Yahoo fantasy really sucks
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Yahoo fantasy really sucks
Posted by Degas on 1/19 at 4:45 pm
As some remember, a few weeks back, yahoo fantasy football crashed on a Sunday.

Today, on this opening day of NHL, no stats are being reported in the roster, matchup, or Stat Tracker, making for another in enjoyable experience.

Yahoo sucks.

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Posted by pvilleguru on 1/19 at 5:46 pm to Degas
It took a while, but it's been working for me for about the last hour.

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Posted by LosLobos111 on 1/20 at 7:47 pm to Degas
Go on ESPN

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Posted by Rohan2Reed on 1/21 at 5:36 pm to Degas
never used it for any other fantasy sports but for MLB it's far superior to ESPN, in my opinion.

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Posted by lapistola on 1/23 at 1:02 pm to Rohan2Reed

for MLB it's far superior to ESPN

Completely agree. I think its better than ESPN in all other sports too but that's just me. I've heard others say the opposite. I can deal with one outage in the 10 years I've been using it.

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Posted by RollDatRoll on 1/23 at 1:14 pm to lapistola
I've always been a Yahoo guy, but our league experienced more problems than normal last season with scoring and stattracker. I will definitely look around at other options this season before I set the league up.

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Posted by GynoSandberg on 1/23 at 1:15 pm to lapistola
Y'all are crazy. Yahoo is behind espn in all aspects. Graphics, interface, articles.. Anything you think of IMO. Yahoo hasn't made any changes in like 10 years. It sucks and people like it bc it's all they know and they are used to it

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Posted by lapistola on 1/23 at 2:25 pm to GynoSandberg
I hate ESPN's interface. Yahoo's simplicity is perfect, there's no need to change it. But its just personal preference when it comes to that kind of stuff.

ETA: ESPN probably does have better articles but I don't really choose my league hosting site because of their articles. I read both regardless of whether I'm in a league there or not.

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