Draft Prospect: Dion Jordan
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re: Draft Prospect: Dion Jordan
Posted by goatmilker on 1/14 at 4:53 pm to philly444
He might. I watched his clips on you tube and the guy looks very very quick in the middle. Good looking player just not a sexy pick with our track record on DT's.

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Posted by Pendulum on 1/14 at 5:46 pm to blueslover
He looks like he's gonna be cracked in half in the NFL from those pictures.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/15 at 12:36 pm to Pendulum
the more I look the more I think he might be the highest ranked pass rusher we might hope for. At this point it might be a less than 50% chance of being available. He's not in the surefire upper echelon tho with Werner, Moore, etc.

as to his frame, compare...

Bruce Irvin
Image: http://seattletimes.com/ABPub/2012/04/26/2018081121.jpg

Aldon Smith
Image: http://tigersports.columbiamissourian.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/NFL-Combine-Football_Hoop3.jpg

Dion Jordan out of high school 2007
Image: http://media.scout.com/Media/Image/43/437590.jpg

no see padless pics at Oregon but you can see the diff from HS here-
Image: http://www.registerguard.com/csp/cms/sites/dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls?STREAMOID=8wbTA6VpXfEb$lIWNzhp5M$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYs5Cew60La0uUMX13RXVFhtWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg

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Posted by geauxtigers87 on 1/15 at 12:43 pm to blueslover
I'm hoping we draft someone to help the D,specifically the line, in the first round, but I would not be shocked one bit if we took an OT here.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/15 at 1:02 pm to geauxtigers87
we'll know the OT draft prospects clearly after free agency.

-re-sign Bushrod
-sign another starter capable free agent

if neither happens, then

-draft a LT starter
-insert Charles Brown

stranger things have happened than Brown. Remember Bushrod was on the roster for two years and saw almost no snaps at all before stepping in as starter in 2009.

Lewan who returned to Michigan would have been a score at #15 if he would have been around. Next up Fisher from Central Michigan may not have the value to go that high.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/16 at 7:56 am to blueslover
Interesting story on his post season training for the NFL. Adding 4 lbs per week.

another scouting report with interesting thoughts-

Jordan has outstanding athleticism and long limbs that he uses well. He is not a natural pass rusher just yet, but he has the foot quickness, flexibility to bend his knees, and a burst to get to the quarterback once he gets around the offensive tackle’s block. He is still a bit raw with his pass rush moves and needs to upgrade in that area and not rely on just the speed rush all of the time. Jordan was rated as a 4-star tight end in high school by Scout.com and listed as the 8th overall tight end prospect. His strengths were listed as: hands & concentration, redzone threat, and size. Most notable names ahead of him was #1 Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota Vikings) and #8 Dwayne Allen (Indianapolis Colts). Oregon used his talents in a variety of ways lining him up as a stand up pass rushing defensive end, inside linebacker, and in the slot covering inside receivers. Some teams in the NFL should consider testing his hands on the jugs machine and his route running to see if he can offer them a legitimate receiving threat at tight end as well. I am actually scratching my head on why Oregon moved him to defensive end instead of leaving him at tight end. He looks to be more of a natural at tight end than defensive end. Jordan reminds me of Jermichael Finley of the Green Bay Packers with the same mannerisms. Overall, he will offer a team a ton of versatility and the ability to play multiple rolls on the defense. His stock should rise through the roof though if he shows he can offer something on offense as well.

hmm, two way player potential maybe

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Posted by Midget Death Squad on 1/16 at 8:57 am to blueslover

Jordan reminds me of Jermichael Finley

ruh roh.... keep him at DE/LB!!!!!


But 1st and 2nd down in a 4-3 they run right at him.

Oh they def would. But I highly doubt he'd be in there often in those situations

That's just it; you don't spend the #15 pick on a situational player. If we were a 3-4 defense, then I'd be on board. We are not, so this is no bueno. However, if our guys feel he would be an every down back in this system, then all aboard the J-squared train!

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Posted by hendersonshands on 1/16 at 9:03 am to Midget Death Squad
Bruce Irvin had 8 sacks this year as a "situational player"

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Posted by Midget Death Squad on 1/16 at 9:07 am to hendersonshands

Bruce Irvin had 8 sacks this year as a "situational player"

that's great, but it doesn't address what to do for the other 66% of the snaps that the #15 overall pick will not be on the field for. I'm all in favor of having situational players on this team (Juniah), but that does not mean you spend your high number one pick on one who will contribute to 33% of your plays. At that spot, you get an every-down player

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Posted by hendersonshands on 1/16 at 9:17 am to Midget Death Squad
No. You grab the guy who makes the impact. Junior Galette is a fine player but if you have a chance to get a guy who you think will have double digit sacks, you take him. Work on his run defense in the mean time but don't pass on him because he may not be in on 3rd and 1.

