How do you go on living this week?
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re: How do you go on living this week?
Posted by xxKylexx on 1/13 at 7:41 pm to TigerInAnnArbor
Uhm, I think you need to get your priorities straight if a football game does this to you. This is borderline pathetic/creepy.

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Posted by gatorhata9 on 1/13 at 8:45 pm to Fat Bastard

does not compute. If a fan does not like going to games he is NOT a BIG fan. sorry. maybe a little bangwagon fan.

K sorry but that's the way he is. I didn't know you made the rules?

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Posted by CocoLoco on 1/14 at 2:35 am to NorthGwinnettTiger
To the OP, you sound fricking pathetic. I am pissed and annoyed by it, but this is just stupid.


Best of luck to Drew in the Pro Bowl....thankfully he got the courtesy invite....worth all 100 million.

You finally have been decent around here and you go and do this. Come on, guy.

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Posted by SaintLSUnAtl on 1/14 at 4:40 am to TigerInAnnArbor
I'm starting to really hate this board. Think I'll stay away until the draft.

Do you people really care that much what the Falcons do?

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Posted by DaSaltyTiger on 1/14 at 11:29 am to TigerInAnnArbor

How do you go on living this week?

Get out of bed, go to work, come home, go out and get laid from time to time, enjoy a good meal, watch TV, spend time with the dog, then go back to bed.

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