Keeper help Baseball
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Keeper help Baseball
Posted by Tyger1919 on 1/25 at 12:44 pm
H2H 5 keepers

Billy Butler
Ian Kinsler
Justin Upton
BJ Upton
Chris Davis

Gio Gonzalez
Chris Sale
Matt Moore

No one else worth mentioning
10 team league

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Posted by papz on 1/25 at 12:50 pm to Tyger1919
10 teamers where everyone has a stacked team. Tough. Would obviously keep the two big impact bats. Cargo and J. Upton. Don't like to keep a lot of pitchers typically but would probably go with Gio, Sale, and Darvish. There's going to be plenty of impact bats to draft.

Try making some 2 for 1 trades. Package an ace with a hitter to try to land a top 20 bat.

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Posted by Tyger1919 on 1/25 at 12:53 pm to papz
Was thinking J.Upton, Cargo, Butler, Kinsler and try to pull a two for one for a 3b

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Posted by papz on 1/25 at 1:03 pm to Tyger1919
Butler is 26 and trending upward. I'd try to package Gio/Butler or Gio/Kinsler to try to land someone like Longoria. Kinsler is about to be 31 and while he plays a premium position, he's trending downward.

That said, I don't think it's a bad idea to keep Butler and Kinsler either. I typically go 5 bats to start my drafts anyways. Shouldn't be hard to assemble a solid staff or lineup regardless of which way you go.

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Posted by bnh on 1/25 at 1:22 pm to papz
Wrong board

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Posted by TigerBait2008 on 1/25 at 1:23 pm to Tyger1919
<---------------- Fantasy Sports is that way..

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Posted by Chatagnier on 1/25 at 1:37 pm to Tyger1919

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Posted by cwill on 1/25 at 4:29 pm to Tyger1919

Ian Kinsler
Justin Upton
Gio Gonzalez

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