Hayden Rettig - Senior Highlights
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re: Hayden Rettig - Senior Highlights
Posted by StadiumDormRat'72 on 1/17 at 7:42 pm to FamousAmos
I saw he rolled out to his right a number of times and threw it to a wide-open reciever 10yds in front of him.

Didn't we run that play in the 4th quarter of the Clemson game???

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Posted by stho381 on 1/17 at 8:09 pm to FamousAmos
Gunslinger.....future looks real good.

Couple things from the highlights:

1) He's fearless with his throws. Could be a good thing or a bad thing, similar to Matt Stafford. Believes his arm strength can fit the ball into tight windows.

2) Good accuracy. He's hitting guys in stride 45yds downfield while throwing off balance. Very difficult to do.

3) Better touch than I thought. For as strong an arm as he has, his screens and short throws were softer and with good touch. Usually you see young QBs always throw hard.

4) Seems like he is mobile enough to move when he needs to so don't expect a statue in the pocket.

He'll be a good one.

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Posted by TxTiger82 on 1/17 at 8:11 pm to FamousAmos
I really like Rettig's accuracy. THAT is nice to see in an LSU quarterback. Been missing since Flynn & Perrilloux.

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Posted by Datbayoubengal on 1/17 at 9:02 pm to PPeterson1
I haven't watched his games so IDK but those are high school players and he averaged over 40 passes a game. It's alright if they dropped a few passes but the highlights are crazy to me because some of those catches were acrobatic and fingertip grabs. I will definitely look forward to both the new QBs now(saw a tape on him that I wasn't really impressed with a few weeks ago)

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Posted by we_geaux_harder on 1/17 at 9:10 pm to FamousAmos
go look at the play at :54. THAT is impressive while he is on the move and throwing across his body into traffic.

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Posted by coldhotwings on 1/18 at 6:47 am to easy money

His receivers look world class for a group of high school receivers.

I watched an entire game streaming and from my observations, his receivers were pretty athletic but had terrible hands. They dropped a lot of balls that should have been routine catches. His stats could've looked a lot better.

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Posted by Chuck U Farley on 1/18 at 9:10 am to stho381
I thought his offensive line was setting up a screen pass the entire video. They were terrible. With that said, he has a strong arm, good feet and has decent enough speed to pick up a first down when the pocket breaksdown. Seems to have plenty of confidence and can just flat out sling it. Pretty quick release as well.

I ca'tn really say that I think he or AJ is better than the other. Just different. They are gonna push each other and possibly split snaps at times. I really think that they both have what it takes to make a huge impact soon. Future is looking good. Hopefully we can adjust the offense a little to fit both of their strengths. I think AJ sees the field first due to his speed.

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