Fix is in
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re: Fix is in
Posted by Sentrius on 1/21 at 8:42 pm to liquid rabbit

I clicked your ignore button but it doesn't seem to work.

Yeah, I thought it would work with the new premium membership.

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Posted by DoubleDown on 1/21 at 9:10 pm to omegaman66
Sadly no. Atlanta's defense is just poor at tackling.

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Posted by Breesus on 1/21 at 9:48 pm to DoubleDown


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Posted by DoubleDown on 1/21 at 9:50 pm to Breesus
Hola. My 24 hour self-imposed pity party is over. Time to move on.

Go Hornets?!

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Posted by Breesus on 1/21 at 9:56 pm to DoubleDown

Go Hornets?!

Man frick basketball. Cant wait for the combine to start and draft day to get here.

If the NFL was smart, it would start up a minor league football franchise and have it play from December through September.

It couldnt be less entertaining than the arena league, and every franchise could have its own team basically populated with its practice squad.

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Posted by SEClint on 1/21 at 10:03 pm to Breesus
Now would have been a decent time to introduce the XFL.

should have waited till there was a commissioner trying to mold the game into his vision. If that no kickoff stuff goes into effect i'm going to puke.

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Posted by Alt26 on 1/21 at 10:19 pm to omegaman66

Drew Brees would break Dan Marino's passing record. The league stopped the game to celebrate the moment. The Saints had 0 penalties called on them all game, and the Falcons went for it on 4th down in their own territory twice, losing both times! And magically Brees broke the record on a TD pass and all of the players and camera crews knew exactly when they were going to break the record and magically celebrated at the same time

How did I miss this??? Looking back, there's no way the players, coaches, camera crews would have known he was very close to breaking the record and just how many yards he needed to break the record PRIOR to the pass that broke the record!!! Unbelievable!!!! Also, the players celebrated at the SAME TIME? Are you kidding me!!? Are you trying to tell me the Saints players were ALL watching the action on the field at the same time? Get outta here!!!

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Posted by Vinny V on 1/21 at 11:18 pm to Alt26
haha man I must have missed that gem in that article. If I remember correctly he had like 9 yards to go, and it was 1st and goal on the 9. So yeah it is pretty obvious that it would be broken on a touchdown in that endzone. I think everyone in my section was stat tracking his passing yards the entire game. I'm sure the camera crews were as well.

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Posted by Melvin on 1/21 at 11:36 pm to Alt26

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Posted by Sophandros on 1/22 at 7:32 am to Alt26
The dude cites the Saints history and "sudden" success after Katrina. First of all, the organization was much better after Benson bought it.

But more importantly, look at the Steelers history for about 40 years before their first title. Was that a fix?

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Posted by Sophandros on 1/22 at 7:47 am to Sophandros
Oh, and he cites the Saints/San Fran game, saying that we had no holding penalties on 60 pass attempts. OK. We lost that game. In order for that to mean something, shouldn't we have benefited?

I also like how he tosses in a formula at the beginning of the post in order to try to make himself more credible. But then he loses all credibility when he claims over 60% success. The top sports bettors in the world are around 52-54% annually. Anyone who claims better is lying to you.

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Posted by misterdavamoto on 1/22 at 8:15 am to omegaman66

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Posted by TailgateTiger on 1/22 at 1:12 pm to saintsfan92612

Who is body and why is he laughing?

You beat me to it.

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