Official PS4 Leaks/Rumors Thread
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re: Official PS4 Leaks/Rumors Thread
Posted by The Sad Banana on 1/31 at 11:38 am to stout
What was this gen's memory...512 boobfarts or whatever they're called? I like 24 players on BF3, but on the AK maps they need more. I think the AK maps suffered graphically too because of the size they tried to achieve.

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Posted by GaTiger78 on 1/31 at 1:10 pm to The Sad Banana
I would love BF3 if it had about 60 players. As it is though, it feels like a marathon simulator to me.

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Posted by taylork37 on 1/31 at 1:56 pm to The Sad Banana
512 of dedicated RAM on the PS3. 256 video 256 for system.

I do believe that the cell chip has 256 of sharable RAM and the GPU has 256 of dedicated RAM as well.

The 512 of RAM is XDR RAM which from what I understand is faster and more efficient than standard comparable PC RAM.

Consoles require less RAM than PCs because they are normally running less or the applications are less memory hungry. (The OS for example)

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Posted by UltimateHog on 2/6 at 9:17 pm to taylork37

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Posted by Blitzed on 2/6 at 9:19 pm to UltimateHog
Thats turrible.

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Posted by dawgfan24348 on 2/7 at 7:18 pm to Blitzed
Might cost 400 bucks

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Posted by UltimateHog on 2/9 at 7:54 pm to dawgfan24348
Killzone 4 will launch with PS4 in 2013, says industry source

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Posted by LSU Coyote on 2/9 at 8:07 pm to taylork37
256mb of vram on the PS4?

Wow that is pretty damn low for 1080p. That thing sounds very limited.

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