JJ Watt players don't grow on trees. Mingo is going to be drafted very high but there are a lot of the same concerns with him.

If the player has an elite skill set that is in demand, you go for it. The Seahawks "reached" for Irvin but he was valuable for them.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/16 at 9:19 am to Midget Death Squad
it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Right now I'm seeing a choice between the more every down game ready Montgomery vs. Jordan/Ansah would could potentially have higher upside.

Irvin is the most comparable example. Found this on him-

He has played 57.3 percent of the defensive snaps since Week 14 after playing 39.5 percent of them previously this season.

He was a one trick pony that we thought was a great pick if he would have been available when we had a 2nd Rder. THAT trick is so valuable in the NFL now though that he elevated to #15 last year. He finished with 8 sacks, one forced and one fumble recovered.

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Posted by Midget Death Squad on 1/16 at 9:25 am to hendersonshands

Work on his run defense in the mean time but don't pass on him because he may not be in on 3rd and 1.

If he has potential to become an everydown player, then I agree with this. If he's considered to be strictly a 3rd and long specialist, then you have to pass on him. I understand what you are saying, but the total value of a player is relevant, especially when our defense needs a complete improvement and not just a pass rusher. Our run D is just as bad as our pass, and we can't afford to overlook that.

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Posted by hendersonshands on 1/16 at 9:34 am to Midget Death Squad
Rushing the passer is a more coveted skill than stopping the run. You can get a run stuffer lower in the draft because not everyone is lusting after them. You don't pass on a guy who you believe to have an elite skill set to take a guy who is average at two things.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/16 at 9:47 am to Midget Death Squad
true on a suck defense all the way around. Methinks an improved run D can be accomplished a lot more with the players in house currently. Get Hawthorne back to WLB and have a worthy SLB would go a long ways toward that.

Beyond stats though the eyeball test tells me a deluxe pass rusher is THE most vital missing component. Like how a Graham or Sproles has to be accounted for by defenses we need a pass rusher to that degree. I didn't keep score but I wonder how often any of our D linemen had to be double teamed last year? Not many I'm guessing. All too many times during opponent plays I just went "aw shit" seeing how much time opposing QBs had to just stand there until finding a receiver. For all the flak some of the DBs get I think they all could move up a grade if they didn't have to cover for eternity.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/17 at 8:53 am to blueslover
I agree with THIS

While the grading process still has a ways to go, I’ve noticed that the media and public opinion have yet to get past preseason rankings of NFL prospects. As time passes and the more games tapes that are watched, I expect a good amount of players to move up the big board while pushing down the guys that underachieved. Here are three names that will surge upward and the players at their respective positions I expect them to replace.

<>LB Dion Jordan – Oregon - 6-7/243 .... What coaches and general managers want at the top of round one is upside, versatility, and the ability to contribute early on. Dion Jordan has all three. A freakish athlete with his ability to play low despite his height. Technically sound with good arm/hand use. Very fast, very fluid in space. Jordan spent a lot of time rushing the edge, out wide in coverage against wide receivers, and filling lanes against the run. He has the frame for more weight, and he will fit in to any scheme. Jordan is an explosive athlete with length, aggression, and versatility. He is a top 10 caliber player. <>

Who He Will Replace: LB Barkevius Mingo – 6’4/240
Mingo has been overhyped because of his tool set. I’ve seen plenty of LSU over the past two years and he is not a guy that shines for an entire game. He shows small flashes here and there, but I don’t see the potential superstar here. He is a great athlete, but he lacks a true physical presence. A few years of weight training may help, but some guys simply don’t have the explosive upper body to win the one on one battles. Speed is attractive, but the power still needs to be there. Mingo is a guy I think will struggle to be more than a 3rd down pass rusher.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/20 at 8:52 am to blueslover
Sr Bowl Profile/Outlook

-the more I look, the more I see #15 coming down to Jordan, Montgomery, or Ansah. With the still way early asterisk* however.

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Posted by blueslover on 1/28 at 8:31 am to blueslover
bump for review after switch to 3-4

Makes him my top most logical and likely pick at #15

I mocked Mingo tho cuz I think it's less than 50% that Jordan will be available at this point

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Posted by higgsBoson on 1/28 at 8:51 am to blueslover
The good news is that one of Mingo, Jordan, Ansah, and Hankins should be there. I like all four guys and any of the four would make a difference on this defense I believe. If I could chose it would be Ansah however.

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Posted by mm2316 on 1/28 at 9:17 am to higgsBoson
I think we're in a good spot to get an impact player at #15. It sucks Matthews returned to school, because even though we need help on D, Fisher would be a nice get (although his stock is rising so much, I doubt he would be there at 15 even if Matthews came out).

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Posted by WicKed WayZ on 1/28 at 10:57 am to mm2316
The guy can add on bulk that's why we have a strength and conditioning program Dion Jordan's upside is through the roof. I see a young Demarcus Ware if he can get bigger.

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