluegrassBelle

I'm really expecting Purefoy.

Don't. His current show The Following is probably going to keep him tied up for awhile.

Yep. I wanted him cast in the show since day 1, but then the other day I saw he said this:

[Kevin] McKidd and I had lunch the other day, and I said to him, “Have you been asked to do Game Of Thrones?” And he said, “I’d never do it. Because they stole our fricking show.” He worked out that if Rome had run for the entire seven seasons that it should have run, we would only have finished it last year. And he feels that HBO did Game of Thrones instead of us, so they stole our show. I kind of agree with him. I won’t be doing Game Of Thrones, even if they ask me.

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Posted by shinerfan on 2/1 at 8:26 pm to Josh Fenderman
Well, that's a shame.

I wish they had started Rome a generation or two earlier. The Gracchi brothers, Marius and Sulla, JC's years as Flamen Dialis, his time spent as a fugitive from Sulla, etc.

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Posted by skirpnasty on 2/4 at 12:06 pm to Crimsonpanther13

How pumped are you to see how they will present the Red Wedding? This is the most memorable moment in the entire series so far. Infamous and disappointing, but definitely most memorable. I hope they do it justice.

How pissed are the non reading viewers going to be if they end the season where Arya gets whacked in the back of the head like I suspect they will?

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